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  1. I definitely enjoyed my one 11-night Maasdam cruise out of Norfolk. We were living outside DC at the time so it was very convenient, and my parents flew down from Massachusetts to join us on their first (but definitely not last) HAL cruise. My dad particularly enjoyed it because his first duty station after enlisting in the Navy was Portsmouth. The first and last days of cruising were among the rockiest we've ever experienced, sailing along the outer banks-- my first experience with seasickness, in fact. On the return, not only were the seas rough but there was a big storm syste
  2. Well, if we've been wondering whether HAL is trying to compete down against the bargain mainstream lines or up against the upscale/premium lines, we have our answer.
  3. I've been waiting for something like this to happen. It was a statistical certainty it would, given the false negative rate of the tests. If you keep testing hundreds or thousands of people you WILL get positive test results even if no one is actually infected. To me, I don't see why the second day's negative test results wouldn't be sufficient, but apparently the CDC considers any positive test result to trump any subsequent evidence to the contrary.
  4. Yes, that's exactly how we've done it--pick a sea day that is coordinated in advance with the roll call just like any other CruiseCritic meet-and-greets. Everyone brings a bottle, either a personal favorite or a local gem, and they all get opened for sharing. HAL provides wine glasses and light snacks. It's always been a nice mixer, and of course one bonus is that many folks who've never seen the inside of a PS except in pictures online get to tour one first-hand.
  5. Ever since we first sailed in a PS, we haven't sailed in anything else! Yes, on the ships that have the balcony hot tub, it gets just as hot as any jetted tub (and it's really enjoyable to sit in a private spa and watch the sea cruise by). And I also agree that it's great to share the PS experience with others--we typically host a CruiseCritic wine tasting party in our suite one afternoon which has always proven to be a great time.
  6. I love the analogy, @rkacruiser. We're all in the audience, watching this awful, terrible opera that just never seems to end, awaiting the "Fat Lady". A better question than who SHE is, is who is the show's director who keeps issuing notes in the middle of the performance, changing the script willy-nilly, and grabbing the hook every time the Fat Lady is about to take the stage...
  7. So if a Neptune Suite is $170k, how much is the Pinnacle Suite? Usually the PS is roughly twice the price of an SA, but I have to think they could charge almost any price they want and the PS would sell on a world cruise. And for all I know, they have a waiting list a few decades long for people lined up to book the PS (no matter the price). Does anyone here know?
  8. While the opinion of experts in any field is always appreciated, said experts (who may have spent several decades in a single industry) are often unable or unwilling to have an open mind to new ideas and new ways of doing things. The PVSA is obsolete. Period, dot, end of sentence. It may have made sense 150 years ago, and may still make sense for certain industries. But for cruises with thousands of passengers and thousands of crew members, it is obsolete, counterproductive, and ridiculous in the cost in exacts for no real benefit.
  9. Except that we CAN explain that, using fairly basic physics.
  10. I'm disappointed but not surprised to see a faction here labeling, with a ridiculously broad brush, those who do not agree 100% with them as "anti-vaxxers". There are a myriad of reasons why a particular individual may not want to get vaccinated, and the fringe "Bill Gates wants to implant a microchip in me" view is a very tiny percentage of them. Just speaking for myself, I'm not anti-vax at all and am in the process of getting all my family members who are eligible vaccinated. The debate in this thread is whether or not HAL should mandate 100% vaccination for their passengers (
  11. It's really sad, actually, how Dr. Fauci went from one of the most trusted people in the world regarding this pandemic to someone with no credibility. Once he was forced to admit that he didn't report facts regarding things like herd immunity percentages but rather his "gut feel" on what he "thought the public could handle", nothing he said after could be counted on to be impartial or factual. He really should resign and let someone else step in who can start with a clean slate, and who will state emphatically from the start that their role is to provide the scientific facts so that others i
  12. The young may be more valuable to you, but to me all lives are important. I just think it was pretty obvious early on who was at most risk from COVID-19, and we should have poured society's resources into protecting them (rather than drastically clamping down on everything or, in the worst cases, putting the highest-risk folks in even higher-risk scenarios unnecessarily). If new variants are of sufficient risk to other demographic groups, then we should work to protect them as well. But it is still a risk calculus decision. I feel very badly for parents of a toddler who died of
  13. I don't want to go too far off-topic, but my personal belief is that history will show the way the planet responded to COVID-19 was one of the most colossal blunders and failures of public policy ever. I was okay with a two-week lockdown to "slow the spread", and could get on board with suggestions to wear a face covering in crowded areas until the vaccine became widely available. At this point we've vaccinated the most vulnerable so it's time to just get back to life. Yes, some people will catch COVID-19 and some (very, very few) will get pretty sick from it and some (very, very
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