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  1. I was in the same situation a few months earlier and had a July 2020 Wind cruise cancelled by Silversea. I made enquiries to Silversea through my TA. I was, like you, keen to make another booking as soon as possible with their FCC offer. While Silversea did not directly address the question, they drew my attention to the following terms and conditions (for 2021 sailings)-which is still on their website: “The FCC can be moved voyage to voyage towards any other 2020 voyage” “Once applied toward future cruise(s), the Cruise Credit will be rendered null and void” Quote: “If you cancel the new booking say in Jan 2021 with reference from your example, it will be as per our standard Terms and Conditions as of now. You may refer Here for the latest update on our “Cruise with Confidence” policy. My interpretation and that of my TA was that if you cancel the 2021 booking (or try to change to another sailing), the FCC is no longer valid because it is "null and void" and you would likely lose all your money, meaning the cruise you booked becomes binding and non-refundable. There is not even mention of getting another FCC back because it is not movable voyage to voyage. The alternative is if you are absolutely certain that you will sail on Silversea in the next two years you can get the 125% (or 110%) credit and use $1,000 of the FCC to pay the deposit. I have confirmed with Silversea that part of the FCC can be used as a deposit, and you also get all future cruise / early booking bonus. Quote: "For Future Cruise Credits received as a result of recent cruise cancellations, it will be accepted as the deposit (minimum US1,000) for the Double Bonus promotion" You can keep the rest of the FCC to see if the situation will improve, and only make final payments with the FCC at the last possible moment. If you cancel the booked cruise you will lose $1,000 pp instead of the entire FCC. I am sure if Silversea cancels the cruise some kind of arrangement will be made. I decided (reluctantly) to take the cash refund. Please let me know if this is incorrect or there are new developments.
  2. I was also just informed by my agent that my July 9 Reykjavik to London cruise on the Wind was cancelled, and that I will receive details via email later. Nothing on the website so far.
  3. It depends on the route you take and whether you intend to visit other points of interest on the Antrim Coast. We did this in 2017 with a private driver. On the way we took the scenic coastal route, leaving the pier at 9am, had a quick photo stop at the Carrickfergus Castle, and a second restroom stop at the Carrick A Rede Rope Bridge (11am, did not get on the bridge). We arrived at the Giants Causeway at 11:45 am, about 3 hours. On the return trip we took the highway A26 to M2, leaving at 2:15 pm and was back in Belfast by 3:30 pm. So if your only wish was to get to the Causeway as quickly as possible the M2 route will get you there in a little over an hour.
  4. There are a series of gangway type walkways that you will have to negotiate before you reach the tender. First you disembark the Silver Wind on the usual ship's gangway (quite level) onto the deck of the HMS Belfast, then walk a bit on the starboard deck aft. Then you descend a second walkbridge (inclined, no stairs) to a lower deck, move further aft and finally descend another gangway type exit stairs (well made, under cover) to reach the local tender (Catamaran). It is not difficult, but can be slow in single-file. I attach some random photos that show the process (2017, 2018) and also one of inside of the tender. The last exit steps were taken on boarding but they were the same stairs. Hope this helps. Leaving the Silver Wind Descend walkway aft Moving aft towards tender Last steps onto tender (Taken on embarkation) Inside of tender
  5. It was a free shuttle scheduled for 10am and there was no line up, but we were not on a Princess ship. Yes we took a taxi back to the ship, having wandered off into the Guiness Storehouse area. We did not have to wait too long. The fare was €18.5.
  6. I can add our own experience. We docked at Dublin on a Friday in August 2017 and took the ship’s 10 am shuttle to Merrion Square, arriving 10:15 am. It was a short walk to Trinity College. We had booked online tickets for the Book of Kells/Old Library for 11:30 am. We ended up arriving by 10:35 am. There was no one in line and they let us in with barely a glance at the ticket. So I suppose it is safer to book a later time of entrance.
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