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  1. Got off the Getaway Baltic Cruise two weeks ago. One MDR, O’Sheehans, the buffet are open for breakfast and they usually have a breakfast buffet in one of the SDRs set up. Have fun! We really enjoyed our trip.
  2. You can get coffee in other places all over the ship.
  3. If you have the Starbucks app you can use it to buy beverages from Starbucks when on board the ship. You need to be sure you have a decent amount of money on the app as you can’t use any rewards or stars when on board. We used my Starbucks app when we were on the Getaway a week and a half ago with no issues. If you don’t have the WiFi package the dollar amount won’t update on the app but the register will be able to tell how much you have left.
  4. It was cool and cloudy the first few days, it rained both days in St. Petersburg but then it warmed up and was in the low 70s in Finland and Sweden.
  5. We used US Dollars. We had them already prepared in envelopes that we gave to the guide and driver.
  6. When we ate there last week there were no up-charges for anything.
  7. It was another excursion but the same cruise. We left all of our stuff on the mini bus and had no issues. Our guide reminded us at each stop to leave our important things on the bus.
  8. Guest services will be open that early so I would try before you get off for Germany. That being said I wouldn’t sweat it, all of the excursions wait for you to get off and customs moves quickly as long as everyone follows the directions they are given. We lucked out and got off early but ended up waiting almost 45 minutes for the rest of our group.
  9. It was very crowded and we got it early before the GA crowds. Elena was able to maneuver us around the crowds but if you get claustrophobic it might be problematic. The Rembrandt room was the worst. That being said when are you going to get a chance to go there again? I would go again for sure!
  10. We’ve sailed the Breakaway twice and just got off her sister ship the Getaway on Monday. We love both ships! They try and up sell you at the spa but if you are firm they back off. We love the Waterfront area on both ships, which is deck 8. It’s a nice and quiet place to hang out during the day and has a decent nightlife at night with the outdoor bars. Spice H2O is a nice place for adults to hang out. The bar was a little slow but I knew that before I got on the boat last week and just waited. There are crowds but they aren’t unmanageable. Let me know if you have any questions. Have fun!!
  11. Morning! We flew in the morning of the cruise and flew out the day the cruise ended. Yes NCL lets their tours off first but everyone is basically off the ship and through customs by 8:30-8:45. We found customs to be very orderly, just follow the instructions your are being told and you’ll be fine. Yes you will have to wait but the lines mover pretty quickly. On the second day of the cruise we went to guest services and signed up for the first non NCL tour group so we got off around 8. We used Alla Tours and they were fantastic. Alla herself escorted us from the boat to the tour waiting area. We would use them again!!!
  12. Definitely bring a rain jacket and bring it with you off the boat. We had some sprinkles in Germany and it absolutely poured both days in Russia for part of the day. I would not bring an umbrella as there were a ton of people with umbrellas who kept smacking other people In the face with them. Bring good shoes for walking around the port. We brought a medium sized back pack and a refillable water bottle that we were really glad we brought.
  13. We found the reduced airfare worth it, we had direct flights from Boston and only paid $499 a person. We couldn’t book it any cheaper on our own. I would imagine that you would have a lay over on the East Coast coming from Detroit.
  14. Hello! Our tour in St. Petersburg started at 8:30 on the first day due to having to wait to get through customs. It ended around 5:30. I forgot to add that we did a city tour with picture stops before heading to Pererhof. On the second day we had to meet Elena at 7:20 and we were back at the boat around 6:15. We did see more on the second day then the first.
  15. Ports: We only booked an excursion when we were in St. Petersburg because we had to. I’ll get into more details about the excursion below. Pretty much everyone we encountered spoke English, and if they didn’t they did their best to communicate with us. Germany: We got off the boat and walked over the to train station. For 6 Euro a person (12 Euro in total) we bought the unlimited transportation ticket. We could get on, and off, the train, trams, and car ferry, as many times as we wanted. We took the train to Rostock, got off at New Market Square and walked around. As it was Sunday, pretty much all of the stores were closed. We ate lunch at a Peter Pan themed burger place. The food was good! We then toured the Cultural History Museum which is housed in nunnery that was built in 1215. No bags are allowed in the museum so you will need a euro coin in order to store your bag. No admission is charged but they will charge you 2 Euro to take pictures. We then walked around St. Mary church and caught the tram back to Warnemunde. What a cute little seaside town. We stuck our feet in the Baltic Sea (man was it cold) and walked around. If you decided to get a drink at the bar on the beach, make sure you have Euro as they do not take cards. Many of the shops right on the boardwalk do not take cards either so it is a good idea to have some euro (very important if you want to use the public toilets). After walking around for a bit we headed back to the ship. Estonia: Bring sneakers or comfortable walking shoes (not flip flops) as you will need them in Estonia. The streets are the most cobblestoned I have ever seen and I was really happy to have my hiking shoes. We walked from the port in to the old town and walked around. We went into the Tallinn City Museum and the KGB Prison cell museum. If you plan on going to more than one museum you can buy a pass, which will save you a few Euro. I would recommend going to both! We had a really nice lunch on one of the squares, walked around a bit more and headed back to the ship. St. Petersburg: We booked a two-day tour through Alla Tours and would do it again in a heartbeat. On the first day we went to the Peterhof Gardens, had lunch at a really nice restaurant, went to the Faberge Museum, went shopping and then went back to the ship. On the second day we took a subway ride, went on a boat tour of the rivers, went to the Church of Spilled Blood, had lunch at a really nice restaurant, went to the Hermitage and Catherine’s Palace. Our tour guide Elana was fantastic as was our driver Vladimir. There were fourteen people on the tour and we had a nice Mercedes mini bus that included free wifi. Customs didn’t take too long to get through the first morning. It is important to remember that only one person a time, unless you have minors traveling with you then a minor and a parent can go up to the window. Make sure you have your passport, tour ticket and Freestyle card. We got through immigration in about 20 minutes or so. They do let NCL tours off first and then the independent tours. The independent tours know this and wait for everyone. Since we had a mini bus we left our backpack with our passports on the bus as the driver was always with it. We heard from a fellow traveler that several people had their passports stolen and had to take the high speed train to Moscow to get new ones. Helsinki: This was one of my favorite ports, the city really reminded me of Boston. We got off the ship and walked into town, it was about a 20 minute walk. We headed to the Esplanade and walked over to Market Square. It’s a combo Farmer’s Market/Food Stalls/Arts and Crafts fair. I would wait to buy any sweaters until you get to Helsinki, we found the prices cheaper and it was the same goods that they were selling in Tallin. We shopped, walked around and then headed back to the boat. Nynashamn (Stockholm): We didn’t go into Stockholm as we had seaweed wraps that morning and didn’t have enough time to make it worth it to ride the hour long train ride into Stockholm. That being said the port of Nynashamn was also one of my favorites. Very easy to walk into town, you literally follow the green line painted on the ground. We went down to the marina and had a very nice lunch of a local lager, oysters, preserved salmon for me, and schnitzel for Ben. We then walked around the little shops near the marina, explored the church at the top of the hill and then went to the ONLY chocolate shop that supplies the chocolates for the Nobel Prizes. Man was it good, I wish I had bought more to bring home. We then headed back to the ship and hung out at H2O.
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