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  1. Good lord. This is ridiculous. I don’t want to go on an OL ship if this is how it is. Sorry I missed all this live.
  2. Gross. I will just bring my own plastic straws.
  3. People, they’re the worst!! thanks for the awesome review saint greg!
  4. Mentioned this to my kids, wasn’t sure if they would care or not— they were super excited, “When’s our next carnival cruise!!?!!”
  5. We almost did this once for a birthday. Then we started looking around for our own decorations on amazon. So much less expensive! Better decorations as well! We did not care about the cake because there is so much food on board. Lol. We found the magnets for hanging banners and decorations. They are amazing and we still bring them with us to this day. They hold anything. Wet swimsuits, bags of stuff, you name it. Much better investment: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B0796DCYFL/ref=ppx_yo_mob_b_inactive_ship_o1_img?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  6. We were rejected for 11/2020 and told to send it is closer to the due date.
  7. The buffet is way too crowded on vista. I mean really crowded, like hard to walk through. We avoided the buffet at peak times on that ship. Comedy clubs are crowded. You have to line up ahead if you want a seat. Otherwise, ships are nice. We have panorama booked and can’t wait. We are hoping they will address some of the issues as well.
  8. I bet it is the same people who complain about kids (who will pay your social security and defend your freedoms in the military btw) who want to bring “comfort” dogs on board. Zero regard for other people across the board.
  9. I hate to admit this because I love your reviews, but... I am with Sue. I would want you “present” on vacations. That being said, thank you both for the great reviews. Dh and I read them and identify with many of your experiences. The two of you seem like wonderful people and a great match. Happy cruising!🚢
  10. Did the Brits play on the EU team?
  11. Thanks for this thread. I did not know that Princess has a book club.
  12. We email carnival. 2 days. No problem. Mail princess. Takes 2 weeks.
  13. That’s wild about chase because we have had two issues with incorrect charges over the last maybe 5 years and chase resolved both issues for us.
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