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  1. I should have come back and updated this. We did the Rose Hall excursion without too much trouble. We were transported there in an air-conditioned van with a very friendly driver and a female guide who pointed out a few places of interest on the way. The house itself is not handicap-accessible, but for the most part there are handrails or walls or something to lend a bit of support. The house guide was super accommodating as soon as she saw my cane, allowing me to sit whenever possible. The inside stairs were not too difficult if you take your time. Luckily the guide gave her spiels in the different areas and we were able to explore a bit at our own pace, without rushing. So I took my time and made it fine. However, it was HOT! Jamaica in early July is hot enough, as you can imagine, and they had all the windows of Rose Hall open to the cool breezes, but it wasn't enough. Everyone was drenched by the time it was over. Nevertheless, for the price it was a decent little excursion. Didn't see any ghosts. 🙂 But being a history buff, just being able to walk through a house that has stood there for nearly 200 years was something of a treat in itself. Next time, I think we might hire a driver and do the Cinnamon Hill tour. It's only a few miles from Rose Hall and has a long history too, having once belonged to the family of Elizabeth Barret Browning and most recently Johnny and June Carter Cash. It supposedly has been left exactly as it was when Johnny and June lived there.
  2. How was the Rose Hill excursion? We'll be in MoBay next week and thinking about doing Rose Hill. I'm 66 and walk with a cane. I've heard there are a LOT of steps and stairs at Rose Hill. Will I have a problem, in your opinion? Thanks for any advice. Rose Hill is about the only excursion we're interested in.
  3. It does. And that's what I thought, but just wanted to be sure. Thanks.
  4. We're doing a premier 7-day next week. Really hate to hear how they've cut back. Not much impressed with Premiers anyway, and sounds like now even less so. Ah well, less time in the casino means less money I'll lose. 😉
  5. If you have Priority boarding (casino offer) do you still have to abide by the "arrival time" printed on your boarding pass? We are traveling in a group and all have the casino priority boarding, but different arrival times to the port. Can we still all go inside by virtue of the priority, or must we wait until our official arrival time?
  6. So if you're playing in the casino and have the DOU card (free drinks) who's picking up the tab? Casino services, I guess. But is gratuity included? I always tip cash anyway but no one has ever been able to answer this question for me.
  7. I've never bought Cheers but I always get DOU in the casino, and I always tip $1 cash for every drink. I've often wondered if the casino is comping my drinks, are they also picking up the gratuity to pay those servers? I had heard about the pooling, but by tipping with cash I know it goes into the right pocket. On the other hand, I just came off an elite cruise where several of us had free drinks anywhere on board and I swear I might have been the ONLY one tipping extra cash.
  8. Yep, same way. But remember those cautions about moving money to your bank at a slot machine, then cashing out? It's for real. I was drawing down large-ish amounts, then immediately tranfering it all to my casino bank, then just pulling out a little at a time from the bank to play on the machine. The computer didn't recognize that I played all that money away. It only saw the large transfer right to my bank (which I could in theory have cashed out at that point). So I had to go to the casino desk to "unlock" my S&S card and listen to the mini-lecture about pulling money from my S&S card through the slot machine, yada yada... Lesson learned. Every time after that when I'd draw down large-ish amounts, I'd play off about ten spins or so before transferring it to my casino bank. No more problems.
  9. I've had BB offers and other premier offers, but this is the first time the dates/departure ports were something I could book. So I'm excited to be taking my very first premier cruise. All I really know about a premier cruise is free DOU cards for me and cabin mate, plus priority embarking. What does priority embarking mean, exactly? When I enter the terminal, do I tell someone I'm on a premier cruise? Do I go to a VIP section? What kind of gifts can I expect in my cabin? Will they be for both of us, or just me? What kind of events can I expect? Special tournaments just for premier cruisers, etc.? I'd love to read a review of someone who has actually gone on a premier cruise. Maybe I'll write one myself after I get back! But in the meantime, I'd really like to know in advance what I can expect, so any advice or personal experience is appreciated.
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