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  1. I don't know why Holland America has not cancelled May sailings to Alaska.
  2. We were on the Meraviglia at Ocean Cay on March 14th. The ship backed into the port to dock and the starboard side of the ship is tied to the dock. Great time on Ocean Cay.
  3. We just left Ocean Cay today on the Meraviglia. First, YC is awesome! Just make sure you bring everything you might need with you the first time to the YC area on Ocean Cay. We are pretty savvy on what we need for a beach day. Well, today we did not have our stuff together. Forgot: water shoes (lots of small rocks at the beach area), personal straws, large hat to wear while in the water. It is a long ride from the ship to the YC area. Took me about an hour round trip to get the items we forgot. I would not pay the $399 for a YC cabana. They are nice, but I will take the included umbrella and loungers. Same waiters come by to take your drink order. Food at the YC restaurant was very good. We departed early this evening to get dock space in Miami tomorrow. Light House show was great. Sad to be leaving this ship. YC has been worth every penny!
  4. We received a similar offer a few years ago on the Crown. We liked the two cabins/two bathrooms and the suite benefits but the balcony was not really usable most sea days. With the ship going 20-22 knots and the wind coming across the deck at over 25 mph, it was a bit much. We found out why the deck furniture was metal when around 3 am one morning the wind was so strong we were awaken by the chairs being blown all over the balcony and banging into the railing. Only way we would stay in this type cabin again would be $XXXX of refundable OBC. I think Princess shows this type of balcony on some of their advertising, a couple having diner on the balcony while at sea. We smile every time we see the photo.
  5. Thank you for your honest review. We are looking forward to our cruise on March 8th.
  6. We have used Park n Fly for our last two cruises from Ft. Lauderdale. They don't take your keys, nice drivers and no problem with pick up after the cruise. Will use them again on our next cruise out of Ft. Lauderdale. Wish they were in Miami.
  7. Everyone is processed through TSA and US Customs. If they are a Registered Sex Offender, may not be allowed to board.
  8. We sail on the Meraviglia March 8th. The prices we have seen for cabanas is high and we are in the YC. We will just sit on the lounge chairs provided and enjoy the day.
  9. Not 100% sure but I believe Mahogony Bay is controlled by Carnival Corp. Carnival and Princess ships use this port.
  10. We did not bid on the Royal Suite. Too rich for us. With three of you in a cabin it might make sense. Good luck if you decide to bid. If you win the bid, please let us all know.
  11. I signed into my account on MSC and can see everything I need and I booked with a TA. What are you looking for? MSC does not have the best user friendly website in the cruise business in MHO.
  12. We just received an email this morning from MSC about bidding for an upgrade to a Yacht Club Royal Suite. We have a Yacht Club Deluxe Suite booked on the Meraviglia March 8th. The minimum bid starts at $1,675 pp, $3,350 for the two of us. For folks that can afford the extra $$, go for it. Not sure how high the bidding will go to "win" the upgrade?
  13. Water balloons to follow.
  14. I have been following your journey and loved your reviews of the ship and the cruise. So many negative posts on CC had us worried. My wife and I sail on this ship March 8th, 2020.
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