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  1. Thanks! That might help with the tuna. I could eat his without having to give up my beef 😆
  2. I know you are all trying to be helpful, but no one is really answering my question. We have eaten at the Chefs Table before, and enjoyed it. We liked the wine pairings and the food and the atmosphere. We know it’s a set menu. I’m not the fussy one, so there’s no need to lecture me about trying new things. There’s no need to tell me to eat in the MDR. I’m aware of the options. I’m just trying to have the opportunity to eat at the Chefs Table, and have my husband enjoy the meal also. He will try new things, but I have to find a bit of information so he knows what he’s getting into 😁 These are new menus for us and I am just trying to find one or 2 we can both enjoy. Spiciness is not the issue. I’m just trying to find out what is in the Hot and Sour soup. It’s not something I’ve eaten, so I can’t describe it to my husband. I was hoping to find someone who had eaten the Viking version who could describe what’s in it. I did a Google search for recipes, but they are very varied.
  3. It's not so much the spiciness I'm concerned with - oddly enough I can stand Asian food spicier than Maxican. I'm concerned with that is in the Hot and Sour Soup. Although it's only the Amuse Bouche, so it may not be worth worrying about. My husband only eats tuna from a can 😄 If he sees that there is pink in the middle, he's not going to eat it. so I thought maybe they could help us with that course. The rest looks wonderful!
  4. Thanks - the beef looks delirious, but what can you tell me about the Hot and Sour Soup?
  5. Now I'm looking at the dinner reservations for Chef's Table for our upcoming fall Eastern Seaboard cruise. I think I will book the 2 Chef's Tables we are allowed, but I'm not sure which one we will do of the four shown on MyVikingJourney for our itinerary. My husband is a fussy eater, so it's always a challange. I'm looking at La Route Des Indes and Xiang. On the first, I'm concerned with the Spicy Tuna Tataki - I would like it, but my husband won't (at least I don't think he will). I have heard - though we have never tried, - that you can get 2 of the entrees - which is beef. If that works, I'll eat his tuna and he can get a second helping of the beef. On the Xiang, I'm concerned with the Hot & Sour soup, but it's only the Amuse Bouche, so maybe not an issue. As much as I like Chinese food, I've never had it. I looked up descriptions and recipes and there's tofu and eggs in it - neither of us eat those. Has anyone done these 2 menus who can describe the courses? Can you tell me what is in the Hot & Sour Soup and is it true you can order another entree?
  6. I can’t compare Viking to Regent as we haven’t yet sailed with Regent - though I have been looking at their itineraries. But I can tell you about our experiences with Viking. We have done 2 river cruises, 1 ocean and are booked on 2 more ocean cruises with one coming up soon. On both river cruises, we booked our flights through Viking, paying the $50 pp fee for Air Plus and the $100pp deviation fee to come in early. We have found the Viking Air people a bit easier to deal with than the ones who answer the phone when you call for info, though that might have been the luck of the draw. For our first river cruises we were novices. It had been years since we’d been to Europe and we had no experience with booking flights involving multiple cities. At the time we, wanted to fly out of Newark/EWR on United because we were mileage club members with them. I did look at potential flights so I had an idea before we talked to them. We booked economy knowing we could upgrade to premium economy and were able to get non-stop flights at decent times. But the more we thought about it, we wanted business/first. This trip was a retirement gift to ourselves. I called back and we were able to get the same flight over, but the return would involve Air France to Paris/CDG. I started doing more research after we booked this arrangement and I heard horror stories about changing planes at CDG. I found a non-stop flight to NYC/JFK - doable for us, but not a preference. I called again and we switched to that. We ended up on Delta for both flights and we were perfectly satisfied. When we booked the flights for our Grand European, we were working with a TA, but again I looked up the flights I wanted. We were able to get the ones I wanted going over but I was looking at Delta flights operated by Delta. Viking offered the same times but they were code share with KLM - new experience for us. And the return flight from Amsterdam to NYC involved changing planes in Munich. I was not flying east to go west, so I found a direct flight which was also Delta/KLM. It cost us an additional $125, but it was worth it. This cruise included “free” air. The upgrade to first was $3000 pp. I checked the prices for these flights and if we booked on our own they would have cost in the $7000 range. For our first ocean cruise, I booked the air with Viking and the price was $45 pp from EWR or JFK but Air Plus was not an option. I asked why and was told that there were very few flights available - from the NY airports to San Juan, Puerto Rico. I said, you’re kidding me, right. The rep didn’t quite get it. Flights from NY to SJ leave once an hour 😝 Anyway when it was time to book the flights, I asked again about Air Plus and the answer was the same, so I cancelled and got our $90 refunded, plus an “air allowance of $600. Worked out well. For our upcoming ocean cruise from Montreal to NYC. We only need a 1 way ticket, so I just booked it on my own. I should have asked if there was an air allowance! As far as excursions, we book a mix of included and optional. My husband doesn’t like the “panoramic” bus tours, which is what the included frequently are. We usually book the walking tours. I’m attaching a file with the excursions we are considering for our upcoming cruise. Should give you some idea of pricing. Most of the nicer ones seem to be in the $90 to $100 range or thereabouts. Well I thought I was. I downloaded it but I can’t find it. I’m on my tablet, not my desktop computer. I’ll see if I can find it and attach it to another post
  7. This will be our second Viking Ocean cruise and our 4th Viking Cruise - we have done 2 river cruises with them. We really enjoy the overall Viking experience and we are looking forward to this cruise. We enjoyed all the restaurants. The CT is a bit of an adventure, because my husband is a fussy eater. And yet he enjoyed the Sweet and Salty menu we chose the last time. Are your friends in the roll call? I’ll say hello!
  8. Thanks! Maybe we will try that one as well! We did the Sweet and Salty on our last visit there and we enjoyed the whole experience. There is another Xiang that has caught our interest. We get 2 advance reservations with our Cabin category, so perhaps we will try this as well. The Mexico one seems interesting also, but one of the courses is octopus (at least I think that’s what pulpo is). I don’t particularly care for it and I know my husband won’t even try it 😁
  9. I think they are doing this menu on our cruise. I thought it sounded interesting, but how spicy is the beef? I don’t mind a bit of a kick, but I can’t eat anything really hot
  10. Our window opens July 18 but right now we only have 4 or 5 sample menus. Will that change in the next week or so? They all sound good to me, but my husband is not as adventurous when it comes to eating. There is one of the Asian menus that appeal to both of us.
  11. Our last Viking cruise was last spring and we were in a DV cabin so we only had 1 reservation available for each restaurant. For our upcoming cruise this fall, we are in a PV1, so we get 2 reservations and an earlier window. We didn't make reservations ahead for the Chef's Table, but waited until we got on the ship and could see the menus. We did the Sweet and Salty menu and it was very good. We'd like to try something different this time, and I read somewhere - don't remember where and a search didn't help - that the menus are now available to see when you make your advance reservations - and you can see which one is available which night. Have any of you done the reservation process recently? Were you able to see the menus and which nights they would be offered?
  12. Thanks so much! I’m thinking we can live with that equipment as long as the rest of the view is clear! I hope he is okay with the pole. Knowing it’s towards the foot, sounds more manageable. I hope they left the loungers after the revolution. So many changes. Some sound good - others not so good. One of the reasons we like the aft section is the extra walking so we can burn some calories from the good food. Looking forward to Luminae! Thanks again!
  13. Always have a nice pedi for sandals on a cruise. I hate that noise too, so I’m careful when I walk 😁. I wouldn’t wear them in cooler weather, but I do love them for warm weather cruises like the Caribbean.
  14. I don't have a lot of experience with any line other than Viking and Carnival (no comparison at all), but we recently did a cruise with Azamara - a first time for this line. I wrote a review on the Site that Shall Not Be Named, and I was going to post it here, but I hesitated posting it on the Azamara site. I know I will be shredded to little bits because I did not have the same opinion of their favorite line. I'm just not in the mood for a shredding. So this seems like as a good a spot as any. If I'd posted it in a separate thread, the title would be "It's Not Viking!" 🙂 I will say first off that we thoroughly enjoyed the cruise. The ship is lovely - it is small, so the rooms are small and even though there were only 690 people, sometimes it felt a bit crowded - especially in the buffet. One of the things we love about the Viking Ocean ships is that they never feel crowded. There's lots of room to move and just be comfy. The food was mostly good - some big hits, a few misses. I wasn't impressed with the service for the most part. Perhaps it's because I read so many people raving about the service, I expected something over the top. They often seemed distracted. They would say they would get cheese for pasta or more wine, then you would see them chatting at another table and either forgot what you wanted or returned long after what you wanted was needed. We felt the service on our Viking cruise was very attentive and I thought the food was a notch better. One of these days we will sail on Oceania so I can find out why people rave about their food. I got the feeling that they pay a lot of attention to regular Azamara cruisers, and not so much to first timers - which stuck me as odd, because one would think they would want to make a good first impression. We had no interaction with the officers - something Azamara aficionados brag about - other than a brief chat with Eric, the CD, in the elevator, and I think he gave me his cold, though on all fairness, he was not the only one sick on this cruise. And one sort of chat with Heike the hotel manager, who stopped by our table to chat with an Azamara regular - she mostly ignored the rest of us. In all fairness - it's not a reason I would choose a cruise line, but it's something we'd heard great deal of talk about. The ports were great, the trivia was fun. Our cabin was small, but it worked for an 11 day cruise. It was bigger and nicer than the photos. There were a few very young children that were not a bother, and no photographers or annoying announcements. We ate in both specialty restaurants (which we had to pay extra for), and both were excellent. Better service, there than in the MDR. Azamara also charges for internet and for drinks other than what is included on a kind of complicated list. If you ask for a mixed drink, you have to check the list and ask for the included liquor or they will make it without and charge you. We got an upgraded package because we had OBC. Both people in the room do not have to upgrade or take the same level upgrade (they have 2 levels). Unlike Viking, they do NOT include Wifi (and it was pricey!), nor do they include any excursions - which were also rather expensive. We loved the 2 night stays in both ports. The Azamazing Evening - one of their touted included perks - was great fun and so well organized - I was impressed by that. We did not do the White Night party - another touted event - because our Bermuda visit was cut short due to a storm between there and NY. The WN conflicted with something we wanted to do in Hamilton. We don't do shows - we prefer a cover band and the one on Journey was excellent. We went to see them after dinner each night in the Living Room. Drink waiters there were attentive and they have all sorts of good snacks and desserts at various times, and an afternoon tea with scones to rival those on Viking. We spent a lot of time there, because it was a bit chilly for the pool and there was always something going on. One thing we found ourselves saying a lot was, "It's not Viking!" - and thus the title. We just love Viking, but we try to give our bank account a break in between Viking cruises - which are more than the Azamara cruise. This cruise wasn't cheap, but we didn't get a big room, and we didn't have to fly or stay over before or after. We had some OBC, that our TA was able to get for us that covered some things Viking includes, but Azamara does not. Again - to be fair to Azamara - I don't think I would have noticed the service issues as much if I hadn't read so many rave reviews from Azamara regulars. I'm sure they are not aware of it, but they do the line a disservice by raving about it so much. We would absolutely sail with Azamara again. I think I'd splurge for the Club Continent Suite because you get specialty dining included, and of course - more room. Or we would go with the veranda we had and get a dining package, because the specialty restaurants were really that much better than the dining room. I actually preferred the food in the buffet, but we like to be served for dinner. You can do that if you sit out on the Patio Grill, but we never managed to try that. We did eat lunch there and the service wasn't great there either. They do have gelato - and it was very good. I'd say comparable to Viking. Viking's is creamier, but Azamara had some really creative, and very tasty flavors. So in conclusion, Viking stays at the top of our list, but we would look at Azamara again. We would also give Oceania a try one of these days.
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