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  1. Of course Yellow Fever is much different as most know. That wasn't my point. COVID-19, because of both its consequences and its virulence puts it in a different category than the flu and when there are effective vaccines, I believe it may be a requirement for entry to many places like countries or cruise ships.
  2. Since the consequences and virulence of COVID-19 are dramatically worse than the flu, I expect the more relevant model is that of requiring Yellow Fever inoculations to enter some parts of the world and now, perhaps, cruise ships. Since spreaders can be asymptomatic, no pre-boarding questions or checks, including testing, guarantees that passengers don't arrive infected. Ms. Portolan and I will be availing ourselves of any and all COVID-19 vaccines as soon as we can get them.
  3. OK, I can't resist your comment about pirouetting (Dag maybe?) because it reminded me of Voyager meeting Navigator in the Med on a cruise in 2006 (same year as my earlier photos...it was a very good year!). Voyager pirouetted around Navigator and I took the picture of Navigator approaching below (first picture). Through CC, I connected with Ladd Borne who was on the Navigator and we exchanged photos of each other's ship. He took the second picture below of Voyager. I'm the guy in the tan shirt (6th person forward of the funnel). We also passed the Song of Flower on our first Voyager cruise in 2003...the only two times we've met other Regent ships at sea. I'll restrain myself after this post as, as I expect with most, we could remember sooo many great experinces!
  4. Many to choose from, but one which stands out was off Voyager in the Mediterranean: an evening reception at the Celsus Library at Ephesus followed by a classical concert in the Grand Theater. The reception was a Gold and above special event (back when those events were way more special due to fewer in the group). The concert was for all passengers on the ship.
  5. Dolebludger's operative term was "quickly." We've all read of the experiences which show that cruises cancelled by the curstomer before final payment (and without the FCC bonus offer) are refunded quickly (presumably because they involve less cash flowing outward). A real cynic would surmise that Regent's incremental procedures are to encourage longer interest-free loans to them.
  6. Since I started this thread, and even though it has diverged wildly from its stated intent (fortunately SusieQft's thread hasn't been similarly affected), I'll make my final post: Today (June 13) we received the last of 5 separate credit card refund postings (culinary kitchen classes, excursions, deposit, cruise fare minus port fees and taxes, and port fees and taxes) which totaled the full refund amount for our Regent-cancelled 4 May cruise. Refund request confirmed on 31 March with final refund credited today. 74 days. Just as an FYI for those still waiting: Regent is refunding the port fees and taxes separately from your cruise fare even though you (at least in the US) never received anything that broke those charges out from the cruise fare listed on your guest statement. The amount will vary--ours came to about 13%--and it will possibly/likely not show up at the same time as the other bits and pieces (ours arrive a day after the rest). Happy to finally get the refund since it barely posted before Regent charges the deposit for a new cruise we added this week.
  7. Well, it only took one more day for the balance to show up today so we have been made whole for our May cruise. SusieQft: thanks for running the spreadsheet. I think many are finding it useful. May I suggest, at least for my entry (and probably MadMarine's) that the delayed portion of the refund be labelled in the remarks as port fees & taxes to reassure others who have the same experience that when their cruise fare refund doesn't match what they paid, it's most likely the same reason for breaking it down into two separate refunds.
  8. Today we received 4 separate refunds for culinary kitchen classes, shore excursions, deposit and (presumably) cruise fare which was also 13% short. I'm assuming that might be port fees and taxes. It is ridiculous for Regent to be doing their bookkeeping in public. Port fees and taxes aren't broken out on our guest statement. They should be refunding the total stated amount for the cruise fare as one refund payment...it certainly was when we paid them. From the spreadsheet it appears that it took Mad Marine 10 more days to receive the missing portion of their refund!
  9. Well, I could have added that some of the more anal of us have also been directly checking the credit account daily which will show a pending transaction if any information has been received from Regent.
  10. Really? The refund isn't processed until it shows up, at least as a pending transaction, on your credit card. I expect many, like me, download their financial transactions daily using Quicken or the like and will know immediately when the refund has been registered with the credit card company. If the statement that refunds have been processed means that Regent folks have calculated and approved the refund and now it's with their accounting department, then it hasn't been processed by Regent. It's "processed" when it hits the credit card, and nothing less. This entire thread would have been irrelevant if Regent had just said up front that times were tough and that they would make full refunds "within 75-90 days" rather than "within 90 days" which was obviously never the intent or capability.
  11. Today, if my math is correct, it has been 90 days since the first group of Regent-cancelled cruises were announced (not those underway or cancelled at the time of sailing). If those affected quickly applied for the full cash refund, they should be within days of hitting the promised "within 90 days" deadline. Anybody in this group still waiting? SusieQft's spreadsheet seems to indicate that there are at least 7 (a not insignificant percentage) above the 85 day range...perhaps they've not reported their received refund.
  12. Well, if we see a return of travel to something tolerable, it could be just 6 months or so...but probably longer...
  13. Curious about how Chase will handle a refund transfer to us since we'll go negative on Chase Rewards. Since we use a Sapphire Reserve card (3 points/travel $), our cruise refund will cause us to go negative by about 80k points since we have a low balance of points at the moment. I hope that they'll just let it go negative and assume we'll make it good over the next few months. Anybody have this experience with them?
  14. I think Pcardad meant 90 days from your request for refund. You don't mention actually making a refund request, but I assume/hope you did. There is nothing that Regent could possibly claim about their stated policy which allows for it to take more than 90 calendar days from their acknowledgment of your refund request.
  15. Port charges and taxes are unique to the cruise you had booked and are also government-collected fees (US and foreign) so they have to be refunded as far as I know.
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