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  1. Sandra, As an introvert who almost never starts a conversation, I know what you mean. I have had great luck soloing with NCL. They have a solo meet every night, Starting with embarkation night. From that meeting those who wish, go to dinner together. At the trivia games, most people realize diversity of the participants is a good thing. I have been asked to join several teams on several cruises. On two cruises, the solo group had their own team. Some solo groups are tighter than others but all have been welcoming and willing to help a newbie. Check to see if the cruise you are thinking of has a Roll Call on Cruise Critic. If they do you can contact other solos there. If they also have a Meet & Mingle, you can meet solos or people with similar interests there. Try it, you'll like it.
  2. Bluebelle, Late Janurary this year I had a shore excursion to the rainforest in Puerto Rico and walked around in San Juan. The earthquakes were at the opposite end of the island and I didn't see an effect. There may have been some, but I didn't see it. I saw some evidence of the hurricane but the island was quite beautiful.
  3. After working 16 years in a coal mine when I was younger, small spaces and lack of sunshine don't bother me. I probably should amend my earlier list to Kindle, food, plumbing, air conditioning, and a few minutes email or text every 3 to 7 days to check in. I could probably make it a month before I started going stir crazy. I am fairly adaptable as long as my reading and nutritional needs are met. I think I will start carrying 2 or 3 weeks more medication with me now though.
  4. Coastcat, When I was on the Jewel in Alaska last June, they had a great solo program. I almost never initiate a conversation but I had no trouble making friends there. As a matter of fact, I have been to solo meetings on 5 NCL ships and met people to talk to and eat with on all of them. Just go to the solo meets, solo dinners and if they have it the Cruise Critic Meet & Mingle. You would have to be aggressively non communicative to remain isolated.
  5. I am pretty much introverted so as long as I have food and plenty of books on my Kindle, I'm good. I don't mind company but I live alone and do pretty well without it.
  6. They don't seem to care at the NCL solo meetings. I have seen people traveling with parents, two women traveling together and I was welcomed when I traveled with 2 of my teenage granddaughters. I didn't see much of them either.
  7. It looks like there are 22 members on the Getaway 3/1/20 Roll Call. They should be able to help you with your questions.
  8. I took a quick peek and there is an active Roll Call for this cruise. You will get a better response there. Go to the top of this page, to the light blue bar across the page. Click on "Find Your Roll Call". Then click on NCL from the drop down menu for the cruise line, then Escape from the next column and finish by choosing your sail date. Good luck and have a great cruise.
  9. NSnJW

    Gosh Darn It

    As long as you are packing you are travelling. As long as you are traveling, you are living, not just alive. Enjoy your cruises.
  10. Also check the inside cabin rate. Sometimes an inside with a solo rate is cheaper than the studio. If you are solo on a NCL ship with a studio lounge but you aren't in a studio cabin, you can still go to the solo meet up and dinner in the evening. Last year I got a solo balcony on the Breakaway for just a few bucks more than a studio.
  11. I have only traveled with NCL and Carnival so I have zero real data on any of the others. You might post in the cruise line forums if no one with more info picks up this thread. Hope you find the perfect cruise for you.
  12. NCL has one US flagged ship that circles Hawaii. They are pretty laid back. I have done a NCL cruise and never entered the full service dining rooms. NCL also has a great solo program so you can find people to dine with if you wish.
  13. It depends on the cruise line and the specials they are running but usually you would only have to pay the extra gratuities and port fees for the second passenger. You know the cruise lines reservation call centers are usually open on weekends. They could give you definitive answer. Be sure to have your reservation number handy when you call. Have a great cruise.
  14. For solo dining at the buffet, I have seen people leave a book at the table. This seems to hold a table fairly well.
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    Solo Cruising

    Light blue line at the top of this page. 3rd from the left, "Find Your Roll Call"
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