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  1. Sorry about that so everyone knows what I’m referring to apparently it’s a quote on my original post.
  2. Thank you. Also what was the power situation our last cruise on the Breakaway there was only one outlet. Thank you so much!!
  3. Great photos... is there a tv in the big bedroom? What about power outlets? Do we need a power strip?
  4. I use to love Cagney’s so much we would do it three times a cruise. This time the steaks were very tough. The service was slow and robotic. We will try it again in a September because a tough cut of meat happens.
  5. It did not always ding for us. It was about 50% of the time.
  6. We just got off the Breakaway so here’s my two cents... No crew member EXCEPT the bartenders were cranky or rude. The PBP is causing some bars to be slow but not all and I never had a 30 minute wait all cruise. The meals all were efficient and nothing other than teppanyaki (which is meant to take long) was delayed or slow. We went over spring break as well so it was sold out ofcourse. The only things we didn’t like were some r-rated game shows in the Atruim. There’s no Spinnaker lounge where these were always out of the way on the smaller ships. For the first time in lots of cruises the meat in Cagneys was not yummy at all. Moderno was amazing andI usually find it just so so. Enjoy..
  7. We’re in a family balcony. I put an offer for a Spa balcony at $150 . So only $100 discount off actual price
  8. We got denied 2 of 3 offers and haven’t heard on the other so ....
  9. No nothing... I understand what everyone is saying about the cruise appearing sold out. I don’t know if you watched it before than but it literally sold 40 cabins between 10 PM and 8 AM. It’s possible I guess but seemed weird. Guess we will find out soon enough. Safe travels.
  10. I have not but I called today to just pay direct to to balcony to mini suite and was told they are sold out? I find this odd since there were 15 plus last night at 10 pm...
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