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  1. We are going on British Isles Cruise with Princess in May, 2022. What currency is Used in the casino??? Thanks so much!
  2. We cancelled our May 4, 2020 cruise on March 5th. After no refunds, we filed a credit card dispute on May 6th. We received full refund on May 22, 2020. I talked to Chase and they stated Princess had been in touch with them after filing the dispute. Pleased with the refund. Good luck all.
  3. I filed a dispute on May 5th for cancellation on March 5 for May 4th cruise. Received full Princess refund today!
  4. We cancelled on March 5 for a May 4 cruise. Was getting very frustrated and filed credit card dispute on May 5. Received full refund this morning including Ezair. Dont know if dispute had anything to do with it but very happy. Good luck all.
  5. We cancelled on March 5th and nothing including FCC. Documentation for credit card dispute sent on Saturday!
  6. Cancelled cruise 3/5/20. Cruise was paid in full. Have not received any refund!
  7. Sent my credit card dispute this morning after over 60 days.
  8. Your situation is almost exactly as ours. We had 4 charges and I could dispute one of them online since that payment was in January 2020. Waiting on the form to dispute the other 3. Chase put those funds back in my account the next morning . Those are temporary until they review the claim. At least I feel I am doing something!
  9. I talked to customer relations on Tuesday. Was told 60-90 days and that is based on the date of the cruise. When I asked what cruises they are working on, she said April!! I said so date of cancellation means nothingL She said that is correct. We know April is wrong since some people haven't got refunds from February cruises!!
  10. What do you mean by that? I would not collect from both but just want my money back once!
  11. I just filed a credit card dispute with Chase for my cruise on May 4, 2020 that was cancelled on March 5, 2020. Was it the right thing? I dont know but at least I feel I am doing something in an attempt to get my money refunded.
  12. I just talked with Princess and was told 60-90 days for refunds. They said they are refunding from the date of the cruise. I asked what date are they working on. The Customer Service Rep stated they are on April cruises. How many people are still waiting on March refunds? So tired of the changes and no refunds!
  13. I have Chase Sapphire Preferred. How did you initiate the dispute? I have the form. Did you mail everything in to CHASE? It says to click on the transactions you want to dispute. However, when I click nothing happens. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  14. I have Chase Sapphire and was told I could still file dispute. Did you upload all your information on line or mail them the information? I am having trouble finding the site and then are not taking phone calls. Thanks
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