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  1. Are people on Atlantis any more friendly than another cruise line, in your experience?
  2. Cancel for any reason. But as discussed in another thread, insurance companies could decide to not recognize corona virus as a reason even though it's called *any* reason.
  3. You can give feedback to tellus@vikingcruises.com.
  4. Anyone have a guess when they start Xmas music? My cruise is just 12/14 to 12/23 so not sure if we will hear anything. Maybe we'll just get Xmas decorations. I enjoy listening to seasonal music that time of year. Didn't get to listen to it from age 10 to 18. So now I enjoy it.
  5. So, you're telling me that *everywhere* on the ship there was loud Christmas music? Where do I sign up?
  6. I happen to like the decorations. I hope they will be up on our cruise on Reflection in mid December. Sounds like they will be. I wouldn't mind some soft Christmas music.
  7. I recently signed up for trip insurance with emergency medical evacuation, cancel for any reasons (75%), etc. But is there particular kind of insurance that is better to have when dealing with something like corona virus?
  8. I had a deep tissue massage. My back was sore for a week. I will do it again but will choose something less intense.
  9. How is boarding different on the Reflection? It was pretty easy on the Equinox. Both FLL.
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