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  1. It looks like the Havana interiors are sold out on that particular sailing. If they were available, once you clicked on "interior" you would be able to select it. Being that that sailing is 6 months from now, it's kinda last minute to pick. (This screenshot is from another date, further out)
  2. When we were getting our flights, it would have been $800 for my family of 4 to fly roundtrip from RDU to SJU on Southwest. We used points though and ended up paying $42.
  3. I just submitted the form also and got $100 each for my next 2 sailings. woo!!
  4. I don't want to lug 48 sodas + carry ons around until 1:30. We also only use locals for our port days, so I want to get on the first tender and be out in the island doing my excursion while others are still waiting to get off of the ship. Then the last night of the cruise I pay our balance with gift cards so I don't want to stand behind 98723 people at guest services to do this. I am on vacation to enjoy myself, not wait around everywhere. It's worth every penny to us until we turn platinum next year.
  5. A lot of people on here don't like Airbnb and will tell you no. Personally, we always use Airbnb when we travel and have used Airbnb in Miami, Miami Beach and Ft. Lauderdale DOZENS of times. Never once have we had a bad experience in SoFL with Airbnbs. We will continue to use them. This year we have 2 booked in San Juan but will be back in Miami come fall, which we will book our stay with Airbnb then as well. We always just Uber to port or wherever we need to go.
  6. Yup. Maybe cruising isn't for you, and staying in your city or an adjacent city to where you live and just getting a hotel for the night may be a better vacation for you.
  7. Everyone responding needs to realize this thread is almost 3 years old. Much has changed since this thread begun.
  8. While we never eat at the buffet (MDR for breakfast and dinner, Guy's or BBQ or somewhere for lunch), I know some people enjoy it. I will say it's nice to swing by at night and grab a salad or something. Something to munch on.
  9. You are trying to copy pictures from your Gmail, we can't see them. 🙂 You need to put them on an image hosting site that's public. Love the review so far!
  10. They were 7 & 15. The ruins were meh to them. Then again, they aren't interested in things like that nor outdoor things. My oldest liked climbing to the top and seeing everything. That was about it.
  11. You should make sure she is aware that you're out the money and there's no recovering it, even if she doesn't go. At this point it doesn't matter if she goes or not, you're not getting the money. Make sure she realizes that. She may be thinking "oh, if I don't go, she doesn't have to pay for me, so I don't have to pay her back".
  12. I think you'll be fine, that puts you back at the port an hour before your ship leaves. That's plenty of time.
  13. What time does your ship leave? Usually the ships are there until 4 or 5 pm.
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