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  1. From my experience having the beverage package, sometimes they have given my husband canned and we were not charged. I wonder if it was a matter of convenience for the server and he just keyed it in as a fountain drink. At the time, we didn't know there was a difference.
  2. I love the feta & watermelon in the MDR (reminded me when I saw a photo of it in an earlier post to this thread). The husband and I both like the papardelle pasta with beef cheek in Sabatini's. It's delicious! Last time we both ordered it as a main instead of a second course. The souffle's are my favorite desserts, along with the Normal Love Chocolate Journeys desserts. There is nothing that really comes to mind that I did not like. Oh, I also really like the pizza and the burgers from the Salty Dog are pretty good too! Oh, and the suite breakfast dining room...LOVE the poached eggs with roasted potatoes and the french toast. The french toast is amazing! I'm gonna try asking for poached eggs and roasted potatoes in the MDR for one of our sea day breakfasts on our upcoming sailing on the Sky Princess. Do you think they will oblige? I don't like to be high maintenance, but it isn't much trouble for them, that would be amazing.
  3. 3 for FREE (9/4 – 10/31) It's the sale we've all been waiting for. The sale that clients go crazy for! 3 for Free starts soon, so start spreading the word! With this sale, all four guests in a stateroom get the amazing perks of: FREE gratuities†, a FREE stateroom location upgrade†† and FREE onboard spending money!‡ It's more than free — it's 3 for Free — so get ready to BOOK BOOK BOOK! FREE Gratuities FREE Stateroom location upgrade FREE Onboard Spending money (up to $800)
  4. Nope, but they do have designer handbags in the Princess shops on some ships. Get yourself a nice handbag or two! 👛 👜
  5. We gave ours to a porter when we embarked in SF. However, he stacked luggage so high, one of mine fell off and crashed to the ground. I was ready to take it back and take it to the sorting area myself.
  6. We booked our flights the day that we were able to book round trip and we got first class for more than half of what it cost since then. I check almost every day. It’s west coast to Europe so comfort was important to us.
  7. No, not unless they are platinum or elite. That’s the only other way to gain entry to the nightly gathering.
  8. You appear to be correct. Did it have the lido pizza before? I had never looked at the Sun, but looks like it has some unique venues that other ships don’t have. Maybe they will make you pizza in horizon court if you ask.
  9. Those of you who have cruises on a ship with the princess live venue: is trivia only offered in princess live or live or is it still done in one of the lounges? We really like kicking back in one of the lounges in a comfy spot to do trivia or watch some of the other on board activities and the princess live venue does not look inviting or very comfy at all. I don’t see myself wanting to spend time in there.
  10. The Sky does not show a crooners...do you have insider info?
  11. We had a transfer that was included in our pre-cruise extension and we were picked up by a driver that was waiting for us with a sign. It was not on a bus like when we left from the hotel to board the ship. Our driver only had my husband and I in a very nice Mercedes sedan. It was a very relaxing drive to our hotel in London.
  12. They put a little tiny tag with numbers on it. I think it is your room number. Some of my clothes have them on still. It gives me a little pick me up in between cruises to see them. LOL
  13. from my experience, you will want to be on the sun deck or it will be freezing. We were on the lido for a bit during glacier bay and I was so cold! If the sun is shining it will be most comfortable up top. The ship pivots so you can see the glaciers. We were there last September and we had lots of sunshine.
  14. There is never a guarantee, but you should be able to re-fare if there is a lower one, provided your category is not sold out. When you re-fare you will likely have to give up any perks you have from a promotion.
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