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  1. Yes and in order for the winter Caribbean sailings from Tampa and the eastbound TA next April the Jade somehow needs to get to Tampa, when who knows
  2. Yes, December will be the deciding factor for me. How many ships are sailing if any, where the Jade is positioned etc. If I have to cancel the TA, I'll be looking at fall sailings from Southampton on Jade with same itinerary just won't be a TA, will also look for early westbound TA's. We shall see.
  3. I have a short cheap cruise booked and paid in full for 10/10/20 on Sun out of Orlando, final is 07/12 a few days away, at this point if I cancelled I'd still be waiting 90 days so I'll wait let them cancel then file for refund, I will not take a FCC because once you do that's what you are locked into. I also have two cabins booked for a Trans Atlantic on 04/22/21 final is due 12/23/20, if cruising by then is not even close to normal I'll cancel, I'm not tying up thousands of dollars with NCL, stress over one way air back from Europe etc. The cabins are held only using cruise next and I can wait for them to be returned to my account.
  4. Hal and Kazu thank you so much your responses have helped immensely. I will be booking in the morning. I have my NCL TA in April that is also going to Le Harve and have Normandy lined up on that one, this one, I know it’s long, but I’ll go to Paris
  5. Trivia, bingo is great. My daughter usually works while on a TA so she doesn't blow through a lot of vacation, she will work sea days so when she comes out it's late afternoon so after dinner she likes to wander around meet people and have a cocktail or two. Will she find people her age? I know TA's are long so many can't sail them but there was always people her age on NCL TA. I'm sorry my questions may seem naive but on some of the boards people describe HAL as for the 80 and over age group, there is nothing wrong with that lol just checking if that's truth or fiction. Ship is Ryndam. I'm guessing assigned dinner times, do you get to pick time
  6. Question on HAL I am booked on the NCL Jade in April 2021 ending in Amsterdam. Was looking for a fall westbound TA leaving Amsterdam, that way I can buy rt air instead of the insanely priced one way air from Europe, and I enjoy TA's. Not many cruise lines do westbound from Amsterdam but HAL does have one with a nice itinerary as well so my question is being I've only cruised NCL will my daughter who is 45 and myself who is 65 going to be bored out of our minds especially on sea days. What sort of activities does HAL offer on sea days? What time does the bars close up for the night? What is the entertainment like? Thank you in advance
  7. Agree, not even looking for this year just concentrating on my April 2021 Trans Atlantic, final is not until December and hopefully by then we will have a clearer picture of what may be happening as far as cruises. My vacation will be short and land based this year when everything opens up
  8. Exactly!! People should be able to dream without getting chastised for it
  9. I'm confident NCL will pull through, but if they didn't I guess either Royal or Virgin depending on itinerary and price
  10. The Star had been scheduled for dry dock to address the ongoing engine issues, she was supposed to dry dock after her April TA which didn't happen so I'm assuming she is heading over to go into dry dock now that some of the ship yards in Europe have reopened. Where or what the crew will do if she dry docks is unknown, don't know if they can stay on board or not
  11. If airline cancelled they have to refund if you request. Get on the phone with them or look on their website for link to request refunds
  12. Yes and so very happy I booked my April 2021 Trans Atlantic back in January after the Star fiasco this year, of which she didn't sail anyways. The TA I booked for next year is now $894 more pp in balcony cabin then what I paid. I look for price drops but it has steadily gone up.
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