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  1. We would like to thank Cruise Critic for giving a meeting place, Rich for giving us this thread each day, Roy and all others who share information, experiences, wisdom, humor, and simple kindness. Each day we are enriched by the good people who frequent this thread. We laugh, we learn, we pray when it's needed, and we celebrate with you when it's called for. So, from our table to yours, Happy Thanksgiving! May God continue to Bless each of you and all those whom you love. Please stay safe and healthy until we can get this world back to whatever will pass for norma
  2. It was. And having help to enjoy it would have to make it even better. 🙂 We look forward to repeating it again.
  3. It would appear we have something in common. We were there in Feb. of this year. Thanks for leaving it in good shape for us 😃 Lori & George
  4. Thank you for sharing this wonderful news! Can never hear enough of that! Lori & George
  5. Good morning, thank you for the Daily. My Mother had brothers in the Navy, one in the Pacific in WW2 and her baby brother in Korea. I'll take this day to salute them and all who others who have served. Hope everyone has a safe, satisfying day! George
  6. I will stop laughing at this sometime today, honest. George
  7. Three years ago this morning our Canada/New England trip came to an end with a foggy morning sail-in and a flight out of Newark. It was our only cruise outside of HAL (so far), and we had 15 wonderful days. Thanks again, bennybear, for starting this thread and leading us down memory lane. Have a great day! Lori & George
  8. Amen. Well done, Millie. And well done, Roy. Thank you.
  9. Absolutely! So sorry for your loss, and thank you for sharing those memories.
  10. In 2017 we visited Newport, RI and did the tour of the Vanderbilt "cottages". It never ceases to amaze what can be accomplished when one has more money than they could ever spend and aren't afraid to try. Marble House The entry gates weigh ten tons... The Breakers Lori & George
  11. Good morning, and thanks for the Daily. We are trying to figure out the weather here... the high for today is 84, the low tonight is 32, and the high for tomorrow is 47. That's different enough to confuse us 😵 Three years ago we sailed into Newport, RI and had this sunrise to greet us Hope everyone has a safe, wonderful day! Lori & George
  12. Happy 39th!! And many more! Lori & George
  13. Three years ago we had a port stop in Rockland, Maine. We travelled to Camden where we boarded a two-masted schooner for a sailing excursion. We could not have asked for better weather. Camden from atop Mt. Battie Sailing onboard the Surprise The Curtis Island lighthouse from the Surprise On sailing out from Rockland we passed the Rockland breakwater lighthouse And we ended our day with a lovely Maine sunset It was a day well spent and very much enjoyed. Please, enjoy your da
  14. Good morning. It is a crisp fall morning here in Kansas. Temps in the 40's at nearly noon we are not used to yet. It was 90 not so many days ago, and our reflexes aren't what they used to be 🤔 Need to get out and work on the leaves before they get knee deep. Welcome back to Denise! Thought we'd share this from our visit to Maine this day in 2017. Sunset over Mt. Desert Island. Hope everyone has a safe, wonderful day! Lori & George
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