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  1. I'd rather be over dressed for any occasion. Always with a nice pair of Jeffery West shoes too. No need for suggested dress codes for me and the wife where ever we dine.
  2. Thank you. I just don't understand why some guys can't show respect towards their wives/partners and dress smartly to compliment them in their best outfits looking drop dead gorgeous.
  3. Totally agree. Home town restaurants have no dress codes. I choose to wear a jacket and my wife loves to dress up when we dine. What others choose to wear in those establishments has no bearing on us whatsoever. I guess looking smart and sharp comes naturally for some but it's too much like hard work for others!
  4. My son, now 28, dresses up for all formal occasions. he even asked to borrow my white tux' on a cruise a few years back. Kids here in the UK have really embraced formal attire for their prom nights , and the shops have more varieties of formal attire than I've ever seen before. The US introduced us to dress down Fridays. Perhaps it's time for us return the favour!
  5. You're just jealous we got complimented. You said earlier …"I am sure what you are wearing isn't even on their radar". It's a shame people stop taking pride in their appearance and guys dismiss the notion that their partners/wives would love to dress up, but have to dress down because their other halves are uncomfortable. The only reason guys complain of being uncomfortable in formal attire is because they kid themselves they aren't so fat and persist with a jacket and dress shirt that are clearly too tight!
  6. On our Allure B2B earlier this month our wait staff complimented us on our formal attire. There were eleven of us including six guys in tux's for all four formal nights. Best dressed table they'd had for quite a while. We also had on the first week sitting nearby us a large group of US Police and Fire fighters dressed in kilts. They were a bag pipe band called "Guns and Hoses". Watched them perform one night and they were amazing.
  7. My apologies for the use of the Queen's English. I'm not great at "Americanisms"
  8. Definitely no sea weed where I swam in Cozumel. it was close to where the ships berth. People were throwing in food for the fish from a nearby restaurant so I was surrounded by fish. Just brilliant.
  9. Just back off Allure earlier this month on a B2B. It wasn't a patch on the Edge. We had an IV balcony on the Edge and loved it. The four MDR restaurants are great idea and the Magic carpet was fun to visit for sail aways. I'd say Allure was three stars plus, but the Edge is definitely five stars. If you want flow riding, ice skating, zip lining and enjoy eating burgers and pizza then stick with the Oasis ships.
  10. I get serious brownie points from my wife when I don my tuxedo. Me and the other guys in our party of 11 got many compliments from fellow guests. One guy even offered to buy my mate's tux off him!
  11. We were a party of 11 last month and all us 6 guys wore tuxedos (or as we prefer to call then dinner jackets). I took four for our B2B in the Caribbean. As they are all slim fit they are far lighter than my old fashioned black dinner suit. What others choose to wear isn't ever a problem. The wives love dressing up and it is only proper that we guys compliment their attire.
  12. I took my own snorkel & mask and used it three times last month. Twice in Labadee as we were on a B2B and then in Cozumel. The water there was amazingly clear and the fish far more abundant.
  13. The costumes we saw for Halloween aboard Allure were way heavier than my four tux' jackets I took put together! I was also puzzled why so many people had their Halloween costumes on (a formal night too) three days before the 31st. I thought it was a kids event but was surprised how over the top adults dress up. Not just in scary costumes either. Maybe it's because I'm English but I just didn't get it!
  14. We were on Allure of the Seas two weeks ago and they had the same spy video but tweaked for Royal Caribbean.
  15. On Allure two weeks ago I saw a guy in the MDR wearing flip flops, shorts, vest and baseball cap (backwards). I asked the Maitre'd why he did not politely ask him to return more appropriately dressed for the evening meal. His replied he did not want to cause upset. I replied, that his inaction had upset me and I will mark down the MDR in my RCCL questionnaire accordingly including his name. His face was a picture!
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