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  1. Name on site must match your booking. They can change it no problem . but you can also open new account for yourself with different mail.
  2. Me too. I saw Royale Private Island and it would give me nightmares and we do have kids LOL
  3. Next time someone complained here about worst cruise ever and terrible MSC customer services I will give them a link to this post and to post how "good" Princess handling emergency situation. Crew members never been tested and never been quarantined. How Princess planning to quarantine them after all passengers out of this death cruise?
  4. We can only guess here . but for sure this nightmare will be in medical books and we will see a movie about it. I wonder what Princess planning to do with this ship after all done? And I wonder how they re planning to quarantine crew members after?
  5. OMG . This cruise ship is a nightmare . Looks like it's not a droplet virus at all. how all those passengers could get sick sitting in rooms?
  6. Does any other cruise line keep points forever? MSC should not give status for people who never cruised with them but they do. Every company has own rules take it or leave it.
  7. I will later.I am at work now.
  8. that's a bull .No virus survive in cooked food or alcohol.
  9. We visited OC in December -second ship on island. Island is beautiful and probably the best one compare to other private islands. Night entertainment is amazing . What coral will take years to recover and how its affect visitors? There was no coral or any other life it was garbage island and thanks to MSC it will be changed with coral and wildlife.
  10. I don't understand why no food and alcohol allowed?
  11. since Youtube become so popular I don't read any reviews any more on any forum. I just look what people film almost without even listen to them and I make my own decision if its my place or not.
  12. Are you suggesting that Americans who travel on MSC are more demanding than Americans who travel on RCL or NCL? T not at all. Some Americans generally demanding too much. On our Celebrity cruise one lady was so upset with X because she got wet under the rain and X did not organize crew members with umbrellas to walk people round port. "It's Celebrity not Carnival after all " exactly what she said.
  13. Many Years ago I called agent in Toronto asking to book me Costa cruise . She picked up 15 min argument that I don't need Costa, I will not love it and I should book Princess. I told her we cruised on Costa and we love it very much ,her response was priceless- "you must be european" . Since then I didn't use any agents .
  14. Its likely that every one of us has experienced a situation where we've seen an American not get their way and immediately demand to speak with a manager. Good case scenario . From our last cruise 1. MSC start removing belongings of cheirhogs in pool. We came to pool at 9 am and saw 4 seats taken by the pool with one of them had a carry on luggage on it.. We just had a good laugh and took different seats. Around 11 pm crew member removed luggage and around 12 pm one very "polite' american came and start screaming his head off in pool . After crew member explained to him the rules he start screaming even more and calling him as idiot demanding manager . 2. Our next door neighbours sat every evening before dinner on balcony and to talked what is wrong on this ship. It was like "or no salt today on our table in Buffet , I had to take one from another table" , "I had to wait 5 min. for my water " or" we had better steaks in Army" ( I am very proud of US Army by the way now ) ect ect . They never said anything good ,nothing. 😢
  15. It's not a ship , it's a concept of cruise line and customers . I don't like Divina for example but I keep cruising MSC . Costa Atlantica had a worst reviews on this board but it's still a best cruise we ever had and NCL Spirit had a perfect reviews on this board. Reviews are helpful when they are open like Jimms review not when someone call ship layout "weird" because he can not found way out or something not like he used to it.
  16. Really? Become offended over 1000 reviews from people on CC who can not even spell ship name properly or because they think good food and good pizza it's what they have in Pizza Pizza? I think NCL has worst food, ships and service but I am not sitting on NCL board and not searching reviews about them and I will never go with NCL again even for free. I tried it myself once it's more than enough for me I don't need any reviews.
  17. We spend most of the time outside the ship in Europe and eat most meals ashore .So for Europe I would go by ports- price combination . There is no self laundry on MSC ships and I hope never be one.
  18. We all can ask for whatever we want but no way they don't change cover between customers. . In same pattern you can say they don't change bed sheets at all. so what you say your cover on Celebrity and RCL was wrinkled or stained and used by other customer ? Wow those lines should be avoided by all means .
  19. Actually, due to basic hygiene concerns it appears top sheets are making a comeback, even in Europe. Duvet cover goes to laundry same way as top sheet goes and changes same time . There is no difference at all it's just much more comfortable to use. It's made out of same material so "skinsells" go on blanket same way.
  20. We did it twice and twice they open door at 7:20 . Took about 20 min to walk to curb.
  21. Walk in port? Good luck with that .
  22. you just need to leave the ship. You may walk together with your group or by yourself. There is no walk around in port or mall ,you will have to take taxi to city.
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