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  1. Copper10-8 - You can probably polish that halo a little and it will be back to normal!!!! Cherie
  2. All great memories. Sorry, I thought you had been on WC segments of more than one cruise line in 2020. You have certainly had amazing experiences. And, I'm sure, many more in the future. Cherie
  3. Wow. Thank you so much for this post. This type of behavior would make me want to put my finger down my throat and gag. There were several posts on 2020 HAL WC blogs where "entitled" behavior was observed and the observers burst out laughing. You seem to take segments of more than one WC voyage and that may be the "ticket." It's such a special experience and not everyone can repeat it. Thank you again for your post, Cherie
  4. REOVA and Cruise NH, Thank you for these posts. I am one, of possibly many, who follows the HAL WC and the WC of other lines. When we take our first WC I don't want to be treated like a second class passenger because we are not "known" to the crew. I think it wonderful that crew and passengers develop a relationship but not at the expense of "newbies." TheInsideCabin gave a wonderful live report from their first HAL WC and they have been on others. It was nice to see that they did not feel like fish out of water. Thanks again for your posts that welcome all crew. Cherie
  5. There is quite a difference between "enduring" and "endearing". I am using the word "hoodlums" as an endearing term which I use frequently. We all have our association with words. Cherie
  6. Actually, YES. I use hoodlums as an endearing term. Previous comments have been made that FO clientele may not welcome Americans because of their behavior. I find most Americans to be delightful and I use the word "hoodlums" as an endearing term which includes fun loving, adventuresome, and interesting. I do not consider "hoodlums" to be thugs or criminals. You, of course, are welcome to use the Webster Dictionary definition. I am not fond of stuffy individuals that consider themselves superior to anyone who is not like them. And, as I ended my last post JMO Cherie
  7. Possibly with the purchase of the HAL ships FO is expanding their marketing and welcoming hoodlums from the U.S.A. It seems like a win-win for FO. They are making many in their current market happy with the new ships and broadening their marketing horizons. Sounds like a profitable purchase to me. JMO Cherie
  8. I am not sure why officers of any ship would give confidential information to a guest or another employee, even if they are 5* or President's Club. Confidential is confidential. Haven't most of us been asked about information we possess that we are not at liberty to divulge? I find that commendable. JMO Cherie
  9. Rotterdam, If you are the same Rotterdam who posted on the Fred Olsen CC site, you would not be caught dead on either the Rotterdam or Amsterdam. But it's nice FO has ships you like. Cherie
  10. RuthC, Thanks for your reply. Itinerary, atmosphere, and culture on board are good reasons to consider a ship. I think that there is so much food and so many venues for eating on ships that I'm sure I could find something. Thanks again, Cherie
  11. RuthC - Would it matter to you what "redecorating" the ship had gone through? I have thought for years about a WC on the Amsterdam because of the ambiance passengers reported. I think your reasons for possibly trying a Fred Olsen cruise are good ones and the bonus would be a cruise on a truly "classic" ship. Cherie
  12. You might want to read threads re refunds on the Crystal CC site. It seems HAL is not the only cruise line doing this and possibly losing future passengers. Disappointing to those who are treated with little or no respect for their business. Cherie
  13. Thanks to Copper 10-8 and the other posters that keep us up to date on the Amsterdam's journey. That's a pretty long trip from Singapore to Cyprus. An amazing journey. Thanks again, Cherie
  14. Thanks John. As much as I love room service, I think if I were confined to a ship for months I would be ready to hijack a tender and take it for some figure 8's in the bay. I hope you are also staying healthy and safe. Cherie.
  15. I'm hoping that the climate improves and they are allowed a bit of time off the ship. Cherie
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