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  1. My TA has a group going on this cruise and he is optimistic that it will be a go. He mentioned that the price had gone up $4K a balcony cabin over what he booked the group in for so the advice to shop around looking for a group price that was negotiated before the virus is a good suggestions.
  2. Here in Houston we had a protest/demonstration for home town man, George Floyd with 60,000 people crammed together and few wearing masks. Our County Judge who has been keeping us advised throughout about the virus wasn't happy about it but knew there was no way to avoid it.. Hence, she strongly. suggested that all those attending get tested BUT wait for at least five days before doing it as it takes that long to test positive. In the meantime, who have those that test positive infected?
  3. My understanding is that a TA cannot sell the cruise for less than the cruise line sells it. That being said, the TA can "discount" it by "rebating" some of his/her commission. The TA can, also, chase price reductions that might come before it is on the web site or on the website and get them for you.
  4. When I said $50, I think it was actually $48 for both of us in January 2019.
  5. We did not take the shuttle from LAX to San Pedro but we did from San Pedro back to LAX. Well worth it even if it is more expensive than Uber/Super Shuttle/taxi because of the convenience. Dedicated lounge to wait for disembarkation. We got a porter for our luggage who bypassed a longer line for passport control taking our luggage to the bus. Bus filled quickly and we were on our way. No stops on the way and we were dropped at the terminal door. I think that Uber or Super Shuttle takes you to a staging area and you have to take a shuttle to get to the terminal but not sure. We were at the terminal in plenty of time for our 1:20 flight giving us time to get a bite to eat.. As a "bonus." when I called Princess to book the transfer prior to our cruise giving her our flight number, she informed me that the flight time had been changed to a little later which the airline (AAL) had not shared with us. This impacted our arrangements from our home airport home. We avoided having the hassle of finding a cab or our driver once we exited the cruise terminal. I think the fare was $48 pp.
  6. I have a-fib and have for many years. My husband was diagnosed with it during a routine check up with his heart doctor after he had a stent inserted several years ago. Doctor scheduled him for some procedure, . He was literally gowned and in the OR on the table when they did a pre-check and, guess what, no a-fib! The doctor called the procedure off. He said it is not unusual for it to "come and go" In the next routine check up, it was back but he is not that concerned about it. My doctor (including my daughter in law who is a doctor) is not concerned with mine other than to monitor it. I guess between that and my age, I won't be able to cruise anymore if this rumor turns out true which I don't think it will (lol)
  7. Probably your best shot would be to suck it up and pay for Princess' transfer. It wasn't that much more than Super Shuttle and, overall, more convenient because it didn't make multiple stops at various hotels. We took it from the ship back up to LAX and was very pleased with the organization by Princess and far less hassle than the alternative of Super Shuttle or Uber. If you are going in a day early on your independent air, you can stay at a hotel near the airport and then make your way over to the airport the day of the cruise to catch their shuttle.
  8. Gotta make up for that 25% bonus they are offering if you take FCC (lol)
  9. At the meet and greet, a "stripe" said it would be going in 2021.
  10. We took the Star in January and I wrote a mini-review on this site. My only "complaint" was the elevators which is true on a lot of other cruise lines not just that ship. Not because there were crowded or slow coming, it was because the light that sticks out to indicate the direction it was going did not work sometimes. Hence, you would hear a ding (going up) or ding ding (going down) but by the time you figured out which one it was by looking at the lights flush to the wall or an open door, it was gone. I learned to watch the call buttons and if all the "call" buttons going your direction went out, it meant an elevator was there somewhere and to hope you could locate it before it left. Smoking locations were not very good but that probably doesn't bother you or 99% of the other passengers (lol) Other than that, I thought the ship was just fine and had a great time. Crew was especially good. Shows outstanding. Yes, it is a little frayed around the edges but due for dry dock so you can't blame them for giving some things a "band aid" treatment if it needs major attention until then. Some people think because it is "biodegradable" it will be o.k.to flush or they are just plain "rules don't apply to me" and I won't put very much down the toilet but I don't like that paper thin toilet paper. I've often said that the only good thing coming off a cruise and getting home is 2-ply toilet paper (lol). I have had to tell more than one client that their 2-ply biodegradable toilet paper they want to take and use will cause major problems not only for them but for many cabins around them.. The ship isn't worried about about being green, they know that even Kleenex will cause a problem.
  11. Oh, and I'm sure someone is going to 'fess up they have a cough or a temperature (lol)
  12. It was a "dungeon" on the Star. We did have a bar there and very good crew working it. They were always emptying ash trays, wiping tables, and available. If a "regular" came in that smoked cigars, they would immediately take a cigar ashtray over to their table without even being asked. Well worth extra tips for them (lol)
  13. If you go to the dining room, by the time you are finished, the cabins should be open and you have had a nice, relaxing, sit down lunch and not fought the hoards in the buffet (lol).
  14. Duh, I figured that out after I hit "send" (lol)
  15. Not only do they not show, there are tables practically empty, particularly at the early seating, when those of us in anytime are standing in line as anytime dining rooms are full. On the Star last month, they did open the traditional dining room for anytime after 7:30 when they got a handle on how many empty seats they had and would not be filled as it was past time for the traditional diners to show up. They can't do that with the early traditional seating as, by the time they figured out the no show seats, it would not be able to get people served and out of there for the second traditional seating.
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