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  1. Our cruise begins when we've successfully survived the flight (and customs and border protection). I can't believe I used to find air travel romantic when I was younger... *sigh*
  2. If getting a new driver's license is too much of a pain, you can always apply for a passport card through the mail with the Department of State. Passport cards don't work for international flights, but they are RealID Compliant Government Issued Photo ID for domestic flight purposes.
  3. Isn't this what one of those two bottles of wine in your carry-on is supposed to be for? Embark, explore the ship, unpack, have a drink and relax...
  4. Agree with everything posted above. It sounds like it might be the green card that is tripping you up -- remember that a green card is just permission to reside as a permanent resident in the US, it's NOT citizenship. So your friend remains a UK citizen and should follow all the visa rules applicable to any other UK citizen. The only time the green card comes into play is when she's entering or exiting the US. Hope that helps!
  5. There's a cholera vaccine available similar to Ducoral, but hard to find. I've been pestering my doctor for it and while we both agree that I'd be a great candidate (when I get GI sicknesses, I get very, very sick and I stay sick for a very, very long time) she can't order just one dose and there aren't enough people in the practice to use up the rest. I did find it in the travel clinic back home for $250 + the visit fee, so maybe next summer?
  6. We're board game geeks and traveling with the family, so we'll almost certainly bring: * the travel version of Settlers of Catan * Cards against Humanity * Lord of the Fries/Gimme the Brain (kids fav) * A couple of decks of Munchkin I'm considering getting one of those progressive games of Pandemic, but I'm not sure we'll have enough time for it.
  7. I don't understand why you wouldn't -- your doctor has pointed out that catching typhoid is a possibility because of where you're traveling, the vaccine is inexpensive and the disease is unpleasant. Seems pretty clear to me.
  8. Last name, email address and WhatsApp/Google Voice number. Basically, I want to make it as easy as possible for someone to find me and get my bag back to me.
  9. If they don't like board games, they don't like board games... but if you haven't tried the new-style board games, it might be worth looking into things like Pandemic, Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, etc. that might be more up their alley. Otherwise, we might be able to be more help if we knew what kinds of things your kids like.
  10. If you're docking in Jordan, you'll be fine. It's when you're crossing the land border (to/from Israel, Egypt, etc.) that things can get a little dodgy. I suspect the cruise line people just meant that sometimes there's a wait to clear everything with Jordanian immigration before passengers can disembark. Might want to doubt check with people in the departure forum to see if there's usually a delay, but your tour guide will probably be prepared.
  11. I feel ya. My best friend's wedding was in the UK, and being an international school alum, she had people flying in from all over the world. She made a separate WhatsApp group for those of us who were from the UK or the US but lived in the middle east to make sure we could coordinate our need for bacon, alcoholic beverages and cheese around the wedding events. It was MUCH appreciated.
  12. There are certain vacations that also qualify for reimbursement -- rest and recuperation trips, etc. and would be reimbursed along the same lines, so the fact that the OP said "vacation" rather than "work" doesn't seem odd to me. What does seem odd to me is that you're so angry about someone asking a (possibly stupid) question on a board for people to ask questions that you felt the need to post a four paragraph discussion about how you're taking our ball and going home rather than presuming positive intent and just scrolling on by...
  13. OP, I get where you're coming from and suspect that we might be working for a similar type of employer. My job will pay to get me home from an overseas job, but that's benchmarked to the airfare (often on a particular airline, route and ticket type.) While I could normally book something different (Drive or train versus flying, stopovers, etc.) and make them pay the airfare amount toward that while I paid the rest, it gets a little tricky when you're talking about food, etc. being added in, because they're not allowed under our travel policy to pay for those things for more than like, the one day it would take me to get home while flying. I've never been asked to provide the cost breakdown on my own before, so I assume someone in my organization has some fuzzy math that they do to figure this out. Another option would be to subtract your company's food, meals, etc. and lodging per-diem rates from the fare, and presume that everything else is transport which I suspect is ultimately what my job does. It means that they end up usually paying much less for the cruise that they would for equivalent airfare, but something is better than nothing. I also have to take vacation days for all the time I'm in transit that exceeds normal flight times, which is as it should be.
  14. Passover is in the spring, so I don't think you need to worry about that. Perhaps you were thinking about Hanukkah? If that's the case, the Jewish folks on your cruise will likely organize something small and low-key. If you ask out of a spirit of respect and openness, I'm sure they'd be willing to let your participate.
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