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  1. Thank you so much for this history! I've never been to New Orleans and this bit of history just adds to my excitement of visiting NOLA.
  2. I'm cruising on the Breakaway out of NOLA and would like to take champagne on board. I've never been to NOLA so I'm unfamiliar with the area. Can anyone recommend a liquor store near the French Quarters? TIA.
  3. I'm currently looking at your Day 1 menus. Yummy. I'll take a look at your YourTube video later. I'm at work and supposed to be working on a project.
  4. I have it now! Thank you. Does the Breakaway have H20 or adults only area?
  5. I can't access your blog with that link.
  6. I've read about Montezuma's revenge in drinking the water in Mexico. Is that something I should worry about on the ship - brushing teeth with tap water and ordering drinks with ice cubes?
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