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  1. Exactly, the order is dated March 14. It is not a new order but a reissue of the order with new stipulations. If it was a new order it would not say that it was a reissue. It would specifically state that the 100 days is from April 9. Instead it says that the order began March 14.
  2. yes, I agree, listen to the doctors... https://finance.yahoo.com/news/65-percent-physicians-survey-anti-142800139.html
  3. Actually it says nothing about April 9 and instead says it is a reissue if the March 14 order with new stipulations. So it starts March 14 but they clarified that it includes ALL Cruise lines, even those that previously shut down voluntarily, and then it goes on to try and impose new requirements upon cruise lines.
  4. I say they just start leaving from the Bahamas. See how much Florida likes that. I know a lot of Bahamians take ferries to Miami to catch cruise ships. Why not go the other way. Or we could just fly directly there instead of flying to Miami.
  5. It is 100 days from March 15. So late June is open. And as you said, the CDC could rescind it earlier. I also seems like it can be challenged since the CDC is an unelected, unaccountable bureaucracy. But I doubt CCL would bother with that. It does make me wonder if they might start leaving from other places. Maybe the Bahamas.
  6. Definitely, it is very creepy. I never realized such negativity was possible. It borders the surreal. Like people saying things are not true that are, people on CC but also people in positions of power which is even more shocking. Like we are living in a Twilight Zone episode or the short story The Lottery. This situation seems to be revealing a dark force within our society, a force that enjoys destruction and misery and tries to erase and rewrite positive developments and information. I’m an independent and not a big voter. So for me, this isn’t political. A lot of people seem to see it that way. But I just see it as darkness trying to extinguish the light. Events in history that once seemed otherworldly to me are starting to make sense.
  7. Actually, the doctors are saying it works. There are doctors all over the world at this point who have done their own “studies” on their own patients and say it is working. If you look for the information, it is out there. But I think the kind of empirical data to which you are referring is compiled by bureaucrats, many in government and many in quasi government organizations, most visibly the CDC and WHO, many with MDs, and most do not actually practice medicine. They define the parameters of data they will look at and how they will interpret it. And they take forever to do it. Look at what patients and doctors are saying on the ground.
  8. I suspect that a lot of places in the Caribbean will be happy to have cruise ships stop there in a couple of months. The Bahamas only had a short lockdown in the end of March. I don’t think Mexico will stay closed to the US very long either. I don’t think they can survive long without the tourist income.
  9. Oh yes, Carnival! Go, go, go. What a great cruise line. I noticed they were the last to fall. Now maybe they will also be first out of the gate. My favorite cruise line, definitely.
  10. I agree. I would be very surprised if they get rid of it because as you said $100 OBC costs them a lot less than $100 and they don’t want to alienate customer shareholders right now. The last thing they need is their most faithful customers selling stock in mass. If they ever get rid of it, it will be when everything is booming, but even then I don’t see it happening. It definitely encourages us to stick with CCL owned lines.
  11. We’ve been doing it for about 3 years. Cruise with Carnival at least 2 times a year and never had a problem. We actually just submitted another one 2 days ago. I will report back when they get to it. They usually respond in 2-3 days but this time the confirmation email said they are backed up and it might take more time.
  12. Well, I do think if people are nervous about cruising they should stay home until there is a vaccine, but I suspect that around July or August there will be enough people out there who have been exposed to the virus to start cruising again. At some point, as more and more people gain immunity (and yes they do- there are now tests for it), we will start opening things up again. This will start in May, depending on location. It will benefit those at high risk too for us to expand herd immunity. Don’t forget, that there are more therapies every day, and that the number of people dying in the US is very small. I understand that people find this very scary, because it is a new virus and because the media presents it in a very scary way, but at the end of the day, it is just a cold virus, albeit a nasty one, and life goes on. There were many ships cruising in February and March that had no incidence of coronavirus. In fact, that was the vast majority.
  13. Sheesh. I’m surprised most of the people on this thread ever cruised. Or ever left their homes at all for that matter.
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