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  1. The USNavy shore facilities were in Sandbank , which is about 2.5 miles north of the ferry pier in Dunoon, the site is now the Holy Loch marina
  2. Greenock cruise terminal to Gourock ferry is about 2,5 miles,you can get between the two by train from Greenock , or McGill buses, or probably easier for you to take a taxi,
  3. Tour 2 says if time permits a visit will be made to George Square in Glasgow,Travelling from Stirling to Greenock will be on the M8,M80 motorways,not like mororways in the USA ,but they can get busy especilly the M8 which runs through the centre of the city , and tends to get heavily congested cossing the Kingston Bridge and for a couple of miles to the White Cart Viaduct at Glasgow Airport.with not much of a scenic nature to look at. Tour 1 doesnt have much travel on motorways other than a few miles from Greenock to the Erskine Bridge
  4. Yes and No...depends what you intend doing in SPB if you want to do your ownthing you would need a visa ..if you are going to join a ships tour or use one of the several private operators ..no as these operate with a visa waiver.. there are quite a few posts on this forum which you will get al the information you would need
  5. Visited Visby several years ago and would agree with kaisatsu, although on the day we visited the weather was absolutely vile,had booked a ships tour town and walls it was that wet and miserable that a lot of people didn't turn up or like me abandoned it midtour. The only reason that I have a fond memory of Visby, is that walking back to the tender point,we came across a coffee shop/icecream parlour called Glassmagasinet where we sat inside for an icecream which was difficult choosing as they had over 150 flavours.
  6. Just make sure you don't get change in Jersey Scottish or Northern Irish local notes,as you will have difficulty using these outside there countries of issue
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