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  1. Oooh, I LOVE these sorts of packing challenges! Here's what I would probably bring from my wardrobe -- hopefully, it'll provide a jumping off place for your own ideas. I'd probably try to stick to 2-3 colors -- given what I own, that would probably be gray, black and an accent (green or purple), but you could also do black or navy and khaki easily. * Jersey LBD which goes to mid-calf. * Long, loose linen trousers * Plain-colored and well-fit hiking pants that can double as regular trousers in Rome * Ponte knit ankle trousers (these are great for dressing up and down, and good for walking) * 3-5 solid colored t-shirts, preferably longer length and tri-blend (dries faster and packs smaller than cotton, but feels the same) * 1long sleeved t-shirts or base-layer * plain black zip-up fleece * Packable water and wind-proof jacket (I have a Marmot Precip that I adore, it's plain enough to look sort of fashionable and the pit-zips changed my life...) * Fancy scarf/pashmina/shawl * Light cotton scarf for covering hair/arms in churches * a nice pair of walking flats * a plain colored pair of hiking shoes (I'm partial to trail runners versus hiking boots, but it's all down to you and your ankles!) * socks, underpants and bras as needed * a bunch of costume Jewelry to dress things up and down as needed. * a really epically cool pair of sunglasses, and maybe a hat. You're going to have plenty of chances to pick up cool scarves, jewels and other accessories in Morocco to dress your plain stuff up on the cruise, so it's probably smarter and more fun to pack light and shop than it is to try to be completely self-sufficient. You could also add a light cardigan if you get cold easily.
  2. We brought waterproof mattress pads with us on our last cruise where this was a problem, which really helped. The cabin stewards arranged for them to be laundered the one time that needed to happen, so I didn't wash them in the sink. Either this was a fairly normal thing, or the cabin time was just completely chill, but it was not in any way a problem for them. This was Carnival, in 2013, though, so it was a while ago.
  3. I'm going to disagree with everyone else here and say that you're probably going to have trouble unless Mom has some sort of ID connecting the name on the birth certificate of the children with the name on her current ID. Her birth certificate is absolutely no use, because it it's only proof of citizenship and not ID and there's no definitive connection between the person on the birth certificate and her ID. Your divorce decree might work, if it mentions her maiden name. Or, if your kids have had passports before it's possible that the Passport Agency (not the post office) can check the records and see if the document was presented then. Otherwise, I'd write to the state in which you got married and see if there's a way to get an expedited copy of the marriage certificate. If you don't have it, they'll probably put the kids application on hold until it's provided. The State Department takes two parent consent issues very, very seriously -- as they should! -- so they need to be sure that the person in front of them presenting ID matches the person on the birth certificate, or they can see a paper trail to match them up.
  4. Oooh. I have a friend who wrote an entire short story about how the "Honey, I washed the Kids" soap smelled so delicious that it could be used to facilitate dating and better customer service. (Yes, really. No, she isn't insane.) I might need to order that new bar shampoo.
  5. I like to get my hair cut and my nails done so that I feel pretty when we're on vacation. Alas, this time we're on a compressed schedule, so I have to recover from jetlag and get my last pre-LASIK appointment done so I can get my eyes lazed the day after we get back. *sigh*
  6. The only worry that I would have (and this was my same worry with my NT kid at age two) is that a lot of the railings on cruise ships are shockingly far apart when you're looking at it from the perspective of a mom of an escape artist/two year old. We spent a lot more time indoors than I'd anticipated because I was terrified my littlest would end up tumbling through a railing. Otherwise, I think it could be a lovely vacation and hope you enjoy it!
  7. For our kids, we like the balance of family time and what we call 'introverting' time when we're on vacation. We're almost always doing activities all day and cruising (with the exception of sea days) is no exception -- so our kids will be with us all day doing tours and exploring ruins or whatever we're doing. When we get back, we find that everyone really needs some down time to relax and do their own thing. That's when the electronics come out, or our more sociable kids will go up to the kids club for some time without their parents. Then we can do a family dinner, maybe a boardgame or a show, and an early bed-time. So, keep 'em busy, find things to do that everyone will enjoy, but don't overthink it. A couple of hours of playstation with a new friend in the kids-club sounds like a totally reasonable break to me.
  8. The one vacation where we had a Norovirus outbreak was a land trip through Spain with friends of ours. She wasn't feeling well, but she's got a touchy stomach anyway so we figured it was that... then we all got sick, one after the other after the other. Including my then 5 year old. While he had a miserable time of it (he as most acutely sick on a day when we absolutely HAD to travel; there was an soccer championship in the city we were in, and no hotels to be had for love or money, so we had to drive to our next destination, four hours away, with a wretchedly-sick kiddo in a rental car...) he actually bounced back MUCH faster than any of the four adults on the trip, who felt dodgy for about a week.
  9. What gorgeous pictures! I showed my son and he jumped up and down and did a little dance of happiness. 🙂 (And I'm very glad to hear about the difference between Curacao and Jamaica -- if I suggested going back to Jamaica, I think I'd have a family-wide revolt on my hands. I loved it because the work was interesting, but it was a hard place for our family to live.)
  10. Uniqlo also has some lovely ponte pants that look like slacks, but wear like heavier yoga pants. They're ankle length, but wash really well -- they're one of the few pieces that is a staple of both my work wardrobe and my travel wardrobe.
  11. Right, but if you are stuck overseas is the Consular Officer at the Embassy or Consulate going to be able to recognize and accept it as a proof of citizenship without a birth certificate in order to replace a lost passport? If you have a passport or a passport card those records are in their systems and it's much, much easier to get your emergency passport and be on your way.
  12. The EDL is probably sufficient to travel, but I'd be wary of relying on your EDL and not carrying your birth certificate. The EDL is not a State Department issued proof of citizenship, so if you get stuck overseas and only have an EDL you'd still need some sort of proof of citizenship in order to get an emergency passport to get home. That could mean waiting until someone overnights your birth certificate to you, in an extreme case. (Whereas if you lose a passport card or a passport the State Department can check their own records to verify that you've been issued a passport before, which can help confirm that you're a citizen in order to get an emergency passport.)
  13. Yep, very normal in Jordan. I believe they're required to secure tickets for you to Petra.
  14. Probably an EU adapter -- per RCCI's website there should be both types of plugs, but not the type G UK ones with three plugs. You could use a US adapter, but then you'd need a transformer. The EU kind are easier.
  15. ...because it's my job? That's only semi-serious, but I have a job that moves us around the world quite a bit and we want to take as much advantage of that opportunity to explore and experience different ways of living as we can, especially while we still have kids at home. I grew up looking at pictures of castles and pyramids and mountains and thinking I'd never, ever see them in person. It took until college to realize that I had the power to pick up and go, and I haven't stopped since. I hope I never will.
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