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  1. If you file the claim with the correct information and within the time frame required you will always win. One of the reasons Princess is saying wait 60 days is to possibly put guests outside of the filing time period.
  2. If I had to bet I would bet that Carnival Corporation, will have some ships operating to the Caribbean in November. It will be a limited number and nowhere near the whole fleet (103 +/- ships). Cannot say Princess will be operating but I believe they will be one of the brands for Carnival Corp that will operate. It makes sense for them to do short Caribbean cruises to test the waters....close to home (Corporate) and easy to control. We have had two cruises canceled already, have our next cruise July 7th out of Australia..... believe it will cancel....and our next Princess Cruise after that, December......believe will cruise. *****Just my opinion*****
  3. OK so let me see if I understand this... Through fraud you are booking a cabin for a friend. You want steal money from Princess Cruises and once booked you want the cruise line to be happy about this and just change the room cards around. You are not family members, as you stated "friends cruising" so not about moving family members around. You also want to also change the ship board accounts. Then you come here and want to involve site members in your conspiracy to defraud Princess Cruises? You also want to break the rules of the site: Illegal Activities Cruise Critic prohibits the discussion of illegal activities including (but not limited to) the posting of pyramid scheme/chain letter/make money fast-type information, as well as any activity that is considered against the law,.... The Princess host should remove this whole thread.
  4. The CDC is the federal Government, sorry you do not understand that fact. The state of California could not block the Grand from docking, they had to agree as the Federal Government through the USCG has control of all ports in the end. Sorry but your information is just wrong and not based upon facts , Admiralty Law, or Federal Law.
  5. In the end Governors do not control port closing. In the United States it would be the USCG and the Federal Government. Maine can ask but hey can be over ruled. The same as Florida was over the last few weeks. If you remember the Governor of California said the Grand Princess could not dock, and what happen over ruled by the Federal Government.
  6. The company that put this together deals with cargo ships. But if a port does not allow crew changes or crew off the ship in most cases it will be closed to cruise ships so it is helpful but not 100% accurate for cruise ships. The Wilhelmsen group operates the largest maritime network in the world, with over 2200 locations worldwide They provide products and services to over half of the world's merchant fleet, along with crew and technical management to the biggest vessels at sea.
  7. Even if you can book it the cruise will not be on the Enchanted Princess. The ship is very far behind becasue of Covid-19 and the shutdown of the ship yard. With Princess looking at put half the current fleet into cold layup they are in no hurry to take delivery of another ship. Besides because of Covid-19 I believe they will be making some changes to the ship. So when it is sailing they can claim safest cruise ship in the World. Changes to Air systems on the ship, changes to the dinning on the ship with a major redesign of the buffet areas. Some cabins set aside as isolation cabins.... I do not see the Enchanted Princess sailing in 2020.
  8. Royal can apply for any trademark they want....But it means nothing unless the regulations through SOLAS are changed. And even if SOLAS changes the regulations countries like the United States through the USCG must approve of the changes. The USCG can still require the current muster drills in US Ports.
  9. The ships uses bunker fuel HFO or heavy fuel oil, 2 Boiler units feeding 2 x General Electric turbines producing 24,500 horsepower driving the Shaft.
  10. It is a win win however it goes.... if the cruise sails we have a good cruise.....if it does not Princess gives us more free money.....We will keep booking as long as the offer cruises, if canceled just book another one.
  11. The Philippines is hosting no less than 10 ships now, about 5 are Princess Ships with more on the way.
  12. Our next cruise is July 7th from Sydney. 69 days until boarding....if the ship sails.
  13. She has been pulled out of New York as the ship was not needed. Never more than 15% of the beds used during the time in NYC, but still costs US Taxpayers millions of dollars. Overall a very big waste.
  14. You will have a good trip on both dates. In October the north will be well past peak, many trees will have no leaves. But the color towards the south will be much better. Both are great trips.
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