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  1. Also, the downloaded list may not be accurate for a cruise 16 months out. Frequently, the download that early is very short since, as you examine individual ports, many may say that shore excursions aren't available this far out. As others have suggested, you can check the ports generically and find out what has ben offered in the past. GL and WT codes are unfamiliar to me. Generally there are three categories: Regent Choice (i.e., with a sometimes hefty surcharge), Small Group (otherwise free excursions, but with a small surcharge to be in a small group), and "free" (included)
  2. All of the comments here have been helpful. My first reaction to the promotion was that we wouldn't benefit because I was only thinking that we'd request an upgrade from what we booked by 2 levels. Since two of our booked cruises would take us from F2 (with a flared balcony in both cases) to the same layout (with a bigger, but not forward looking balcony in a Concierge E suite with no additional benefits except the pre-cruise hotel night. For a 8/21 cruise, we are already booked in a B Penthouse on Voyager and the 2-up view would be capped at A. However, and obviously, almost ev
  3. On the other hand, we like the newer suites, like the F-series, on Explorer and Splendor. Plus, those ships have a larger variety of dining options than Voyager and Mariner which, in turn, have more dining venues than Navigator. We particularly like the Pacific Rim (pan-Asian fusion is an approximate description) on Explorer/Splendor. As an aside, this is harder to check out on-line since when I checked just now, the Cuisine tab on the Navigator's information page dead-ends at a link to Navigator cruises without providing any information on the dining venues. As Pcardad notes, N
  4. Another reason to use Regent Air (or, if you have them, frequent flyer miles) in this time of uncertainty is that you won't be committing funds until much later in the game. If Regent cancels the cruise, you aren't out of pocket at all. If you cancel, then you may have some increasing penalty as you approach the sailing date. Frequent Flyer award flights can be canceled right up to the last minute for a relatively modest redeposit fee (or none depending on your status with the airline or their booking policy effective at the time you booked).
  5. Thanks for the explanation. I think we are all in violent agreement that the Regent web site frequently contains erroneous or outdated information.
  6. Again, you missed my point. If someone says that a statement appears on the Regent web site, and they misquote it, then that's not useful. What is posted on the Regent web site is the correct statement of what Regent says even if not actually factual.
  7. It is if someone is purportedly quoting the web site. Most other posts are accurate and useful, so that wasn't what I was commenting on.
  8. Always better to check the Regent web site than relying on a post on Cruise Critic. At https://www.rssc.com/coronavirus-statement, it says: "Updated as of September 1, 2020 GENERAL TRAVEL ADVISORY The safety, security and well-being of our guests, crew and communities we visit is our number one priority. Regent Seven Seas Cruises continues to closely monitor the COVID-19 coronavirus situation and the global health environment. With COVID-19 continuing to impact communities and ports around the globe, we have extended our voluntary temporary suspension of
  9. It occurs to me, belatedly, that there may be a reason for Regent to delay cancelling cruises (besides cash flow). I assume they carry business interruption insurance which may or may not apply if they cancel due to COVID. It might, however, apply if the US government tells them they cannot cruise (at least from US ports). The former may be excluded as an act of God or specifically if there is some kind of pandemic clause. The latter, though driven by the pandemic, is a government action.
  10. Are people seeing this for cruises cancelled by Regent which weren't underway? And only if you took FCC's rather than a refund, right?
  11. Still another data point: scheduled cruise: Splendor on 14 January 2021 cancelled by us: 2 September 2020 refunded deposit (only monies paid) minus $100/pp cancellation fee: 21 September 2020 19 days
  12. With a delta of just 1 night, I'd either 1) not worry (since levels are based on Reward Nights), or 2) call Regent (or ask your TA to call Regent) since, as mentioned earlier, the only explanation that gets mentioned about this was some sort of bonus which, I believe, was always 2:1. So unless you found a 1 night cruise on Regent...
  13. Yes, I knew the math was different outside the US. Indefensible, in my opinion, that your are treated differently.
  14. We opted to self-cancel our January cruise on Splendor. The $100/pp is insignificant and, while we believe and have never heard of Regent doing this, their T&C states that they are authorized to charge your previous form of payment if the cancellation penalty exceeds the deposit. Not going to risk the 15% + penalty that hasn't been modified to conform to the 60 day final payment. Also want to get in line earlier for a refund of the deposit. We're not risk averse: since the pandemic started, we have booked a cruise on Voyager for August 2021 (joining a previously booked Explo
  15. The statement about pausing the trial points out that people get sick all the time. They just want to see if there is any reason to believe it was associated to the vaccine trial. And, as pointed out, some people in the trial will die though maybe/probably/hopefully not from the vaccine.
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