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  1. It's very windy here in Central CT, so I can only imagine how windy it is on the water in RI.
  2. Morning! I did a quick search and could not find the answer to my question so I apologize if this has been asked before. Can we use a Starbucks gift card at a Starbucks on board or do we use our room cards to pay? Just curious! We are sailing the Getaway this summer and I am super excited that I'll be able to get high octane iced tea at the Starbucks!!!!
  3. We are celebrating our tenth wedding anniversary on our Baltic Cruise on the Getaway this summer. DH called NCL, told them we would be celebrating our anniversary and they made a note of it on our reservation. We are supposed to get a cake that night, we have reservations at Ocean Blue. I’ll report back when we get back!
  4. We bring our empty Nalgenes and fill them on the ship.
  5. I've had 50% luck, sailed in April twice to the Bahamas, the first cruise we skipped GSC due to rough seas, the next year we were able to make it. Since our next stop was Nassau, and there was room at the Pier, we went to Nassau and spent the afternoon and whole next day there. We weren't planning on getting off at GSC, and subsequently stayed on board the following year, so it was no big deal for us. I don't remember if we got an OBC for skipping GSC... We were on the Breakaway both times and it was mid April.
  6. I just called, they are running about a week and a half behind in booking their flights, I should have my flight by the end of next week.
  7. We are on the Getaway this summer (59 days out!!) and still don't have our cruise docs or our flights...
  8. Morning! We are at 59 days out for our Baltic Sea Cruise this summer on the Getaway. We took the free/reduced air fare perk when we booked (so glad we did as flights to Europe from Boston are running about $2600 for two people round trip) and were told that we would have our flight info 60 days out. When should I expect the flight info to be on our e-docs? Should I just call? We want to make sure we have seats next to each other. TIA!
  9. You carry the wine with you on board. We didn’t realize that when we bought a case on board the Breakaway and my poor husband had to carry the box everywhere. If you are bringing a decent amount of wine I would invest in a cart or backpack to make your life easier. We kept the box in the closet and put the whites we wanted to drink in the mini fridge in the morning.
  10. We sailed the Breakaway twice with our twins, but they were a lot younger than your nephews. That being said there is a TON for them to do on the ship: sports court, ropes course, video arcade, mini golf, teen entourage, pools, rock climbing wall, water slides...
  11. We brought an entire case on board the Breakaway. We made the mistake of not repacking it and my poor husband had to carry around our case of wine until our room was ready. Next time we will buy one of those padded grocery cart thingies to bring it on. Other people have also used wine holder backpacks.
  12. We have sailed twice on NCL's Breakaway with our b/g Twins, first when they were three and the next year when they were four. We used Splash Academy both times and the kids loved it! We are sailing on RCI Brilliance of the Seas in April 2020 (the twins will be 6) and I am looking for information on Royal Caribbean's Adventure Ocean. The RCI website says that Adventure Ocean is open from 10 AM- 10PM, on NCL there was a set time the kids could be dropped off and then picked up in the morning, afternoon and evening, the kids had to wear a bracelet for the whole week that got scanned when they came in and out. What are other people's experiences with RCL's Adventure Ocean? I'm looking for the good, the bad and the ugly! Thanks!
  13. Morning! I am bound and determined to bring just carry-ons with us when we go on our 9 day Baltic Cruise this coming summer. That being said, I am a notorious over-packer. Does anyone have experience with packing cubes or anything similar? I don't want to have to pay a baggage fee and I would like to have some room for souvenirs. I'll be checking the weather religiously before we leave so I'll be sure to pack the appropriate clothing (we will be embarking in Copenhagen and then going to St. Petersburg, Tallinn, Helsinki and Nynashamn (Stockholm)). TIA!
  14. We are sailing the Brilliance next April and are considering booking the Chef’s Table for one night of dining. Does anyone have experience with this?
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