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  1. Thank you so much for this information. We are going to be there in September on the Reflection and I just ordered this!
  2. Thank you! We usually do room service on port days to avoid the OV, so this will be a nice alternative.
  3. This is our first cruise after reaching Elite - is the Elite breakfast available on port days as well?
  4. On our NZ/AU cruise, we noticed a woman who would buy a bottle or two at each port and bring it on. Each time she had to take it to a bartender at the Martini bar and he would mark it or something.
  5. I know I've seen this in a post a while ago, but thought you all might be able to provide more information. We embark in Amsterdam - if we're going to upgrade from Classical to Premium Beverage package, would we avoid the VAT if we wait until we've sailed and are out of port?
  6. Can't wait to follow along on your vacation! It will help me get through the 4 1/2 months until our next cruise!
  7. That's the Classic Alcohol Package. The Premium will say "PALL"
  8. Excellent job! Both on the blog and your testimonial! I always appreciate your fresh take on your experiences! And I love that you're a "glass half full" person and your comments show that. The people who tend to look for the negative in everything really exhaust me.
  9. I just spoke with my CVP and he said they're going to do some really good updates to Xpedition in May/June. One of them is that stateroom 500 is now going to be a little bar, which sounds fun. The suite experience is also improving.
  10. Thank you for the excellent review of the ABC islands! We're hoping to go there soon! And I totally agree with Cartagena - we had Dora and she was excellent, but the vendors were atrocious! My husband literally had to walk in front of me to keep them away and they would still run up and stop in front of him, running into him on purpose! Hold on to your wallets! Dora said that many of them were from Venezuela, escaping the horrible conditions there.
  11. Looking forward to your blog! While Michael's Club does often have activities, be sure and stop by the Martini Bar and Gastrobar too! We absolutely loved the Gastrobar on Equinox and sometimes it was as hopping as the Martini Bar. I'm sure you will meet a lot of new friends!
  12. Where I think the Premium Beverage package pays off (for an upgrade from Classic) is when you have the premium orange juice at breakfast, premium waters, smoothies, and if you prefer the Martini Bar and World Class Bar. Also, on a prior thread, I noticed that Cafe al Bacio has started to add some specialty coffees that are only covered on the premium package.
  13. If you're bringing two bottles on board, do you carry them on the ship, or put them in your checked bags that the porters take?
  14. It's so refreshing to hear something other than the constant complaints - thank you!
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