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  1. It depends. My L&S offer was a Caribbean cruise but a completely different itinerary. From Southern Caribbean to ABC.
  2. When you rebook a cruise for a later date. Lift and SHIFT.
  3. X does a decent job of L&S on their website. I just wish there were more choices.
  4. I have a $900 deposit and have CFAR at 75%. So if I have to, I'll use it. I'm thinking to cancel and take a flight somewhere. 6 hours on a plane wearing a mask is better than a week doing the same on a cruise ship. Edit: But the problem is... what countries are open to us? Edit2: I tried L&S but there was only one option which wasn't appealing. Maybe I'll look again.
  5. I can see why this would bother people if all we do is call the US a failure. Most of us have no control over the government's response.
  6. Can I revise my estimate? I now say Dec 13, 2020. (My cruise is on Dec 14.) 😂
  7. You get ashamed pretty easily. How are you feeling right now? Better, I hope?
  8. Sure you can show me people here who don't wear masks. I bet I could show you some that don't wear masks over there. Nobody's perfect.
  9. I don't know. What are you offering? I'm partial to Veuve Clicquot. It's not expensive.
  10. December 1st, 2020 Just a guess but I think September is too soon. So I pick December.
  11. If you change your profile pic, I'll tell you how.
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