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  1. Nope, it is too good to be true, but it is. Processed as just a charge to your card since it is treated as an on-board purchase. Since I have no reason to think Regent is naive, this is just another "free" benefit you pay for with the cost of the cruise.
  2. Unless something has changed, this policy isn't limited to the world cruise. We have on many occasions taken advantage of this to draw money from reception. The limits was $400, but I don't recall if that was per day (unlikely), segment (I think it was this) or cruise (again, unlikely since they range from days to months). And, it isn't charged as a cash advance on your credit card (which would trigger interest), but just as a regular charge so no fee/interest if paid on the next billing cycle.
  3. Wow! Main issue seems to have been not maintaining the manufacturer's recommended oil levels in the diesel generators. Hard to imagine why they weren't following the manufacturer's guidelines. Most people do so with their cars. We'll be on the Star for the same itinerary in January. It says that Viking is addressing the oil level issues as well as other, secondary events/procedures. Hope so!
  4. If you are flying to Frankfurt from the US in business class, there are priority lines through security (but not customs). And, yes, it can be a long walk at Frankfort because it is a huge airport. Your path is well-marked by signs though. Actually feels good to loosen up after an overnight flight.
  5. And, unless it has changed, up to 30 days afterward. Of course, if they are still offering the $100 OBC for the current cruise when booking on-board, that won't accrue after the fact. Might accrue, but I'd check, if booked prior. No big deal to wait and do it early on-board (more time to use the non-refundable OBC) unless the cruise is selling so fast that you are concerned about waiting.
  6. Unfortunately, after abandoning the tradition of having Regent ships named in an adventurous spirit with Splendor, the next ship can only be named Magnificentor. They could even trademark it since it isn't an actual word.
  7. San Pellegrino for us. I think I'll add it to a special request I put in for a beer that sometimes don't stock. If they still are stocking San Pellegrino and my favored beer, they can just handle this out of stock. If not, they can procure it specially.
  8. Yeah, instead of "worst" it'd have to be "least wonderful." For us, the Navigator mostly because of lack of alternative dining venues. But, that wouldn't slow us down a bit if she were going where we want to go.
  9. I hesitate to weigh in here since we'd like the F2 angled balconies to remain a secret. But, since we're batting almost 100% on booking F2 angled balconies, I'll observe that they are desirable (to us) because they are not only a bit bigger, but as a photographer I like getting out at the tip of the flare where you can take pictures directly forward. Wouldn't be interested in that feature facing rearward. Now, please forget my recommendation!
  10. If you are on the 1 November, 2019 sailing, there is only a roll call for the first 2/3rds (Miami to Buenos Aires): https://www.cruisecritic.com/rollcalls/seven-seas-mariner-november-1-2019/
  11. Usually it's 9ish. That's with a 7ish docking so if you arrive later it would likely shift accordingly.
  12. I think the replies you received didn't understand your statement. Yes, apparently some excursions were showing as wait-list after they'd been posted for just a few minutes. Very strange since both high categories and high status get the same access time. I've seen this before when, while it says "Sold Out," it isn't actually the case...it just wasn't loaded properly. I suggest you call Regent. They often will also add additional offerings of unexpectedly popular excursions, so wait-list and (trust, but verify) keep checking the web site. It will most often work out. I called it quits at 12:15 AM EDT since I had an early commitment this morning and, while I can't say I checked every port and every excursion, by 12:15 AM I had found NONE that didn't say sold out. Went back at 6:15 AM this morning and got every excursion we wanted (except Le Havre, which still hasn't posted). As others (myself included) have noted before, this isn't rocket, or web, science. Good IT will set up and test the entire set of offerings off-line and then at the moment of offering, they just have to change one link. It seems that Regent changes the link to make the offerings "live" and then over some tens of minutes or longer, adds the actual data.
  13. At exactly 12 midnight tonight Sep 6/7, the link for our May cruise excursions went live. Unfortunately, NOT A SINGLE EXCURSION is available to book yet. Going to bed (Eastern time zone).
  14. Absolutely Regent should provide whisperers! These are not expensive devices and the cost would be amortized over many, many cruises and hundreds of excursions. On river cruises we've been on, they use rechargeable batteries and there are stands in the cabin to park them overnight for recharging. I love the devices because I'm a photographer and frequently wander some distance from the guide to take pictures while still being able to hear the narrative.
  15. I think it's more about the feeling of making progress toward the time we'll be on the cruise than a real concern that if I wait a few hours that we'll miss out. However, I do wish that Regent would be more consistent and advertise the advance booking window for the Culinary Kitchen offerings (on Explorer & Splendor) since I usually don't think of checking until I'm reminded by the impending excursion booking window. I then find that the Culinary Kitchen offerings have been posted for some unknown period prior. We have missed out on CK offerings because of the stealth deployment on the web site.
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