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  1. My original post was not about having a tub or not - it was to try to find out if the tubs on the S class ships are as horribly HARD to get in and out of as the M class ships Yes - I want a tub - but one that you don't need a ladder to get in and out of....actually - we prefer a separate tub and shower... Thanks to all that posted
  2. Sky Suites are much smaller that most of the Haven Suites - bathrooms have shower/tub combined The restaurant for suite guests on Celebrity is MUCH nicer than the Haven Restaurant WONDERFUL HUGE choice of "Specialty" restaurants on NCL instead of just a steak house, italian, etc. on Celebrity
  3. Looking forward to cruising again !! We were on the Millie - in a nice Celebrity Suite a couple of years ago - loved the Suite - EXCEPT for that AWFUL HIGH, HIGH, HIGH bathtub ! (many different reviews re: that) - Anyway - booked on the Equinox for a Caribbean cruise in September 2021 (hopefully !) - (this replaces a canceled one from September 2020) ... Can anyone tell us if the tub on the Solstice Class ships are closer to NORMAL height ? (MUCH easier to climb in and out of than those on the Millennium Class ships ?) This probably sounds like a dumb/silly question to anyone that hasn't experienced the tubs on Millennium Class ships - appreciate hearing from anyone with first-hand experience - trying not to have to pay for upgrade to a Royal Class suite... Thank You !
  4. We are starting to look at cruises out of Galveston - on the Vista - some pretty good "deals" being offered now ! Haven't cruised on Carnival for a long time (have been spoiled in various types of suites on other cruise lines.) Started to book a GS category - until I saw that in the bathroom - there is a "tub/shower combo" (???) Question: Is there a category (on the CCL Vista) that has a SEPARATE (preferable big - but...) shower from the tub ?? Thank You
  5. Thanks for the post We are just used to flying in the day of - when the ship is departing on the West Coast - done it many, many times.... Of course - that we "pre-Covid" !! 😀
  6. We are still optimistic that our Alaska cruise - R/T Vancouver will take place - August 2021 ! Starting to look at air travel possibilities - as far as arriving into YVR - it looks like we can take a flight that arrives at about noon the date of departure - and head directly to the ship (wonder if Celebrity will still offer "USA DIRECT") For returning home - it looks like a flight that departs YVR at about 1:00 PM would work ???? - Or do we need to allow MORE time (Have been to Vancouver many, many times - so really don't want to spend "additional" time there this time !)
  7. Yes - thank you for the great idea ! Dessert from Luminae delivered to our cabin is now on my list !!
  8. El Crucero - Here in Arizona - we are going for a record (I think it is 39 days) number of days that it is at least 100 degrees ! Today the high is forecast to be 107 Times like this, we miss living in Pismo Beach California !!
  9. We are booked on the Jade for the TA in April 2021 (HOPEFULLY it will sail !) in a Category SN - Aft Penthouse with Large Balcony As long as we still get to eat breakfast in one of the speciality restaurants, we will be happy ! (our favorite suite perk !) We rarely use the Butler - sometimes the concierge to help make reservations
  10. My stage 3 Kidney failure was diagnosed in 2017 - Right kidney removed in November 2017 - we have been on at least 6 times since then - and looking forwarding to our next cruise (hopefully a TA in APril 2021) HANG IN THERE !
  11. I love all of the posts - makes me miss cruising even more ! We have been used to cruising about 3 or 4 times a year - luckily we managed to get in a cruise in early March - just before everything shut down I guess what we will do as soon as we cruise again (hopefully a TA in April 2021) is simply relax and enjoy being able to cruise again - watch the waves from our aft balcony - and do lots of nothing !! -
  12. We are still hoping to be able to cruise on our TA April 2021 (re-scheduled after the TA in April 2020 was canceled) We have already applied the FCC's from the canceled cruise to the 2021 cruise. (even had some "left over" credits ! )
  13. We totally agree - I hope that the cruise-lines will make it VERY CLEAR what the guidelines on-board will be - BEFORE we actually commit to the cruise (So we can cancel) - If we have to wear a mask - we won't cruise - even though we really, really, really miss cruising !!
  14. I simply cannot believe that cruise ships will sail again with a REQUIREMENT of wearing a mask !! What kind of a vacation would that be ?? (Just my 2 cents)
  15. THANK YOU for this (well written) post ! I agree......
  16. We were scheduled for a Transatlantic to sail in April 2020 - which, of course was cancelled. We requested, and received (took about 1 month) 125% FCC. We quickly used part of that FCC to book another TA in April 2021 - with all of the perks - even had about $3,000 left over FCC - used to partially pay for an Alaska cruise in 2022 We've booked a couple of ship's shore excursions (Iceland) and also some private tours with ToursByLocals (all fully cancellable - which, I sure hope we don't have to do !) Air travel booked using Frequent Flyer miles Trying very hard to be optimistic that by April 2021 this mess will all be settled and that we will be able to sail
  17. Oh - I forgot about that ! - Seems that I did that once - several years ago and I had to wait for a long time for them to be delivered - but - will certainly try that again - thank you so much Ha ha ha - a "waffle maker" ???
  18. I read somewhere that you can use your (hair) flat iron to iron your clothes (well - sort of) 😀 Has anyone tried this ? - What brand/type of flat iron Thanks (I know this sounds like a trivial question during these trying times - but still optimistically planning on cruising - next booked one is in December )
  19. We have a cruise booked for December 6, 2020 - Final Payment due in August - totally agree that if the thermal spa is closed - pretty much a deal breaker - You mentioned that you will be calling to extend the due date - is that possible ??? I have never heard of that Thank you
  20. Just some more (very) wishful thinking here - we had to cancel our September 14th cruise (since the current no sale runs through Sept 15) bummer - Our next one booked is a short 1 week out of New Orleans on December 6th - sure hope we get to go ! Then the next booked cruise is an April 2021 TA (replacing our canceled April 2020 TA) - I am thinking better odds on that one ! Stay safe, everyone 😀
  21. Posting this just FYI: We were owed a total of $1,530.00 from Celebrity (long story - change in room) - Credit showed in our account on-line - as a credit due Call to Celebrity on Jun 2nd - were told "total amount of credit will be issued against form of payment used" (our Credit Card) - information sent to Credit Card company today " On June 28th our credit card showed a credit from Celebrity in the amount of $1,318.78 - I tried to calculate just how that amount was determined - to no avail... Then on July 2nd our credit card showed a credit from Celebrity in the amount of $211.22 Grand total = $1,530.00 ! ta da !! 😀
  22. Here is our story: Our April 2020 TA was cancelled - we got 125% FCC (we had not yet purchased any kind of insurance from anyone) We booked another TA for April 2021 - used most of our FCC - no problem - Same room, same perks still had a $3,000 FCC - just used it for a short Mexican cruise in December (hope we get to go !) - no problems at all (we use on-line discount Travel Agent) Never told we HAD to have insurance
  23. We were booked on the 11 Night Southern Caribbean September 14, 2020 from Ft Lauderdale ---- no 11 night cruises next year that we could lift and shift to (only 12 night cruises) - we waited until that cruise was cancelled - and received 125% FCC - which totally covered our 12 night Caribbean cruise in 2021 - with a little bit left over - turned out to be a good deal ! 😀
  24. OK - Yup - trying to stay optimistic (while also staying realistic) Thanks
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