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  1. That's the haunted cabin. It has ghosts in it. BTW it really helps if you tell us which ship this is, so we can look at the actual deck plans to see what's there, rather than a third party app. 😉
  2. There is already a country themed show. "Country Roads". Not sure what answer you're looking for though, since you didn't ask a question.
  3. I'd just go ahead and book it online. That way you get the cabin and dining time you want and have it booked. If the PVP isn't returning your texts or emails then it's their loss. You don't need a middle man to book a cruise directly on Carnivals website.
  4. The cruise director schedule doesn't go that far out yet. I'd check back in a month or so.
  5. Most CDs have their own Facebook page you can contact them through. On our last sailing on the Magic we had 950+ members in our roll call group on social media. I figured out where and when we would do the meet and greet then contacted John Heald to make it official for us, and let him know the information. When I boarded the ship, the guest services manager had that venue reserved for us for the time we wanted, and had a bag of things for me to give out to our participants. 2 bottles of champagne, 4 ships on a stick, probably 10 medals, and a bunch of other Carnival merchandise. It worked out perfectly.
  6. As Cruisin Hogs said, all muster stations are indoors on the Magic. A5 is in the showtime theater, deck 5.
  7. Uber/Lyft is going to be your cheapest and fastest option.
  8. The cabanas are 1 story. The 2 story structures are the villas. It's $50/pp for the extra people. However you can still have people come enjoy the villa with you, there just won't be enough floats/snorkel gear/sodas/water/food for them.
  9. You can all sit together at YTD. We always do YTD and have seen many large groups sitting together. They just slide tables together. You may have a short wait. If you're on a ship that has the check in ability on the Hub app, that may help your wait time, if there is one. If you go when they open, you likely won't have any wait.
  10. You're right, I forgot they went in last year and built those 2 new ones. We've done villas since then.
  11. We get #13 which is the furthest one away. That way it's more secluded where we are and not a ton of passengers right in front of our cabana and swimming around us.
  12. Also remember, GoPro has their trade in program where you can send in any old broken camera and get $100 off a new GPH7 Black. I found an old demolished camera that was literally broken in 2. I sent that in rather than a functional nicer older camera for my $100 off
  13. Definitely an Uber. Uber isn't too far from where the taxis are. It's worth the very short walk to save money and be in a much cleaner vehicle.
  14. Perhaps so. We always have YTD (your time dining) and eat in the MDR (main dining room). To us, YTD is a "time", not a "place". Hence why it's called your time dining. I guess I'm confused then.
  15. It's easy. We do YTD. We go when they open and sit down. We order everything as soon as we sit down. They bring the food out, we eat, and leave. I don't know if we've ever sat in any restaurant on the ship or at home longer than an hour. There's no reason it should take my family longer than an hour to eat a meal.
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