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  1. Sometimes things you turn in to the purser become permanently lost. The best thing to do, if you are on the ship, is leave a message with the purser that you have found an item and to contact you and to post a notice on the community bulletin board. If you are off the ship, contact the ship's home lost and found with the same message and leave your cell phone number. On a recent cruise I was on, an expensive camera was left in the smoking section. The crew member there knew who it belonged to but not his name. Turned it in to the purser's desk. The next day, told the gentleman that he had found it and turned it in. The man went down to the desk and they denied having it. So the crew member went down to the desk with the individual and told them he had personally turned it in and, if necessary, could even name the individual he gave it to. . Suggested they go look harder and, tada, found the camera. Another time a locket was found and turned in. Later the person that found it saw a notice on the community bulletin board looking for the lost locket. It wasn't particularly valuable but had sentimental value. She contacted her and told her she had found and turned in to the front desk. The desk denied having it and the person that turned it in could not identify who she had given it to. I left a camera behind in a lounge. We were the. last to leave as it was being shut down for the evening.. Five minutes later went back to get it and it was gone. Could have been turned in, could have been taken by a crew member who was finishing things up. No matter, it was not at lost and found that night or the next day. Fortunately, I had travel insurance that covered it even though it was just a point and shoot worth only about $100.
  2. Independent insurance covers you door to door. However, the cost is based on age/cost to be covered. If you are of a "certain age," cruise line insurance is cheaper. On the "con" side is what has been pointed out, covers only what they sell you and, in my opinion, not sufficient if you need medi-vac. Their pre-existing coverage usually has a several month "look back." Anything that occurs between the time you buy it and the time period during look back is not covered.
  3. As others have said, arrange transport with an independent shuttle service. Half the price and better service.
  4. Can you get the balance refunded on the ship if you don't use it all and have no cruises planned in the future?
  5. Those are the type I read. So many of them, I keep a list in my purse so I don't double buy any (lol). If I can put some in my suitcase and beat the weight limit, I will donate some. Owen (Tucker in Texas)
  6. I once on another line had 1 cents left on my OBC. They actually credited it to my credit card!
  7. Cleveland the second time around.
  8. Thanks for the distinction. It is EZ check I was looking at. Rats, I was hoping it would be available. Oh well. Thanks for the responses.
  9. Does anyone know if they have valet luggage service from San Pedro to LAX?
  10. You need to renew them NOW. You have to have a valid passport that is good for 6 months AFTER your return to get on the ship. . You should have no problem getting it done by January. Forms are available on line. All you need to do is have your pictures made, send them in with the passport renewal forms and, of course, a check (lol). They will most likely be returned within a couple of weeks--a month maximum. I can't tell you how many of my clients that I have caught not doing it. It is to the point that I ask them to send me a copy of their passport to make sure they are o.k. It doesn't hurt to have a copy on file for a back up for them.
  11. We will be with you on this cruise because we have it booked, too.
  12. We booked the Panama Canal cruise in June for January 2021 during the three day June sale. $100 refundable deposit, free grats, free drinks, some obc, and choice of cabins. The price for our balcony cabin is now up over $300 pp with no perks.. I call it my "banana cruise" because it is said, when you get to a certain age, you don't buy green bananas anymore. I might not be around but all I am out is the $200 deposit they have had use of on the float (pun intended.)
  13. Unfortunately, there are those that book as soon as a cruise becomes available to get the choice cabin locations without firm plans to go on the cruise as it is over a year or more out. They just want the camel's nose in the tent.. They may have bookings on several cruises at the same time. A lot of times, the cabins are cheaper at that time because capacity management hasn't kicked in yet to indicate if it is a good seller and they can charge more. Then the people wait until shortly before final payment is due to "sort their potatoes" and start cancelling those they don't want. The cruise line finds they have more cabins than they would like unfilled and may come down on the fare to fill them. Plan B is work on upsales. On the other hand, the opposite can happen. They overestimate cancellations and find they are overbooked. Then they start on Plan C, move-overs.. If they don't work, they will go to Plan D, start free upgrades to free up the cheaper cabins in hopes of last minute sales. That doesn't happy too often these days as they can usually accomplish what they want with upsales. One cruise line, I can't remember which, required double deposits on suites and sometimes made them non-refundable because they were tired of them being tied up and having to turn away potential bookings who go elsewhere only to find they have them unfilled after final payment and harder to sell as most last minute bookings want the cheaper cabins. Of course, those that play that game will get refundable deposit cabins so they have to "guess" how many will jump ship and then, if they are wrong, find themselves overbooked. I have booked three cruises during their June 3 day sale for cruises over a year out because it is $100 pp deposit, free drinks, free grats, some obc, and good cabin location. In every case, when the time has come to take them, the price has been up without those perks. On the one I have booked for January 2021, the basic fare is now up over $300 pp. It may go down, but would have to go down a whole lot to offset free grats and drink package. If I don't like it, then I am only out the $200 tied up in the deposit for 18 months which I can get back by cancelling (lol). Bottom line is that it is a crap shoot which direction it will go.
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