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  1. So far only Princess. We will have to see in the days to come. I think they all need to pause. Hey everyone, let's go back to talking to our kids, playing board games and watching the 1000 channels of tv with nothing on. We can do this! We will survive until we can again cruise!
  2. What are the options to getting there on your own?
  3. Sailed on Davina in January. No problem bringing my flat iron.
  4. Our cabin steward refused to remove the items in the mini bar. He said they would get charged if they were removed. Made the fridge useless.
  5. What was your original room type?
  6. You're bringing powder creamer then? I can't imagine that they allow a bottle of half and half?
  7. The one time my DH entered and did not win. He was the harriest of the men. I sware he is related to Chewbacca! The guy who won, was an elderly man with much charisma and rocked the crowd. When my DH volunteered for it, I could not believe it. It was so out of his norm. He is not the "look at me, see me shake it" type. He did have a great time and took home a medal that we still have. I have video too, if I ever need to use it! He was a celebrity after that as we passed folks in the halls. "Hey, you're the guy who should have won the hairy chest contest!"
  8. We used http://rissalena.com/ on our whale watching tour last year. No problem getting off ship and doing independent tours unless time in port is VERY limited. You have to do your part and line up ASAP for the tender and make sure you are back and waiting for tender back on time! No need for scare tactics. Some people should never do an independent tours. Others, who can watch time, limit alcohol, and be back to the ship will do just fine. Know yourself and your limits. Cabo is a great port for independent tours! Far off ports like in Alaska, or possibly Europe, maybe go with the ship provided tours.
  9. We also will be embarking on Jan 12th. Our posted time to board is 1PM. We plan to arrive right around then. I hope not too much delay getting off as we need to head to hotel, do laundry and next day board another cruise. Have a great trip!
  10. I recently booked with MSC after final payment. I did the status match and was matched to Silver. The email the sent me said I qualified for 5% off my cruise to contact my travel agent. I booked directly through MSC. I emailed them back stating this. I got an email saying since my cruise was already paid, I could not get the 5%. Which is correct?
  11. You have two options here, possibly three. Option 1.) Cancel your MSC cruise and forever go on wondering how it could have been. Option 2.) Go on your MSC cruise with an open mind and have (possibly the time of your life). Option 3.) If you go with option 2 above, there is a good option to have an UP sell. Take it if it's that important to you. If it were me having to make the decision, option 2 would be my choice. My DH and I will be getting on the Davina in 10 days. We are going with an open mind and happy because any cruise is better than being at work! Come back and let us know which choice you made and how it worked out for you!
  12. I like magnets. I have started buying small items that are particular to that port. In Roatan I found a small wooden hand carved sloth and I added a magnet to the back when I got home. This is the way I am wanting to do my magnets from here out. I am tired of finding made in China on the back of them. I also have a small turtle carved out of a piece of stone that I really like. My hubby has bought coffee at some of the stops. Magnets don't take up as much room :)
  13. Are you on the Jan 12th Davina? I booked the same fare.
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