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  1. I'm desperate to have a summer cruise, but not around the UK. The thought of two weeks poor weather cooped up inside mostly and with fellow Brit's too fills me with dread. Sorry, but I'm an outdoors guy that's worked solidly indoors since March (other than a week in Madrid last August). I'm just not prepare to risk the UK weather!
  2. Me too. I haven't stopped working since March other than a week in Madrid to visit my daughter. I will happily abide by the restrictions the cruise lines impose if it means I get a two week break on a ship.
  3. I’d recommend the company with an Italian name meaning “Go” in English. its part of a larger English Insurance company that specialises in older clientele beginning with S and ending in e (8 letters long)!
  4. Really glad it worked out well for you terrierjohn. Maybe when I get older my attitude will change or unforeseen health issues force me to take a different path. For now I get a buzz helping my clients.
  5. Why has my reference to a female dog been starred out?
  6. I hope I'm not the only one that has no desire whatsoever to retire from work. I love my job even though I ***** and moan about the shed load of work I have to do every January!
  7. Yes, I have thanks emam. A book was published when the plaque was unveiled in 2015. I was pleased to discover it includes a family picture with my Dad as a young boy.
  8. Yes. His name is on the large plaque at the back of St Peter’s Italian church in Clerkenwall
  9. My late Grandad was Italian. His claim to fame was being interned by the British and put on the Arandora Star which torpedoed by the Germans off the coast of Ireland. Unfortunately he didn’t survive. I live in hope that one day the British government will apologise for not ensuring the ship had all the markings to identify it as a prisoner ship. There were German POW’s aboard too that perished. Had the U Boat commander been able to identify the ship one has to wonder if it would have been fired upon!
  10. Wish I was having a down day. Got to beat being stressed at work all day with constant phone calls when I’m trying to beat next week’s filing deadline,!
  11. Bored! I so wish. I have just 9.5 working days to file numerous tax returns and on top of that I have Furlough claims to submit too. The perfect storm. Going sick or catching Covid isn't an option!
  12. Regardless of the restrictions if our July Mediterranean is sailing we’ll be on board. I’d be happy looking at the sea each day from the balcony and wear a mask around the ship if required. Not a foodie or theatre goer. Just love the outdoors and plenty of sunshine with Peroni to keep me hydrated!😜
  13. We were a party of eleven. Six guys and five girls aboard Allure of the Seas in October 2019 and boy did we get our monies worth!🤨🍻🍹🍷😂
  14. I always find the debates on drinks packages amusing. The lengths some people go to determine if they are worthwhile, let alone the decision to upgrade to a premium package!
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