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  1. I really like breakfast (and lunch) at the spa cafe. Give it a try!
  2. Our only Sky Suite experience on Celebrity was on Mercury which did not have Luminae, but we'll be sailing SS on Equinox in January so I am following with interest. I agree; serving cold caprese salad is silly. Really any restaurant on a "modern luxury" ship should serve items at correct temps but definitely the suite restaurant.
  3. I agree with your observation about vessel sinks! Impossible to neatly wash your face in one. I've really enjoyed reading your observations. We board Serenity in just over 3 weeks. I'm traveling with my mother- it's been nearly 10 years since we went on a cruise together although we used to do so frequently. These days I'm either with my husband, or husband and kids. Maybe we will join a dining table of 6 or 8 just for some variety in conversation! I am sure we will have fun either way.
  4. You are right- I stand corrected. Same concept still applies but not that category.
  5. I think of it rather as a "discount" in that you get to pay the next category down (as long as within same category.) So if I want to book C1 I get a "discount" to pay C2. Same idea but somehow seems easier for me to think about.
  6. These are all very good perspectives. Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and information! Definitely we'll appreciate the laundry and the internet discount.
  7. I have AmEx Plat and got the email within 2 hours of paying.
  8. Background: Reasonably experienced cruiser here- several cruise lines, with 5th and 6th (?) X cruises coming up. Until now I have booked SS, Concierge, or Aqua. Our January cruise is in SS but in February we'll try a veranda as we are a party of 5 and putting priority on value for this cruise. Just booked for 2021 today--- in a veranda again given party of 5. (When traveling with kids and family we are more likely to dine in the buffet than in a restaurant... Who needs Blu?) We will be "elite" by this time and so I broke out the grid to see what was covered by elite status that maybe I wouldn't need to pay for. To be clear, this isn't a complaint, just one person's interpretation of how the value of "elite" status looks to them. Above and beyond Select, the Elite perks that intrigue me are: -Priority tender service, where available (I hope everywhere) -Private shipboard departure lounge (Maybe my room is more comfortable? Don't know.) -Captain's Club cocktail hour (Intriguing but useless if you have a beverage package...) -Captain's Club coffee lounge (see above?) -20% (vs 15% for select) discount on wines above $40... (could be useful but if I already have a beverage package, seems limited utility) -30% off internet + 90 minutes free (yes! This seems useful. We did NOT choose the internet package for 2021 hoping this pans out for us.) -Care nothing about photo -Laundry pressing same as select (2 free items, I guess this is each... 4 items for 2 people for 12 days. Better than nothing but same as Select.) -One complimentary dry clean item (WOW! I have made it!) -Discounted bag of laundry (cruises 12 nights plus... thank goodness this one is but almost all of our cruises are 7 day thanks to work.) -Complimentary bag of laundry (Seems useful!) There are also some spa discounts and "match plays" for roulette etc (I don't know what that means so probably shouldn't use it...) Again, please understand, NOT a complaint... just an honest assessment of what it seems like the value of my tens of thousands of dollars has got me in terms of "loyalty perks" with X. Maybe I am missing something?
  9. Yes, edit much clearer, thanks! If only Celebrity could make it that clear on their web page!
  10. OK, pardon if I'm being a bit dense or just under caffeinated... How does the 20% gratuity work? We did not have any additional payments when we purchased a drink.... has something changed or am I misunderstanding?
  11. Sorry if this should be obvious to me, but it is not. Our last X sailing was November 2018. We had a premium beverage package. We did not have additional charges on each drink. We are just in the process of booking another Celebrity cruise and now have been told about the $14 per person per day service charge... ugh. However, in looking at the document on the Celebrity website advising what items are in each package, it also says at the bottom "20% service charge" for each check. Has something changed or is this the usual poor communication from Celebrity?
  12. We loved it. Our kids were 4 and 7. It was small enough to be personal, not overwhelming. For older kids who may want more activity/action I'm not so sure, but for our relatively lower-key kids it was great. NCL was OK. Disney was a zoo. They hated it.
  13. I’ve never felt sick like that but definitely a little wobbly sometimes . Those first couple of yoga classes back are really tough.
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