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  1. Not that you will catch me cruising on the Edge - it’s way too big for my taste, but you can add me to your list of people who annoy you, because I will be using my phone, or most likely my tablet, on my cruises. Why how I choose to relax is any of your business, I don’t know. Don’t look at me if it’s that much of a bother. And just an FYI, I’m old according to the calendar, not thinking. I look to the future, not the past. Don’t understand why the late Steve Jobs is getting blamed for all this. He wasn’t alone in bringing forth new technology.
  2. I have always considered gratuities - on any cruise on any ship - part of the cruise fare, like port charges and/or taxes. I prepay them and forget them. Over and done. I have never even thought about removing them. We tip extra to those we deal with on a more frequent basis throughout the cruise - cabin steward, dining staff (we generally find a service group we like and request their section), and bartenders. We do this at the end of the cruise - cash in envelopes. Quite frankly, I don’t understand this quibbling over it, nor the gnashing of teeth over the subject. What the cruise lines choose to call this charge is semantics. It’s a fee, and we pay it. Viking river is pretty specific as to where the money goes. I assume it’s a similar distribution on ocean. I agree with Peregrina651 that it’s splitting hairs and cheap. That’s my opinion, but the OP asked for opinions. I really don’t understand why people ask. It’s pretty much a dead horse that just keeps getting beaten and people do what they want anyway. Just an aside. We have never had less than stellar service on any of our Viking cruises (2 river, 2 ocean so far)
  3. Sounds like a way to get people to pay veranda prices for what is essentially an ocean view room.
  4. This is disturbing to me as well. We are sailing on the Sky in September for our Trade Routes cruise and I’m really looking forward to it. We have the North Sea and the Bay of Biscayne to traverse and I don’t think those are waters you want to have propulsion problems in. Plus the itinerary covers a lot of territory and I’d hate to have to miss multiple ports because of ship issues. Weather, I can understand - nothing to be done about that, but at the price of a Viking cruise, I expect the ship to be in top working order!
  5. I very rarely have a pocket and when I do they are usually shallow. Not something I would trust my key in. Women’s clothes don’t have pockets also because designers think we should carry POCKETbooks 🤣. Very few of us want to bother with them unless we have to. I generally have a camera at all times and I just don’t want the extra thing to carry. Nor do I want to fumble for the key in a purse. A lanyard is perfect for me!
  6. I wear a watch on one arm and a bracelet on the other. I do NOT want a Disney bracelet! i prefer my lanyard or my purse. I would hate it if Viking switched to that.
  7. Exactly! We were so happy with the cabin, we keep booking that level - and so it’s costing us more for each cruise. Of course we don’t have to but we’re spoiled. We had a tiny veranda cabin On Azamara with a bathroom the size Of the closet on Viking and it was making me nuts!
  8. OMG! As others have said, the PVs are wonderful! Do be aware that this upgrade could cost you big $$$$. We got an upgrade on our first Viking Ocean and have been booking the same cabin since 😝. It’s so roomy and you have lots of storage. Instead of a narrow space at the foot of the bed, there is a lovely credenza under the TV with drawers and shelves. We had 5101, so I can’t help with the noise, but I’d advise taking it and bringing earplugs. The parts of the World Cafe over the cabins are carpeted, so I can’t see noise being a problem. Go for it!
  9. I always use a lanyard on cruises. I have nice ones I got in Michael’s the arts and crafts store. We got plastic pouches from Amazon. You can leave the card in the pouch. It works on the door and when you leave or enter the ship. I always know where it is
  10. I have an iPhone & iPad and my husband has a Windows based laptop, so that’s not our issue. I really disliked the Android OS, so I’m all Apple except for my PC, and I will probably switch to a MAC when MS stops supporting Win 7.
  11. We had this issue on our Eastern Seaboard cruise. I wanted to check prices on the Viking website for a cruise we were interested in before we met with the future cruise rep. I couldn’t get the US site only the UK site with prices in pounds. Not much help We even tried using our VPN but we still got the UK site
  12. Very nicely done! I will be watching for the next installment! We are doing the Trade Routes cruise next and we end in Barcelona. We have also done 2 cruises on the Viking Sea! Nice to visit a friend 😍
  13. If you have questions about Bermuda, I can help. I run a rather large group on a social media site we’re not allowed to mention here. I have lots of contacts and what I can’t answer, I can find out. We did the West Indies Explorer in 2018. We booked that later flight around noon. We had a leisurely breakfast, then hung around in the Living Room until 9:00-9:30 am and we didn’t have to rush. Worked out well for us. Enjoy your cruise!
  14. Our reason for booking with Viking for extensions that involve trains is that they take care of the luggage. I’d rather spend the money, than be carting luggage through train stations and up into trains and worrying if there will be room for it on the train. I don’t overpack - at least by my standards - but I’m not packing my needs for a 2 or 3 week trip into a carry on. I do not do laundry on vacation, nor do I trust a third party with my clothes. In these cases the Viking extensions are worth it. When our trip will only require getting from the airport to the hotel and from a hotel to a ship, porters and taxis work fine!
  15. No, but the attraction for this train is that it’s one of the high speed bullet trains - not sure about the bullet train designation, but it is a high speed train and we have none of those in the US. The tracks are not in good enough shape!
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