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  1. None of those are actually full time positions. Limited marine & safety positions are probably still rotated out on an otherwise normal schedule and probably a handful of hotel staff for galley, mess & crew quarters maintenance. The only ones with typical 'full time' jobs are at corporate.
  2. Yep, that was me. Will spend the money on a cruise anyway so paying ahead of time to maybe get 25% totally worth it.
  3. While accurate figures will take years to compile, the number is definitely between 7 and 330,000,000.
  4. Seriously people, you gotta keep up and look beyond the headlines. The CDC's 6% COVID-19 Deaths Stat Is Causing Confusion on Social Media—Here Are the Facts "While it’s true that in 6% of COVID-19-related deaths, COVID-19 was the only diagnosis listed on the death certificate, that’s only part of the picture."..."In most cases, there are multiple contributing diagnoses...immediate trigger for death was pneumonia, influenza, or some other infectious process" We've known this since March and is a reason Carnival's initial Fit to Sail plan was sound and could have prevented much of the cruising shutdown. The NSO should expire, should have expired and should never have been ordered. So far, looking good. When agencies want to avoid scrutiny, they usually drop things like this Friday afternoon.
  5. It's actually higher than 90% for all demographics. While the CDC's failure and incompetence regarding cruising is morally criminal, their statisticians seem mostly capable. But then again, you don't need a multi-billion dollar agency doing something as mid-sized accounting firm in a mid-sized city could do just as well. It's time to end the CDC's authority over cruising completely. The State of Florida is more than capable of handling this for our ports and we'd be happy to work with Texas, Alaska, Louisiana, etc on unified standards. We should have been cruising since June 5.
  6. I was unaware you could pull a CNC from a reservation. I recall having to wait until the res was cancelled and they were redeposited, which happened fairly quickly.
  7. That last thing a self-absorbed Government bureaucracy wants to hear about is good quality of life. That would mean people are ignoring their rules. :) The most bothersome situation will be face coverings in the theater, even with distancing. The open decks will be re-configured to allow more comfortable capacity which is where I suspect most cruisers will stay to avoid face coverings. I'm going to really enjoy those 3 hour meals. ;)
  8. Looking at the table of Recommendations, my reaction is Meh, whatever.... This document is obviously meant to appease some bureaucrats, basically telling them what they want to hear. Nearly all of the Keep items are things they're already doing to control Noro and other pathogens. Others, like contactless embarkation, were already on the way. The M items are mostly procedural changes that no one will notice. Also, notice how purposefully worded #34 is. Fortunately, the goal is mitigation, not prevention. The list of Guiding Principals is lofty, but this entire protocol is like mowing your lawn to prevent forest fires.
  9. Srsly? "the cruise industry is just a pimple on the rear end of the American economy." Sounds pretty callous and dismissive. Umm...I mentioned Disneyland once in the context keeping this discussion on topic, cruising and the CDC. And also as an allusion as to how certain parties are not acting in the people's best interest.
  10. Again, positivity rate, like number of cases doesn't matter. It's also very, very, very easy to influence that number by encouraging symptom free people to not get tested. "No symptoms, ok, the wait is like 45 min, your choice." That's all it takes. And, as I pointed out before, low positivity rates just means we're doing a lot of unnecessary testing. If you really want cruising to resume, you need to learn which #factsmatter.
  11. I really feel bad for you, that you can so callously dismiss the livelihood of hundreds of thousands people, millions when considering ancillary jobs. I'll have to repeat, again, I'm addressing the CDC's actions because they are relevant here. ( if you want learn why California is delaying Disneyland's opening, point me to the forum ) If the CDC had the authority to ground the airlines or (thanks heavens they don't) ban theme parks, they would. Both are operating with no attributable 'spike' so either the CDC is wrong or corrupted (probably both) regarding cruising. It's time the CDC's authority of cruising is ended completely.
  12. Hmm...There's a word for this...WRONG! :) None of what you say is true, I'd say find the source but I don't want to waste your time. You've been fooled by a media technique we call 'loss' harvesting where they make a misleading headline using the reported date of loss, not actual date of loss. When Laura(?) passed, a lot of reporting was delayed by several days. When they caught up, Boom!, super scary headline about home many people died because they were all reported the same day. The actuals were still trending down. Positivity rates never topped 12%. And like number of cases, this is an irrelevant metric. Florida was never the epicenter of anything except responsible, competent leadership. That is why we've been ready for cruising since June 4.
  13. Umm...hahahaha! Oh boy...nope, nope, nope again....ayayay. Here's some things call facts for you: Cruise Industry Contributes Nearly $53 Billion to U.S. Economy in 2018 I said the CDC is playing the only cards it has and the only ones that matters here. Creating an unnecessary panic and demand for a vaccine however it can, regardless of the cost in lives and economies. They're not 'protecting' anyone just like the FAA or TSA really have no specific interest in aviation safety because they have nothing to lose, regardless of what happens. Boeing 'influences' the FAA and Pharma 'influences' FDA/CDC. Exactly the same thing. Ideally, ALPA should be certifying aircraft in the US because their members lives are literally in the air. We don't need a Federal policy for cruising because it's utterly irrelevant to Montana. CLIA can set rules acceptable to Florida and Texas, and Louisiana, Washington and whoever else want can take a free ride.
  14. Maybe, after you do some basic research on the topic, you can try again, cuz, not even close. There was never a crisis in Florida, the number of cases never mattered and our curve was comfortably flat. We were ready for cruising on June 5 because that the same day Universal Orlando Resort opened, and the day any of our theme parks could have opened. After reviewing actual data, Orange County determined no park related spike. There is no reason to think cruising would be any different. Again, I really feel bad for you. But it's a good thing the dire prediction you were so convinced of never materialized.
  15. They should start with the ships with the lowest Cost per Passenger Night, like Cost per Passenger Mile, or what ever metric they use. Presumably, that would be the Breakaway class. There might also be fiscal/accounting reasons to sail ships with differed payments since that would appear more profitable. This again would be the recent Breakaway class ships.
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