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  1. Is this webinar accessible to the masses? Thanks.
  2. You can, but good luck. Cunard told me it would take six weeks. It took 90 days. BTW I am not abandoning Cunard, still hold FCDs and can't wait to get back on board.
  3. Why is the Majestic only scheduled until March, when the rest of the fleet goes out at least six months? Thanks.
  4. Apologies if this has already been addressed, but I could not find any posts containing FCC, FCD and OBC. We received the long-awaited cancellation notice this morning. It states that “you will automatically receive a 125% Future Cruise Credit (FCC) on monies paid to date on your booking”. The only thing we paid was FCDs. Do we still have the FCDs, or have they magically transformed into FCCs with no OBC? Thanks.
  5. I'm perplexed by the near total absence of any recent US participation on this very busy thread. Surely all is not well here! Am I missing something?
  6. Hmm, that seems nothing short of deceptive. However, in all likelihood, it is moot, as I think the odds are very much against an August sailing not being cancelled.
  7. The quoted post, which came from the US, seems to be at odds with what I see on the Cunard website for US bookings departing through September 30: Cancelation Fee schedule will be as follows 31 to 59 Days to Sail: 50% of net fare 15 to 30 Days to Sail: 75% of net fare 0 to 14 Days to Sail: 100% of net fare
  8. The was certainly not our experience with the Yacht Club. After arriving at the terminal in Civitavecchia at the appointed hour, it took us nearly ten minutes to locate an employee to acknowledge our presence and see to our bags. We were then seated in the general boarding area. I believe there was juice and rest rooms by way of amenities. (This was in 2012.) We were not allowed to embark until general boarding had begun about an hour later. There was some issue with the local authorities. Once aboard, things were vastly improved, although we found the YC dining room to be so soulless that we arranged to eat in one of the regular dining rooms one evening and had a lovely time. Anyway, welcome to Cunard. I hope you will be as delighted with them as we are.
  9. I'm no French expert, but it sounds stopped to me. https://france3-regions.francetvinfo.fr/pays-de-la-loire/saint-nazaire-chantiers-atlantique-reprendront-travail-partir-du-11-mai-voire-du-27-avril-si-1816328.html
  10. As I understand it, the Amsterdam was able to disembark ALL of their passengers in Freemantle. Of course, this may be due to HAL's youthful passenger demographics. ;)
  11. I was thinking exactly the opposite of the OP. Assuming all goes well and cruising resumes, how anxious will Cunard be to have QM2 out of service in November for 22 additional days while spending a large sum on refurbishment? My guess is: not very.
  12. 57eric

    Save the Date

    I guess we can rule out Caronia.
  13. Thanks for the responses. By "AirTrain stations" I meant AirTrain stations P1-P4, as opposed to the stops inside the terminals. My plans resemble Underwatr's. I was hoping the bus might stop at the station we need to get to instead of having to haul all of our luggage onto and off of the AirTrain. It sounds like the answer is likely to be no. We'll figure out the path of least resistance when we get there.
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