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  1. I think there is a lot more variation in "presentation" these days. Some women enjoy makeup, and social media allows people to share techniques and products in ways they couldn't in the past. Some women don't want to wear makeup, or wear very little, some of us are somewhere in the middle, and some people do both. I can see this variety in my daily work life - takes all kinds!
  2. Ha - my husband is growing his winter beard now and not sure if he'll keep or shave for our holiday Caribbean cruise. He's worried it'll be hot, but I remind him 1) some people keep beards year round, and 2) he can shave on the cruise if he feels like it.... For me, I don't worry about hair cuts (except trying not to schedule the salon when I'm out of town!) and I'm in a very lax mode for color at the moment (I switched to non-permanent last year because I don't mind the gray a ton but HATE the roots - this way, I can be lazy and decide to color when the gray bothers me). Pedicure the day before we leave if possible. I don't do manicures. I used to wax but that was another thing that annoyed me so I stopped 😉 I did laser removal on my bikini line & underarm and just shave my legs...
  3. I am going on a 2 week Caribbean cruise for the holidays this year. Definitely not my choice (I'm NOT a beach person and do not like sun or heat). But I will have fun no matter what I do, no worries. But I haven't been to the Caribbean since we did a sailing charter in 2013. And that's a VERY different sort of packing/trip 😉 We just did 3 weeks in SE Asia (Vietnam and Cambodia) in August. Can I basically pack the same? With maybe an additional swimsuit? River cruise & land portion of Asia trip were very casual, but I always bring dresses (comfy knit options for that trip). For the Caribbean, we'll be on Oceania, so no formal nights.....Will still bring (probably comfy knit 😉 dresses.....
  4. The way mine was done (August 2019) is that the consulate emailed me the cost after I submitted the forms & pdfs & photos via email. Once I accepted the fee & replied, THEN my credit card was charged and the visas were completed & sent. I was hesitant as well, but in the end, I think it worked out well as I did have the opportunity to cancel if I wanted.
  5. I find DEET more effective but picaridin is fine. You might find wipes locally - I just bought on amazon. For me, using permethrin on clothing is my favorite option - I still use a spray or wipe, but when I'm out and sweating and not able to reapply a spray? Nice to have backup! https://healthcenter.indiana.edu/answers/insect-precautions.shtml
  6. OP asked about a Cambodia visa, however, not Vietnam. [FYI, I did my Vietnam visa online - NOT the evisa as I needed multiple entry and the evisa is only good for single entry - still did all over email and received a looseleaf visa for my passport within a week - but it cost more than the $25 evisa does] Also, I will ALWAYS DIY for visas when I have a viable route to do so. I only use a visa service when the passport must be brought to the consulate and cannot be done via mail or online. I know how to read and complete forms 😉 But also, I adore travel planning and I prefer to maintain control when possible. I know others have different priorities.
  7. You cannot apply for an electronic visa for Cambodia if you are entering on the river. (we were on Avalon; our Purser's office sent someone to get the visas we needed - we provided passport photos, our passports, and cash (USD). My dad and his wife did the same thing earlier in the summer (can't remember what boat they were on; was not Avalon or Scenic). We were both traveling northbound. (on the Vietnam visa application, the port is "Song Tien" and Chau Doc is the town, I think.)
  8. Hoyaheel

    HOHO in Singapore

    We got HOHO tickets free from our hotel when we stayed in 2016, and we were in town for many days pre-cruise (some of that time I was working.) We enjoyed it - can't remember what route we did, but we definitely did it toward the beginning of our stay so we'd know where we wanted to go back and spend more time.....
  9. I successfully softened my new t-shirt but I also took some of the color out. 1 gallon hot water, 1 cup washing soda, 1 cup salt. Soak 2 hrs. Wash in machine (hot) and dry. Repeat twice. Sorry it didn't work on your batik!
  10. When you enter the data, China must be your TRANSIT to another country, not destination. If allowed by your passport and the location, that "transit" can last 144 hours. Re-enter your data with those parameters and see what it says.
  11. Well, the carriers care because if you are denied entry by the countries with the rules, they have to move you (fly, sail, whatever) somewhere else at their expense....
  12. We traveled from HCMC up the Mekong to Phnom Penh, then flew to Siem Reap for 4 days. I had no bites the entire trip and don't recall hearing any mosquitoes there either. But as I noted - I would not have done anything differently ;-)
  13. Mosquitoes love me, I always travel with bug spray as even when "it's not mosquito season" or "it's too dry now" or "we're too high for mosquitoes", they will find me and I will have bites. I've been in Vietnam twice now - HCMC for a couple of days as part of an Azamara cruise, and throughout the Mekong region on a river cruise earlier this year. Azamara was December, Avalon Mekong was August. We sprayed our clothing with pyrethrin ahead of the trip and brought DEET spray and picaridin wipes. No problems with mosquitoes. But I wouldn't have done anything differently - next time we'll still spray our clothing (my husband sprays his at the beginning of each summer for tick prevention - ticks like him as much as skeeters love me 😉 ) and bring spray/wipes.
  14. Some people apparently have spouses who do not fill their TSA 3-1-1 bags and use some of their space. My spouse is not one of those, so if I have too many liquids, I check a bag. He doesn't share ;-)
  15. One option - should you decide you aren't going to wear the shirt due to the feel - is to frame and hang as art. I do that with scarves all the time, and I have a baby quilt my great-grandmother made me that is also hanging as art. Might not be your personal style, just throwing it out as an option in case it works for you or someone else. (I love fabrics - they don't always "love" me color or style wise - but my office at work and guest rooms are full of fabrics on walls)
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