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  1. Picked up some potato salad at the Bluebird too😉 If we added Carlson's whitefish, Pegtown's pizza, Happy Hour's raspberry pie, 9 Bean's croissants, and Art's burgers, it might give the impression that we'd never need to cruise again...but, foreign ports and the oceans call even as Lake Michigan beckons. Till then...
  2. With the Cheese Shanty's seasonal closing almost upon us, pretzel bread subs will soon be just a fond memory, like a HAL cruise, both awaiting a return on a brighter day. And, in the meantime, we may need to surf the snow as we await cruising the surf...
  3. Our Nov partial Panama is on the newly cancelled list. We received HAL's cancellation email this afternoon. Just talked with our PCC. I had figured the Future Cruise Deposits used as our deposits for this cruise (final payment wasn't till due Aug 31) would go back into our deposit bank as FCDs always did in the past if we cancelled prior to final payment. But, NO. That is NOT what HAL is doing for HAL cancellations due to Covid. We do not have the choice to just rebank our FCD. Our choices are: 1.) to have our FCD refunded to the original credit card used to purchase the FCD, or 2.) take the Future Cruise Credit bonus offered in the cancellation. We had been considering cancelling and, now, I wish I had cancelled ahead of HAL cancelling on us... as I'd preferred to have those FCD sitting in our deposit bank available to use through their original four year expiration...
  4. @Kindergirl adding my prayers, too, for all three of you.
  5. In northern Lower Peninsula Michigan we, like the entire state, have been on mandatory lockdown since March 24 with restaurants on take-out only since March 16. Schools, which were originally closed through April 6, are expected to have this year's sessions cancelled entirely today. DH and I have elected self-isolating due to his underlying health since March 12. We are well-stocked and due to one neighbor having an auto-immune disease and another being immuno-suppressed due to chemo, we have set up an 'ask, deliver, knock, leave' system to support each other's needs without unnecessary face-face contact. We are rediscovering jigsaw puzzles, board games, and have extra time for reading. Michigan allows us outside for walks with those we reside, so DH and I get out as the lingering winter weather allows. Our usually bustling resort town is eerily quiet with shops closed and most restaurants shuttered as their situation, price-point, or menu didn't lend itself to take-out only. Yesterday, on our walk through downtown, we heard more birds singing than traffic moving. Fortunately, our area has not had the steep rise in COV-19 that the downstate metro area has seen. We are, however, warned to expect that to change as downstaters move north to their summer homes and as large numbers of 'snowbirds' return from winter in the southern Florida areas that are already highly infected. Easter holidays will be so different with church continuing on-line, my DB and his DW downstate, their son isolated from us all, their daughter unable to return from a neighboring state, and my DH's sons' families also in locked-down states. But DH and I are safe, healthy, and blessed in untold ways. We feel certain we will cruise again and, in the meantime, we pray for the pax + crew of Zaandam and Rotterdam along with all still at sea. Stay safe. Stay strong. Be well.
  6. I'm still watching with you. Burning the midnight+ oil in Michigan. And wishing the Zaandam & Rotterdam continued safe passage.
  7. @Copper10-8 less than a week ago you were helping get @Kindergirl 's mother & Jim home. Now, you're helping again! This time helping us understand the what and how of this mission of mercy for the pax and crew of our Zaandam and her sister escort Rotterdam. Thank you for your invaluable help and information.
  8. Hopefully Kindergirl is not having more phone issues...
  9. I live in Michigan but fly Tampa frequently. It might be helpful to know--from Tampa Airport's website: Short Term Garage: Under 60 minutes is free; 61-80 minutes $4; each additional 20 min. $2. Max Charge- $22 max. per 24 hours. Elevator access to the main terminal. Long Term Garage: Under 60 minutes is free; 61-80 minutes $4; each additional 20 min. $2. Max Charge- $18 max. per 24 hours. Walkway or Monorail access to the main terminal.
  10. From Florida's Sun Pass: For drivers who typically pay cash: Keep moving and do not stop at toll booths Drivers will be charged the same cash-rate Expect a Pay by Plate billing statement to be mailed to the vehicles’ registered owner for tolls, with no additional fees or administrative charges. Option to pay the Pay by Plate bill online using a credit card
  11. I've been following your WC and thought you might be interested in this: Easter Island moai statue destroyed by truck Lilit Marcus, CNN • Updated 6th March 2020 (CNN) — One of Easter Island's world-famous moai statues has been destroyed in an accident. A Chilean island resident was arrested on March 1 after his truck -- a private vehicle, not a commercial one -- crashed into one of the stone figures and badly damaged both it and the ahu, or platform, it was perched on.
  12. Thank you. Our first cruise was our transatlantic honeymoon 25 years ago. In the years since, we've been fortunate to cruise the Holy Lands, the Adriatic, Alaska, and the Indian Ocean among others -- none of which my DH now remembers. Our recent return to sea proved he is again strong enough to cruise short, easy itineraries but demonstrated that many of his prior roles are now mine. Well-wishes like yours and the many helpful tips offered will serve me/us well as we continue. Thanks to all.
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