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  1. hmmmm - sitting on the grass, huh ? - Thanks for that information !! 🤔
  2. Jim - do you know anything about the movies that are being shown on the Lawn Club ? - Is everyone seated outside ? - How is the screen set-up ? Thank You
  3. Thank you for this link !! - I just ordered them
  4. Following along - thank you SO MUCH for your posts and pictures !!
  5. Hi - we sail on (Sunday) the 26th also - plan on getting tested on Friday - before we fly out to Florida on Saturday Am going to make a couple of different appointments at CVS locations (in case one cancels at the last minute) as well as make an appointment at a local walk-in urgent care clinic
  6. WOW ! Just finished reading all of these posts ! We are scheduled to sail on the Sept 26th Equinox - (Sunday departure) Our plans were to schedule a test at the local CVS pharmacy on Friday - as well as try to do a "walk-in" test on that same Friday at a local "urgent care" facility as a back-up - since boarding date doesn't "count" those plans still seem to be OK (?) We fly out from Arizona to Florida on Saturday Now wondering if we should also order the "home test" also
  7. Following along - just a quick question - do you HAVE to get tested right before you board ? We are thinking of flying into Seattle the same day we board - and already have had our Covid tests done at a CVS Pharmacy just prior to leaving home (like the day before) Doing that for a Caribbean cruise later (Celebrity just required the "72 hour" test results) Thanks
  8. Still following along - have a wonderful trip ! - Looking forward to more pics and info ! (I have already started to pack, and have made appointments at the local CVS for the Covid Tests - even though we don't board the Equinox until the 9/26 sailing) -
  9. Looking forward to your posts !!! Thank You (we are on the 9/26 Equinox sailing - can't wait !)
  10. WOW ! - Looks great😀😀 Thank you again, for allowing us to follow-along with you Do you plan to have dinner in the Tuscan Grille anytime during the cruise ? Would love to get reviews regarding the food there - Italian or Steak ? hmmmm..... which to order ??
  11. 😁 So glad you are posting ! thank you so much We have an Aft Sky Suite on our September 26th sailing on the Equinox Was it very crowded in Luminae on the first day for lunch ? - What about for dinner ?
  12. Have a WONDERFUL cruise - will be watching for your on-board posts !!
  13. We received a phone call today from Celebrity (we sail on the Equinox on September 26th) She asked if we had been vaccinated (yes - we both had had both shots) and she advised us to be sure and bring a negative Covid test She did mention the "3- day" rule We have marked our calendar to make appointments at CVS on the Friday before we fly out to Ft Lauderdale on Saturday, to board on Sunday, the 26th Does anyone know if there is somewhere on our Reservation on the Celebrity web-site where we can see that they have recorded the fact that we have been vaccinated ?
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