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  1. Quite right, but not the case in my example, where the FCC is added to the original cash deposit. Thanks all for the thoughtful responses. I'm hoping Cunard extends the 30 day final payment policy to some early 2022 voyages, which would basically take my question off the table.
  2. Cunard still has not corrected the erroneous table, but let's set that to one side for the moment and assume the top row in the original post is correct. My question is: what is the definition of "deposit"? Is it the minimum required amount, or is it funds applied prior to final payment? This is not a hypothetical question; I need to make a decision on this point. 1. Let's say you have two $4,000 voyages booked and have made a 12.5% deposit of $500 on each. 2. Cunard cancels the first voyage. 3. Cunard awards you a $625 FCC. 4. You apply the FCC to the second voyage. 5. You now have $1,125 deposited toward the second voyage. 6. You make final payment on the second voyage. 7. Between final payment and 30 days before sailing, you decide to cancel the second voyage. How much do you forfeit? Is it $500 or $1125?
  3. Perhaps so. My original post is based on what the agent told me. I only noticed the error after she told me that there had been a change. Regardless of what is correct, I see that the table has not been revised and remains ambiguous.
  4. At https://www.cunard.com/en-us/contact-us/travel-health-advisories/interim-cancellation-policy we now see: Canceling voyages of 30 nights or less, that are due to sail on or after January 1, 2022. Period before departure within which written notice of cancelation is received by Cunard Cancelation Fee Schedule (percentage of fare) 119 - 30 days to sail Deposit 89 - 61 days to sail 40% 60 -31 days to sail 50% 30 - 15 days to sail 75% 14 - 0 days to sail 100% The first row is a change. The second and third rows are erroneous. I spoke with a Cunard agent who will try to get this corrected.
  5. They're still offering room service?
  6. The on board protocols seem entirely reasonable to me, if all passengers were unvaccinated.
  7. While I observe the same thing and share ClipperinSFO's cancellation concern, these voyages still show available on third party sites. Also, if Cunard were anticipating cancelling, wouldn't they want to also block out the 1/3/22 TA, which still appears?
  8. Website not allowing me to complete booking and US phones not open yet.
  9. Thank you Blue Marble. It's as I suspected.
  10. My information comes from the Cunard site, which I have not found to be totally reliable. This is why I query the CC board.
  11. At https://www.cunard.com/en-us/contact-us/guide-to-booking-online/using-fcc-online I see "Where the cost of the voyage is more than the available FCC, the FCC is deducted from the total cost before the deposit due is calculated, unless full balance is due (if within 90 days of departure*)." [The asterisk refers to the current 30 day exception.] My question is: 90 days? Last I knew, it was 120 days, and 150 days for longer voyages.
  12. Are the laundry rooms on TAs less hectic than on longer voyages? I'm guessing yes, but hoping to hear from the voices of experience.
  13. My Account is still referenced at https://www.cunard.com/en-us/edit-preferences-confirm. Clicking the link takes you to https://www.cunard.com/en-us/errors/my-account-error.
  14. I just got an email "New sun-filled voyages to be announced soon". That's it. Maybe they're having trouble finding dock space?
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