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  1. Editorial revision to my post above: "We only use standard cabins which are too small for us on the Mariner on extended cruises." Again, the "F" cabins on the Explorer or the Splendor are magnificent for long voyages.
  2. We've done 18 regent cruises including the Splendor's Maiden voyage (a TA), 6 on the Explorer, and 5 on the Mariner. Here's MY OPINIONs: Until the Splendor cruise, the Explorer was my favorite ship BUT Splendor is a great improvement on even the Explorer. For cruises with many sea days, Splendor can't be beat. For itineraries with lots of shore time it still would be my favorite. The "F" cabins are great value! We use only standard cabins which are too small for us on extended cruises. For 7 to 14-day, scenic cruises, like Alaska and Norway, I'd prefer Mariner and probably also Mariner for rough seas (although Explorer handled very rough Pacific seas off Mexico extremely well). On our Recent Mariner cruise from Tokyo to Vancouver, we enjoyed the Mariner's stability and outdoor viewing areas. ps: Mariner is DW's favorite ship as long as it has the large shower instead of a tub.
  3. Unbelievable! Regent refund for our Deposit on 01/20/2021 Explore cruise from Auckland to Hong Kong. We canceled on 6/17 and were advised deposit would be returned within 90 days. Chase said refund was made on 6/23; I didn't see it until this morning. Mixed feeling - happy to get money promptly but it reminds me of our "lost" cruise.
  4. Yes, so many enjoyable experiences. Our best ,New Year's Eve EVER was on the then new Explorer via the Panama Canal. Our last Regent cruise, our 18th, was the Splendor's "Maiden" voyage - Magnificent - beautiful ship, great weather, terrific shipmates and Regent went all out and made it truly memorable. Next cruise is July 2021 on the Splendor in the Baltic with our youngest grandchild; can't come soon enough!
  5. Other Posters recently mentioned a Regent “Explorer Exotics Issue” brochure. Mine ( DW’s really; she also get’s birthday cards from Regent) arrived yesterday. Yes, it’s a marketing ploy with lots of the standard Regent stuff but I thought that it was a terrific read. I went through it in the late afternoon as I sat in our back yard under our new tent watching the sun go down. Far from a six PM visit to the Observation Lounge on a Regent ship but I had a tall glass of Pinot Grigio (my usual first Regent alcoholic quaff of the day) but, alas, with Triscuit crackers instead of Regent canapés. The brochure has about a dozen interesting articles about places we’ve been, are booked to go, or may never see ( as yesterday, we cancelled our early 2021 Grand Voyage). In her introduction, the Regent Creative Director” opined: “In some small way, I hope this issue offers you some needed space to dream of the places you’ve longed to visit…..” – It sure did for me. Thanks Regent. Our issue arrived via our TA.
  6. Yes, hundreds of them - they just Don't charge fees! You'll be amazed at the number of talented, congenial folks with top-of -the line cameras that willing to take photos of/for you.
  7. "Our ideal cruise would be sailing along the Western European coast to see Bordeaux for the wine, stopping in NW Spain for the end of the Camino De Santiago, and anywhere in Portugal." Yes, a magnificent itinerary. We have done it twice both from London to Barcelona in September. Love to do it again but probably in May, or so, when the seas are maybe calmer and from Lisbon, if offered. Oh such pleasant memories!
  8. Yes! A few years ago, we decided "no more cars and no more house renovations; we will cruise the world". Last week, a beautiful tent and colorful planters went up in the back yard; a fire pit is on order - and we haven't even got our refunds back yet.
  9. I agree. No One knows "when", "where", "how" or even "how much". We took the 125% for a Regent-cancelled July cruise because of probably unique personal circumstances - we want to cruise (in summer) with youngest grandchild, a teen, while we are able and he is young. Otherwise, I would have taken the cash. I don't intend to give Regent, or any other travel company, any significant money until things are a LOT clearer.
  10. We, in the U.S., also took the "125% FCC" for a July 2020 cruise cancelled by Regent. We had a specific July 2021 replacement cruise period in mind. Out TA showed me a "screen shot" of our Regent account that indicated separately for DW and I: our FCC Account No.; our SS Society No.; the the 100% FCC amount, the 25% FCC amount; date of origination of the FCC; and the "sail-by" date of the FCCs (31 Dec 2022). From what I read on FAQ on the Regent website, Regent holds the info electronically and doesn't send us any copy. Our certificates were initiated on Monday, May 25th for a cruise cancelled on May 20th and we made the FCC choice on Friday, May 22nd. I am also interested in late 2022 itineraries as a backup to the July 2021 cruise but I don't forsee having any reliable info for quite a while.
  11. I recently reserved for 1/20/21 Explorer for 47 days (yes, "Hope Springs Eternal); had an impossible time on Chrome. Went to MicroSoft ("Bing"?) browser and sailed through in less than a hour - Yes, I prepped via the Regent E-mail list.
  12. Our favorite cabin(s) depends upon the itinerary. We have done 18 Regent cruises: Splendor-1 (magnificent) in E; Explorer -5 in E, F1 or F2; Voyager-6 in F or G; and Mariner-6 in F aor G. The F1 and F2 are terrific and very good value. The E cabins are good value (for us) on Splendor and Explorer AND where the embarkation sites are distant from the airport and/or the ship. There are lots of personal considerations in choosing among the cabins mentioned. We found the F and G cabins "tight" but enjoyable during SHORT cruises on the Mariner. The Mariner is VERY stable even in rough seas and has wonderful public spaces. As a "bad sailor", I find NO value in paying more to be on a higher deck. So, I have never chosen a D cabin.
  13. Had our 7/17 Explorer cancelled by Regent. We elected the FCC option. Regent calculated about 5% of what we paid to be refunded to our two credit cards on pro-rata bases of how much was charged to each card. The rest was marked as basis for computing the separate 100% and 25% FCCs.
  14. Thanks Mark Mary and I (and grandson) took the Regent "match" offer of 18 days on Splendor in July 2021 for the cancelled 18 days on Explorer in July 2020. We got, at NO extra cost, the same #ed F2 cabin plus SS discount, $1000 SBC, and the "15 days cancel" option. Hope to use "25% FCC" bonus to defray a separate G cabin cost for our adult grandson (subject to him passing the Texas bar exam). Took some work by our terrific TA to get this done - we're "Happy Campers". Look forward to a report on your 2021 Iceland adventure; it's still on my "bucket list". stay well, Jim C. Ps: Two friends who are terrific Trivia players are joining us (hope they let me join them; Mary is a shoo-in).
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