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  1. 57eric

    Wine Program

    I received an email promoting Cunard's wine courses. There are three options: a Level 2 Award in Wines and Spirits "at additional cost", a Level 1 Award in Sake "at additional cost" and a Level 1 Award in Wine which is labeled as "included". After careful consideration, I have come to the conclusion that "included" should be interpreted as "this is an example of Cunard's worldwide reputation for website inaccuracies". I'll gladly accept being wrong about this!
  2. OK, thanks, but does the same hold true for segments?
  3. I understand that World Club promotions do not occur mid-voyage. But what is a voyage? If I have separately booked two segments, is that one voyage or two? Is a back to back one voyage or two? Thanks.
  4. Thanks Bluemarble. While it is helpful that Cunard published this, I would have expected the message to read "Please note the following voyages are not on sale at this time but may be offered later, pending availability".
  5. I'm sure this is a well-known issue, but it caught me by surprise and I had to vent. I went in to my Voyage Personalizer to check on upcoming payment dates and amounts and couldn't find them. I called the 800 number and was told that this information is not provided on line (although they would be happy to email it). I find this incredible. Other thoughts?
  6. I wasn't. My question was only in relation to timing.
  7. The way I read it (now), they can't be used with any type of fare after the final payment date. In any event, the rules for future cruise credits, referenced in your earlier response, are likely different from those for future cruise deposits.
  8. So, I went ahead and tried, and the answer is no. The fine print on the FCD reads "The Future Cruise Deposit is not combinable with Last Minute Deals, Sailing Soon Savings and other fares offered inside final payment."
  9. 57eric

    QM2 Cabin Noise

    So, in general, is Deck 6 a better bet? This is assuming Deck 5 is unavailable.
  10. Has anyone had issues with noise from above on Deck 6 or noise from below on Deck 4? Thanks.
  11. When booking after final payment date, the entire fare is due up front. Thus, there is no 'deposit'. Can anyone confirm that FCDs can still be applied in this situation? Thanks.
  12. If for some reason a voyage is cut short, I think you can count on receiving a refund for the missed days.
  13. To take this one step further, if one has decided to rebook and wishes to retain a cabin assignment, is the best bet to work directly with Cunard (assuming the original booking was direct)? My original thought was that Cunard would frown on this, and that I would be better off cancelling and then going with a TA to rebook, but based on the responses I'm thinking it might be best not to bring in a TA until after rebooking. Thanks.
  14. Thanks for the excellent replies.
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