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  1. Have a TA booked for April, then 2 cruise next certs to use. I'll see how it goes 🙂Might be time to try a different line. I do wish they would eliminate all these "free perks" and lower the cruise fare, let people decide which to buy, because as we all know, nothing is free, those perks are bundled into the cruise fare for all whether you take them or not. Sorry your cruise was not what you are used to o/p, I can understand the frustration as cruising when you factor in all costs is not cheap. I avoid the mega ships as there are too many people, just as I avoid causing in the summer or when school is out. Last summer cruise was in 2018 to the Baltics on the Breakaway, yikes, was lucky to win a bid to Haven on that one, so did have quiet space
  2. I am on a trans Atlantic in April, I got the free air one way from London to Newark NJ, which for me is fabulous as one way air from Europe is insanely expensive, so I would think you can
  3. It's a perk not like you are changing cabin so I would think they would just remove the air. Why don't you give them a call and ask? I wouldn't give my reservation number just say before I book I want to know how this works if I want to cancel only the free air
  4. I would not play games if I had a picky traveler, I would just book my own flights and not take the free air perk. Usually on the free or reduced air they add on the transfers which could be $75-$100 per person if past final payment and you cancel the air they may not refund the transfer fee
  5. I added my free air a few weeks after I booked my cruise. I need one way back from London and air fare I was finding is insanely expensive so called and added the free air, I didn't need to cancel and rebook they just added it on
  6. Checked my cruise booked for April, the 20% off the current price equates to $16 pp less than originally paid so no biggie I would love to get the double latitude points especially since it is a 14 day transatlantic, but it's a pain to call, the cancel, rebook, should be a simpler way of doing it, like automatically add those latitude points to cruises already booked
  7. I think I'm on the Star right after you in April for a trans Atlantic. I will be following this thread as well because don't find much info on Star most of the posts are for the mega ships
  8. What a great video, thanks for posting it. I will be doing this tour in May of 2020
  9. It will be my first time next year. I'm on a trans Atlantic and one way air from Europe is insanely expensive, like $1880 pp from London, so I am taking NCL's free air, shall see how it goes
  10. For me these factors come into play, the Ship, the time of year, the itinerary. In August 2018 on a Baltic cruise on the Breakaway it was worth every penny to escape the madness, quiet bar, quiet dining. On a Spring or fall trans Atlantic would not waste the money, even if ship is sold out it still isn't packed as most cabins are just two people and plenty of solos, no kids running amok. I don't utilize a butler so that is not a factor.
  11. You've cruised Alaska many times, you are going because it's a family cruise, book the inside and save the money, maybe you will luck out with the upgrade Fairy
  12. Same here!! I also wore things more then once, Febreeze fabric refresh works great unless you have been in casino lol
  13. Exactly!!! Febreeze fabric refresh for gently worn clothes works wonders
  14. I had used two cruise next certificates for deposit and they carried over when they rebooked me with the promo
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