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  1. I was looking forward to the use of the Medallion aboard Enchanted Princess next month. Hopefully it will be next summer instead.
  2. I first saw Oceana in Barbados (Ocean Princess then) when we were aboard Arcadia (formerly Star Princess). I was so impressed I booked our next cruise on Oceana (once it became part of P&O). The Pennant bar is one of the best ship bars I've ever sat at.
  3. We all have our own spectrum of risk which for me diminishes with age. However as a fit slim 60 something, I will cruise again with or without a vaccine. I personally would feel more unsafe holidaying in a hotel as I just can't see the protocols being strictly adhered to as they would be by a cruise line.
  4. It was just unfortunate Diamond Princess was in the wrong place at the wrong time to pick up that passenger in Hongkong who it would seem was the "super spreader". What with the bias reporting from the Miami Herald lady the programme was rubbish.
  5. Totally agree. I was skiing in Ischgl (Austria) the last week of February and it transpires the resort was a "petri dish" for Corona. The resort was shut down a week later and surrounding ski areas including St Anton were put in quarantine. I was vomiting on our last night there, then developed an odd cough followed by a very snotty nose. By the next weekend I was fine. If you Google "Ischgl criminal investigation" you will see it was claimed to be "Ground Zero" for Corona in Europe! Back to the ITV programme that American reporter was so bias against the cruise industry. The only credit I can give ITV was for the including Carnival Corporation's statement at the end.
  6. I'd happily cruise with these protocols in place. Anyone not complying should be "debarked" at the next port.
  7. Sounds fair to me, but every passenger must comply or risk being "debarked" at the next port.
  8. Done the Med’ many times. We’ve embarked/disembarked in Barcelona, Venice, Athens and Rome and found it makes no difference what side of the ship we pick. Don’t have a preference either other than near the stern.
  9. My guess is next March, but I so wish it was sooner.
  10. P&O Cruises (subsidiary of Carnival Corporation) sold Oriana to a Chinese cruise company last year. It was built in the 80’s and had a very loyal customer base. Maybe more ships will be bought rather than sold for scrap!
  11. We always dress up for "formal" nights but then we dress up smartly for any night. What others choose to wear never bothers us. I dress up to compliment my wife's attire. We do exactly the same back home going to a restaurant where no dress codes exist. Nothing old fashioned about it. Just mutual respect and admiration for each other, and fellow diners who like to look smart on a night out too.
  12. But were those companies that failed in the middle of a pandemic when their credit ratings were slashed?
  13. Esprit

    MSC Virtuosa

    No idea. He's a contract worker working with a small team of Italian contractors, who are all grateful to be working again!
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