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  1. The 64,000 gross ton question. Friends, co-workers. People on a cruise will be more than happy to talk about thier TA. I met my TA on a cruise.
  2. I use a semi-independent TA and he's been fantastic. Handles all the problems caused by the CDC. I just email what I want and it magically happens. You have to have a good TA. If you're not happy with one, just try another.
  3. They sent the check to the wrong address? :)
  4. This is all that has to be done. Carnival had the right idea back in March. 99.95% of people are fit to cruise and we've known also since March exactly who that .05% is. The cure has been worse than the disease.
  5. I guess I have to remind you that number of cases doesn't matter. Catching a cold, that you statistically won't even know you have, is not a health crisis. Sorry, those darn numbers again. A vaccine requirement is only beneficial if it is 100% effective, meaning 0 covid cases ever...ever. Not even 1. Then the bubble is burst and the situation will be "OMG! If not even the vaccine will protect us..." What a PR nightmare. They're better of just doing the little safety show and letting it ride.
  6. Their problem is COVID is very, very, very low risk. Sorry, that what the numbers show. The cruise lines are already sheilded from all sorts of things because they're acts of God. You can sue, but you have no case if you catch Influenza. Requiring an unproven medication shifts that burdon. Before you try, FDA approval is meaningless, just ask the manufactures of Zantac. They can campaign for it all they want, but it's a huge leap to require it. And if they require a covid vaccine, what about all diseases that are far, far, far more deadly? I guarantee, there will be a lawyer
  7. This little nugged is the most important phrase in the article. Most people already don't have a severe case so... I can see the headlines now: "Experts fear vaccinated people careless in spreading virus."
  8. We're ready. Miami is ready. Florida is ready. Have been since June. No reason delay cruising any longer. I'm still of the opoinion that the lawyers will nix the idea of a vaccination requirement. Just 1 adverse outcome will eliminate the miniscule benefit. MSC will probably go first as they have the most experiance running the safety show.
  9. Cut them some slack, a lot of people don't have the life experience to know what they don't know.
  10. Oh...my...god....you really don't even read these do you? I, me, in my life, am regularly around 1,000s or people. I never said anything about anyone else. Good grief. My word, I said "I share the opinion that it's not worth the effort." (BTW, this is what a quote looks like) I also provided two, 2!, articles from this month describing the...wait for it...failures in Contact Tracing. All that money and time spent on only 20% effectiveness can be better spend elsewhere. You have provided no reasoning or evidence otherwise. I think you only know the sound
  11. Really, do you just enjoy being provably wrong literally all the time? Here we go...again... "imaginary scenarios and numbers simply to be antagonistic and create a false argument." - Tell me exactly what scenario or numbers are 'imaginary'. If it's so easy to call me out, do it finally. Be precise. "not to believe either the CDC or the NHS" - Please share the exact quote where I don't believe the CDC or NHS. The Reuters store uses numbers form the NHS. Please tell us exactly how Reuters is mistaken. "imaginary world where we spend all day every day in
  12. Wow, spare me the judgy condescension*. It's now pretty clear why we can't discuss this, you make huge assumptions and personally based conclusions which are all...misguided. As I've demonstrated or described from data and experience. I only offered a ratio, not actuals. Watch a few videos, being in covid proximity of 1000 people is 4-5 attraction/transportation queues. Not even a half day at any park. That leaves plenty of room on the right side for all my close contacts. How do I know this? Easy.... Based on Britain's COVID-19 Track and Trace failures, I'm much
  13. You're right, I'm beginning to really feel bad for you. Your understanding of Contract Tracing is too narrow to be reasonably debated. From the CDC page you listed: "Trace and monitor contacts of infected people. Notify them of their exposure." If 80% of exposures can't be traced, that means only 20% are even potentially contactable. And in my case, it's closer to 0% as my ratio of unknown contacts to close contacts is probably 1000 to 1. Meaning, I will be in close transmission level proximity to 1000 complete strangers for every 1 person I actually know.
  14. I guess we're in the same club (being blindly labeled a troll). Some people have a very delicately crafted world view and even the slightest disagreement, regardless of evidence, and they're Humpty Dumpty. Happy Cruising!
  15. Please stop embarrassing yourself making claims that are easily proven false. I totally get you're cornered but instead of ranting, please, stop, think, learn and then respond. Then you haven't been to a theme park recently. While the is physical distancing, it's doesn't change the laws of physics or fluid dynamics. Is the queue for Space Mountain, you are moving through the same bubble of air as the ~200 people ahead of you in the previous 15 minutes. This easily meets the CDC guidelines (oh my, I do seem to know something about Contact Tracing). Since you complete
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