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  1. You would be best to check back closer to mid-November, as things change rapidly with Covid requirements. Fortunately, it doesn't seem as if cruises are being cancelled as they were last year, but as to requirements for entering countries, they can change overnight. Hope you enjoy your cruise, sounds like a great place to be with all the lights. Looking forward for a review.
  2. Nope, almost the other end of the country... Eastern Ontario here. 🙂 When you are in Budapest, don't forget to check out the night time cruise on the river. Depending on how traffic picks up, they may not do it through Avalon.
  3. Yes, I've seen some YouTube videos as well, that's what got me interested. So many plans, so little time. The more I have to "plan" our trip, the more I find to do!
  4. Prague's architecture is varied, from the historical astronomical clock and old buildings to the more modern Dancing House. There is the Art Nouveau Municipal House, old churches like St. Georges Basilica and St. Nicholas Church, and of course the Old Town Square. We are also looking into a cruise on the "Devil's Channel", to see the older buildings. There are walking tours you can book for various histories - Jewish, general etc.
  5. Hi @xLibLabLady, we are doing Avalon Bud - Prague Sept 2023. I haven't researched much on Prague, as we will only really have 1 1/2 day there, and the morning of our full day will be partly taken up with the "orientation" tour. What interests do you have? There is lots to see (and to little time), and knowing what you are interested in, I could maybe offer some suggestions I have thought of. Avalon is a great line, casual, but still delivers the full experience. We appreciated the fact that it wasn't "fussy". Our first cruise was the Rhine, and we pre-booked all our excursions and pre-paid our tips, so other than 2 beers that we purchased the day we toured the Middle Rhine, we had no surprise expenses at the end. We did give some extra to the crew we felt went above and beyond to ensure our vacation was tops, but that was just an extra thanks. River cruising if done to the max is not a relaxing holiday, but one that most wish to repeat. Not a lot of evening entertainment, but if you are ok with that (it's your "quiet time" maybe spending some time meeting up with new friends over a drink in the lounge with the pianist playing quietly in the background), and willing to go with the flow, you will probably have a great time. I guess the best advice I ever received is be prepared for anything, high/low water, broken locks etc,, and be prepared to have a good time not matter what. Hope you enjoy yours as much as we enjoyed our first one.
  6. @NCHPcruiser my deepest sympathies on the loss of your son, like Wings55, I can't begin to imagine how heartbreaking this would be. You and your families are in my thoughts.
  7. Thanks again for the fantastic review, and pics. Makes me wish we were heading out now. @mimmy52, I can't speak for AMA, but I do believe that "afternoon tea" and late night snacks are pretty standard on most lines. We were onboard for one tea on our Avalon and decided that it was a good thing we had booked afternoon tours, as the cakes & goodies supplied could be dangerous, no matter how much walking you did!
  8. Mmmmmm cheese strudle! So glad to see this, I'm not an apple lover and was trying to think of a way for my DH to get strudle with me not caring for it. That looks so good. Thanks for the write up, it's really making me eager to plan for our trip. I hope our weather is as good as yours, we were worried about the fall in that area, but it looks great.
  9. Regular butter vs unsalted? European butter also has a fat content, which makes it creamier.
  10. Sounds as if you had a great trip, and so glad the weather was good. Nice to hear that your CD did all that arranging, and that AMA looked after all the expenses, that is something I wouldn't have expected. Looking forward to more reports... 🙂
  11. Sorry you had to cancel or postpone your trip Roz, but it could be for the best. I know River Cruises aren't the most "relaxing' holiday (which I love, as it's nice not to have to be constantly planning multiple choices for what to do when travelling), but they shouldn't be stressful. I think with all the changes, and your concerns about being stranded in the Netherlands on your own if you do have a positive test, you will enjoy yourself much more once things settle down. We are the same, our 2021 cruise (cancelled) turned to a 2022 and is now moved to 2023 with the hope that by then, some sort of normalcy will be available. Yes, it's going to cost us a bit more money, but the peace of mind to me is worth it.
  12. Safe trip home Sleep7, looking forward for your review.
  13. You are better to purchase your own soft drinks and ask that they clear out the mini-bar. I am not positive, but I do think that they charge for soft drinks. You may be able to get soft drinks for breakfast, they probably don't mention if they are included as most do drink coffee/tea.
  14. Just a point of view from a Canadian. I think all our provinces are now going to some sort of "vaccine passport", where you have to show proof of vaccine for dining indoors, museums, concerts or other activities. Most provinces are also going the way of a QR code. You go to your provincial health site, download your vaccine records and put the code / record on your phone. We should (hopefully) have our QR code by the 22nd. If travelling between provinces, it's almost as bad as travelling in Europe, some are "free" to go back and forth, other's need passes, and some are back to requiring the 14 day isolation, vaccine or not. As far as I know, the Cdn govt. is also working with the EU to ensure our codes are good for there. Hopefully that will mean that we can show our code there, or apply for the EU "pass" with our code.
  15. I guess because we have to much French influence, around here, first wines are called Beaujolais Nouveau. Light & fruity, but not always the best. 🙂
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