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  1. I hqave never been to Normandy and I am very excited to try to connect on the best possible excursion to and from Normandy from our docking at Le Harve. Any recommendations. Sailing on the Crown Princess next May. Thanks in advance
  2. Heading to Hawaii - hopefully - in 18 months on this cruise from Hawaii. Looking for typical information/services for laundry on this to ship to help build my travel budget. Thanks in advance for your help. Dave
  3. Looking for any information on the cost and service provided for laundry being done on board ship. Trying to get an idea of costs for my travel budgeting. Thanks in advance. Dave
  4. Thanks Kat. We are going two. One on the Crown Princess to the British Isles next summer (I hope) and the Konigsdam from San Diego to Hawaii in January 2022. Thanks, Dave
  5. Hey, looking for some help. As we are planning two long cruises - over 12 nights each - in the next 18 months, I am trying to figure the approximate costs of packing lighter and having laundry done on the ship rather than luggingmtoo many clothes with me. I am trying to get an idea of what the cost of the ship doing my laundry will be...I appreciate any feedback. Dave
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