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  1. Celebrity is offering something called Extend Your Stay - for cruises ending in Ft. Lauderdale - has anyone used it ? Thanks
  2. I've read where Celebrity allows you to purchase something called "Extend Your Stay" (in a few ports - Ft Lauderdale being one) Has anyone experienced that ? We have a late flight home after our September (still HOPING that happens !) Caribbean cruise Thanks
  3. Thank you ! (What a HUGE project - updating that worksheet !!) I just checked - FYI for this cruise - the aft-facing suite on Deck 9 was a total of $200 more than the aft-facing suite on Deck 14
  4. Thanks for all of the prompt replies ! Nice worksheet - but doesn't help in this case - Per Travel Agent: Category HA (Haven Aft Facing Penthouse) - Decks 10-14 is not listed; and Category H7 (Haven Aft Facing Penthouse) - Decks 9-12 is not listed (correctly) either (These are the two that we are looking at) The worksheet shows category H7 as a Forward Facing room ASSUMING that I am reading the worksheet accurately !! 🙄 (Pretty hard to keep up with all the category changes!) Someone posted something about the Getaway (or Breakaway) not having AFT elevators on ALL of the decks ?? I like the idea of staying on Deck 9, and walking down just one deck to take an AFT elevator ....
  5. Looking forward to using the remainder of our FCC's for a Transatlantic in April 2022 ! (Received a lot of FCC's for our canceled Transatlantic in April 2020 - re-booked for 2021- but still have some FCC's left and the prices look pretty good now - and lots of choices available.) Haven't been on the Getaway - but have been in many AFT suites (on the smaller NCL ships) and absolutely love them ! - Trying to decide which deck has the best balcony (although we realize it will be pretty cold crossing the ocean - but - oh well - still love those BIG AFT suites) 💘 Does anyone have any information on which deck would be the best choice ? THANK YOU
  6. Looking to book shore excursions for our April 2021 (!) Transatlantic - to replace the April 2020 canceled cruise. Have read ALL about the very, very long bus trip from Le Havre to Paris - and still THINK we might want to see Paris. The one and only review of the Ship's shore excursion talks about the first 2 hours in Paris were nice (albeit they had to take pictures from the windows of the bus) the review goes on to say that the bus "had to park in a really out of the way (2 hour walk to and from) any major sights - very disappointed" Question: does anyone else have experience with this tour ? Does anyone know exactly WHERE the bus dumps you off for 2 hours - can you take a taxi (or a have a tour guide meet you) from there into the city and back ? Does anyone recommend a private tour guide that they have taken from LeHavre to Paris ? THANK YOU !
  7. Yes - have indeed looked for options for 2021 - Celebrity only shows a March 2021 for 12 days on their web-site for now...with a very similar itinerary - that won't work for us - (already have a transatlantic booked for April 2021) Some TA's show some 12 day cruises - but none that are EXACTLY the same - Our current Sept 2020 booking is for 11 days) My notes to myself is that if we want to book the "great deal" - same cruise - same price - same promotion - we need to do by August 1, 2020 - so will make a note on my calendar - and (I guess) contact Celebrity on July 31st !
  8. I really can't believe that they would REQUIRE passengers to wear masks ! Guess we will all have to just wait and see 🙄
  9. Seems like every cruise ship we've been on has a special sale - $10 for all Bijoux Ternere items Usually on a sea day - stuff is spread out on tables in the MDR
  10. Just wondering what everyone's guess is - we got a super great deal on an 11 day Southern Caribbean cruise (R.T Ft. Lauderdale ) - booked a year ago Sail date is September 14th - Sure would LOVE to go - but only if most of the ports are open !! 🤞
  11. The funniest thing was a few years ago - our waiter in the MDR introduced us to his assistant waiter - who was "in training" - Hubby and I each ordered a glass of wine - then placed our dinner order. I had some sort of a pasta dish - the "in training" assistant waiter approached me - winding the Parmesan grater - and asked if I wanted freshly grated Parmesan on my pasta - I said yes - he leaned over - and very carefully - grinding the grater - scattered finely ground Parmesan cheese right into my wine glass !! Our waiter just about fell over - he was SO Apologetic - and that poor guy in training - didn't see him again the rest of that night - but he welcomed us bravely back to our table the very next evening 😀
  12. Well - I put something in my shopping cart, and started to "but it" and still didn't see anything called "coupons and credits" (or whatever) anywhere Thanks, anyway - guess I better call my Travel Agent 🙄
  13. We opted for the FCC - and already spent most of it booking another transatlantic in April 2021. We are supposed to have about a $1,200 balance remaining. Can anyone tell me WHERE I can see that balance ?? THANKS
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