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  1. Arno More info for you - Giuseppe Jay Moschella is off on his vacation from Reflection. He states on his Instagram page that he will return as CD on Reflection on 1st November 2019 and will be aboard from then until the beginning of May 2020. Keep up the good work. Has anyone information on who will be captain aboard Solstice at the end of November 2019?
  2. Arno Just for your records - Maarten is on his way to Hawaii to take over from Lewis on Solstice.
  3. Now have confirmation that Lewis Power Stannard will finish his current contract on 23 September in Honolulu. Maarten Breuls will be taking over as CD for the 23 September 17 night Tahitian Treasures Cruise which means you should have him aboard for your trip in October. [Attached screenshot from Maarten's Instagram account today]
  4. Looks like Lewis Power Stannard is completing the Alaskan trips then taking her from Vancouver to Honolulu on 13th September. By then he will be well over the normal tour of duty length so should be replaced there but so far no word on the wires. If we hear anything we will post back. We will be aboard early December - leave her in good order, please! Enjoy your cruise whoever you get as CD.
  5. Not really what we wanted to hear but we will just have to make do. We had been expecting Captain Tasos and his famous donuts in Milford Sound then his engineering lecture to a full audience in the theatre but he's off to pastures new! Many thanks for the information.
  6. We are aboard Solstice in December and have heard that the captain will be Nikos Frantzis. Anyone got any knowledge of this gentleman?
  7. Richard Spacey was a great one for changing socks - he has now retired from CD and is running a gym near Southampton.
  8. Your CD on Reflection for the British Isles trip will be Guiseppe Moschella aka 'thatcrazysicilian'. Enjoy your trip - the weather is a bit mixed at the moment!
  9. Strange one as CD Simon (Akinwolere) has just posted on his Instagram that he is now CD on Eclipse!! Can confirm from her post that Lauren is now on vacation.
  10. New style double ender from Viking [actually Viking Jupiter passing Viking Sun - Cromarty Firth]
  11. Viking Jupiter on way past Viking Sun - Cromarty Firth
  12. Viking Jupiter about to pass Viking Sun - Cromarty Firth
  13. ....and here is a new style cruise liner. It's like the pushmipullyu from Doctor Doolittle!! [Viking Jupiter on her way past Viking Sun]
  14. Just watched Jupiter eclipsing Sun today in the Cromarty Firth, Scotland as Viking Jupiter sails out past the berthed Viking Sun.
  15. Arno, Just to let you know that Cruise Director Lewis is back on Solstice. He posted a video on Instagram wearing his England football shirt. He will be very sad today after the U S A women beat England last night 2-1!!
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