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  1. QueenofEverything, love that...it's a rainy cold day here, so the colours are a nice way to brighten it up. We loved our trip to Keukenhof, even my husband was surprised..... he wasn't overly sure about getting dragged to another flower garden! Still trying to figure out how to get him on a Tulip tour one of these days.
  2. @Spideysmum I agree with the thought of cruising early next year is looking like a long shot. We have a Danube cruise booked for May, but we have decided to wait until our final payment date is due before cancelling...on the off chance that if Avalon cancels, we get an extra credit. I am keeping an eye on the 2022 bookings (they have a fairly decent discount right now) and hoping that if we do have to re-book, we still get a good deal.
  3. @deec, go ahead and post... I was just trying to fill in, but I don't mind. We'll skip mine.
  4. I've never understood the hoarding of toilet paper. It's the same here, with supplies in most stores limited to 1/person. We are lucky enough to travel into a city where there is a bulk store, and can buy in large quanties so we don't run out....feel really bad for those who paid inflated prices for a necessity. They are talking about adding Eastern Ontario into the partial roll back that is being "enjoyed" by the larger cities. I hope they don't, as I hear the restaurants etc in the cities are being hurt badly now that it's to cold for patio season. At least our restaurants can have indoor dining, not that I really feel comfortable. There are a lot of take outs though, so it is helping out a bit.
  5. Lol... I don't have everyone's experience of visiting Europe, so jumped in while I could. 🙂
  6. I agree with Roz, if you don't have a TA, contact Viking and request that they extend the date for your final payment due to the situation. Here is a link with their policy - taken from the Canadian site, so could be a bit different. https://www.vikingrivercruisescanada.com/my-trip/current-sailings/index.html
  7. Ok...This is somewhere often visited during many cruises. A different view from what most will be used to possibly?
  8. IIRC, it was a program about "Mad King Ludwig" that we saw it. I have been to Disney World, but as an adult (what else do you do when you go to Florida for the first time), but we went to Epcot, so didn't really see much of of the rest of it.
  9. Lol..saw that on a program the other night! It's Neuschwanstein Castle. Near Füssen.
  10. Yes, the Ford plant in Colonge. We thought it was funny seeing what looked like new Ford's in the dumpster! We belong to an antique & classic car club, and there is a running joke that Ford is the only vehicle you can walk into a flea market looking for parts and come out with a whole car! Of course, there is the old joke about what Ford stands for as well. Here is the full size photo, before I zoomed in on the truck. You're up dogs4fun!
  11. Not the Moselle. The roots for the company go all the way back to 1903, and is a world wide company. There is a good clue in the actual picture, but if I said what it was, it would be giving it away.
  12. Wrong river. Behind you can see part of a very large building. It dates back to the 1930"s, but the company is much older than that. The cornerstone was laid by the company founder, who isn't from the country where this is.
  13. Sorry, but trying to think of a clue to pass on that won't give it away. It was just before our first stop on our river cruise...if that helps!
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