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  1. For those who have sailed to Antarctica recently, what time has your ship returned and docked in Ushuaia? Early morning or mid morning? What is the earliest you've gotten off the ship and to the airport? Based on the flight times I'm seeing, getting back to Buenos Aires, AEP-EZE transfer, and making an international connection that night seems to be a long shot unless the ~10am nonstop flight out of Ushuaia is feasible. Anyone done this?
  2. Thanks for the review and great info. Were tender tickets handed out the morning of or the day before tender ports? Was there a long line for non-elites?
  3. Another member mentioned that GV Tours stated the boat they contract/use in Punta Arenas is no longer available for the season so all tours were cancelled through them for this specific tour. Other tour operators are still offering this tour so you can rebook with one of them if you all still want to go.
  4. You want to use the Activity Streams (Activity tab, then "My Activity Streams") section to achieve what you are asking now. Set up the filters to display your followed content with newest first and it will work. That's how I did it. You can then save the filter set and name it whatever you want. There is also a little check box next to the title at the top that will allow you to make it your default stream, which also puts a shortcut to it on the home page under the search box on the right. It works pretty slick and I love it.
  5. The ocean currents shift mid-year and bring colder, nutrient-rich water to the islands during the latter half of the year.
  6. Anyone know how late the cruise checkin desk is open in BA for Princess on embarkation day? The ship is there overnight so just curious how/if that changes the process and rules. Sorry if this has been asked before, as I tried searching and came up with nothing. Thanks
  7. End of summer/early Fall is a nice time to visit Machu Picchu and Peru in general. Shoulder season so smaller crowds and still great weather. We went in September and had an amazing trip. It's also still dry season in the rainforest so didn't have to deal with much rain/mud or many bugs/mosquitoes.
  8. Thanks for the great review and for sharing all the amazing photos! Super excited for this cruise next year :) To echo the above poster, we used the same company in 2017 and had an amazing 12 day customized trip. They took care of everything and it was nice to just go from place to place and enjoy our vacation without worrying about transportation and tour details.
  9. Thanks for the great review! Looking forward to this excursion next year. It looks like many of your Falkland photos encountered an error while posting. Any chance you could try them again? Would love to see the ones that are missing. Thanks!
  10. Few years ago (2013). Looks like things have changed in the last couple years. That's too bad as it was really convenient at the time. Sent from my iPhone using Forums mobile app
  11. When we did Harv and Marv's, they stopped at Mendenhall on the way back to the ship for about 15 mins. You could then leave to go back or stay and find your own way back on the shuttle or taxi. Sent from my iPhone using Forums mobile app
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