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  1. I’m with you OP! We have no plans of getting off either. Too many suspicious tourists deaths for comfort. If we do get off we plan to stay in the port area and not eat or drink anything.
  2. Yes! Thank you so much for your response!
  3. I'm sailing at the end of May out of NOLA and purchased FTTF and am having the same exact question. How did it end up going for you?
  4. Oooooo, a flea market!!! Yaaaasss!! Right up our ally!! Thanks for the detailed directions on how to get there! We will be checking this out!
  5. Yes, I’m so into this! I always say that when I travel somewhere I “move in” even for just a day in the case of a cruise, but I really like to experience the culture!
  6. I shall look into Victor Bodden. I have heard of his tour company many times! Sound advice thank you!
  7. Perhaps there is a shorter view of the horizon. They do get some ocean spray and you may have to wipe off the chairs before sitting sometimes. We don’t get the cove because it’s cheaper, however, we get it because we enjoy the privacy and we love being that close to the water. The sounds of the ocean is relaxing to us.
  8. That is so kind of you! Sounds like your travel companions are in great hands! If you think of it you should jump back on here and let us know how it went after you sail! I wish you all a grand cruise!
  9. You are so welcome! I am super happy that you were able to benefit from them! Well I can say that I second what Sweetiepie3 said regarding the lack of noise being located under the galley. In the photos I posted that cabin was under the galley on the Dream. I too was worried based on what others say but I never thought of it again once aboard the ship. We never heard a disturbing sound. It was very peaceful I must say.
  10. Thank you for the advice! I will look for that location. ❤️
  11. My group of 4 adults and 2 children are planning a visit to Daniel Johnson's Monkey Sloth and Hangout. According to his website it is a $10 entry fee pp and are welcome to pop in at any point of the day OR pay $30 pp transportation included. Considering this, we were thinking of taking a cab there and back once in port in order to save money. We would appreciate advice on the cab options and cost to see if it is worth saving $20 pp. Thank you!
  12. I have never experienced a balcony other than a cove so I have nothing to compare it to however, we really loved it! This was on the Dream. We loved being that close to the water! We could watch the flying fish and beautiful sunsets and sunrises with a great view of the horizon. The shape of the balcony does give you a cove feeling in a cozy kind of way. There are lifeboats up ahead that block the sun in a way that I can appreciate. I will share some photos that will reflect it in a beautiful way. By the way, in 2016 we didn’t have any issues with heat on the 2nd floor. It was quite cozy actually.
  13. Thank you for posting OP! Good read and informative photos! I had no idea!
  14. A stop at the Mega Store - added to the list (y) That sounds like our kind of adventure! Thank you! <3
  15. It’s on the main deck, aft, room 2431. I do believe they are the same square footage: 220sqft.
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