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  1. I called MSC yesterday and they confirmed that we only have to have a cruise booked by 28th October and we don’t have to have traveled by that date.
  2. It’s used the hair salon twice for a wash and blow dry and was very happy, Matt had a hair cut by I think he was called DiNilson and he did a good job. Wendy did mine and the blow dry lasted. However they do try to sell products to you which I assume is expected of them.
  3. It was a hat on ours but they forgot to deliver ours...
  4. Well I have now received a second copy of the release letter direct from MSC!
  5. We received our release form yesterday I was on the phone to CN our TA as it arrived they said they received a spread sheet with about 100 names on it!
  6. Have you checked your junk email? My tour confirmations from MSC go to there for some reason!
  7. We didn’t mind the wind too much it was funny! And we had tissues which we didn’t actually use as they make my nose itch! We luckily didn’t get ill thank goodness. I am pleased you also saw the stowaway it made us smile! Also the little sparrow on the pool deck we saw him on the stage lots of times. we can’t wait for our next cruise on Bellissima and am now looking for one for 2021 to use our generous voucher on! Also Happy Holidays to you all.
  8. The difference is I think that we have received an amount for the full 20% and the people in the States have had less because of the port fees element. So financially we have done better.
  9. Update, we have finally got our refund email, and it is more than generous! However it has come via the travel agent we used and only valid for 1 year unlike our American friends! Valid till 28th October 2020.
  10. I had no problem doing my live blog from Meraviglia a couple of weeks ago. I had a Wi-fi package.
  11. Brilliant! Just to say we don’t get anything like those prices over here. Also think about the Aurea package the sun deck is lovely.
  12. Are you going to book another cruise on MSC???
  13. nikkiw60

    MDR food

    There is a bone in the middle with the marrow in I pushed it out and stirred through the dish. It is on the Italian night menu.
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