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  1. I've been told some people attach a candy bar to the cabin steward's cash tip. I also hear two opinions about the practice: It's a fun gesture (provided the actual tip is generous- a big Milky Way bar is no replacement for cash) Don't do it! It's condescending (they're capable of getting their own candy) and/or weird (you don't throw in a Hershey bar when you tip, say, the cab driver or the person who cuts your hair.) Do anyone do this? Unless I hear otherwise I'm leaning on the just leaving a cash tip, but maybe I'm being too cynical?
  2. Then I stand corrected. I'll have to give them another try the next time I'm there.
  3. Croissants are supposed to be made with butter (at least to qualify as a croissant,) but I think the ones on the ship are made with shortening. By "cookies" I meant the American/Canadian definition (the things the rest of the English speaking world call "biscuits.")
  4. It's all good. My only nitpick is that some of the baked goods (croissants, cookies) don't taste like they were cooked with much (if any) butter, but maybe it's my imagination. If you get up at sunrise, it's a nice, quiet place to enjoy the ocean view and your coffee.
  5. Has anyone else had trouble navigating their webpage and booking online excursions? I've been able to do this in the past, but recently it seems to get hung up on "processing" the payment information. I remember a note that the website was to be under partial maintenance last night, so maybe it's related to that?
  6. I sleep much better with a weighted blanket (similar to this one.) Will there be a problem getting something like that through security? There's no wires or electronic parts, but I'm concerned that the dense filling (and the fact that it's a relatively unusual product) will get it flagged as potentially hazardous.
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