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  1. The Norwegian website is hinting that cruising will start soon. Return to Sail (ncl.com)
  2. My wife, who is actually quite intelligent, asked me that same question on an Alaska cruise. Considering that the mountains in Alaska go right to the sea, it does feel like you should be at a higher elevation. I did my best to not laugh at her though.
  3. My first cruise, a Pacific Coastal in May 2005, second stop was San Francisco. The most fun was sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge, most of the passengers were on the deck, applauding as we went under the bridge, and people on shore waving to us. Lots of special moments since then, but that one still sticks out.
  4. I'm guessing that the ceremony is pretty tame compared to what my father told me about the same ceremony on a Navy ship during WWII.
  5. I can read about the virus and get myself worried, I can read about politics and get myself mad, or I can read about cruising and look forward to (I sure hope) going on a Hawaii cruise in October. For the sake of my sanity, I'll take the third choice.
  6. I had a Pacific Coastal Cruise on NCL for April 2021 that I booked pre Covid. I'd been sending in payments monthly so that it would be paid off before we go. My bride and I decided that it would work better for us to do a Hawaii cruise in October 2021 instead, so cancelled and booked the Hawaii cruise. Now, instead of sending money to NCL each month I transfer it to my savings account. If something goes wrong, worst case scenario NCL goes bankrupt, I have control of my money rather than NCL. With the current mess, it's best to be on the safe side.
  7. I used to be married to a complainer. After reading this board, I'm reminded why we're no longer married. My favorite was on my first cruise, May 2005. All the NCL ships now have the same, or similar, menus, but then I think each ship had its own head chef. One night at dinner, the soup was a lobster pumpkin bisque, which I'm still lusting over. Two ladies sat at the table right next to us, one ordered the bisque. I told her that was a good choice, it was great. She replied "I hope so, it's so hard to find a decent meal on this ship." Maybe her taste was more refined than mine, but
  8. My last cruise was western Mediterranean on the Norwegian Epic, October 20, 2019. In the middle of August I picked up a virus that didn't want to go away. It was getting so close to cruise time that I was checking what my travel insurance covered. I was thinking we'd have to postpone until spring of 2020, and I don't need to tell anyone what's wrong with that. Fortunately, I recovered by the very end of September. But then my bride slipped and fell hard in the kitchen, she thought she had broken something and we wouldn't be able to go on the cruise. Fortunately again, all that was hurt w
  9. I don't have a boarding ritual, but after this past year, as soon as I get on the ship I'm doing a happy dance!
  10. I want to thank everyone that's posted on here for these many years for giving me something entertaining to read for three days during Covid house arrest. I must go on the wrong (right?) cruises to have missed so many (mis)adventures that I've read about on here. My second cruise, the same one I wrote about earlier, was to Mexico, 2007. We kept running into the same people, and had names for them. The three most memorable were: REDHEAD LADY. At that time, the photos from the previous day were displayed on a rack in the photo gallery. Every time we looked for our pictures, there
  11. OK, I know this post is several years old, but I just found this thread and had to respond. My second cruise, November 2007, we get to our room and one of the suitcases is missing, there is a note saying there was a problem with one of our suitcases and to go to security to reclaim it. We get in line with everyone that was trying to smuggle alcohol on board, wondering what was going on. Only one person or couple was allowed in at a time, so when it came our turn we hear a buzzing sound. My dear wife said "Is that a bomb?" but the security guard was in no mood for humor. Turns out tha
  12. Make a list of important phone numbers, print it to have handy. These include all credit card companies. Norwegian Cruise Line, and probably all others, have a number to call in case of an unforeseen delay in getting to the ship. The American Embassy in each country you're visiting. I print this out rather than store it in the phone because a phone can be stolen or lose battery power. Maybe it's all overkill, but better to be safe than sorry. Make two copies of the front page of your passport. Have one with you, leave one with a trusted friend or relative. Don't post anything a
  13. Thank you for that information. I'm going to Hawaii in October, and I live in California, so if the requirement is still on then I'm OK. My sister is going at the same time, but she lives in Florida, so I've been wondering how she's going to do it.
  14. Most of you are probably aware that Hawaii is requiring a negative Covid test prior to travelling there. I recently found out that not just a Covid test, but one at a testing center approved by Hawaii, and they're all on the west coast of the mainland United States. Friends of my sister found out the hard way. Here is a link to the approved centers: Hawaii Trusted Testing Partners & Test Costs for COVID-19 (hawaii-guide.com)
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