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  1. I don't know if people would describe me as independent or decisive. I think I am more likely to hear bull headed and stubborn. ☺️ When I am able to go on a cruise, I go. Be it solo or with someone doesn't seem to matter much to me. I enjoy every cruise, with or without others.
  2. So far, every NCL ship I have been on, there was no problem about having to eat alone at least for supper. They all had evening solo meets and then those who wished were led by the solo host/hostess to one of the restaurants and seated together.
  3. Yeah my aunt is 105 and still plays poker at her nursing home. I had heard it before but she told me the first 100 years quote when she was in her 90s.
  4. They say the first 100 years are the hardest. ☺️
  5. Mac, You might be amazed by the many places on land that you can find peace and quiet with a great view. White Sands in New Mexico, Capitol Reef in Utah, Black Rock Canyon in Colorado are all quiet with great views. If you can't find a beautiful place by yourself in the vast Canyonlands National Park in Utah then you aren't looking. I also find solitude and beauty camping by a small stream in the Appalachians. But everyone has their own standards of peace and beauty. I hope you find and enjoy your own. The search gives me much of my travel enjoyment.
  6. I think it also has to do with the fact that if you give a group total power to make life difficult, some people drawn to that position just love to wield the power.
  7. They are really different animals aren't they? Some of my favorite places are difficult for a ship. Yellowstone, Bryce Canyon, Arches National Park etc. But for kicking back and just enjoying the day, it is hard to beat a cruise. In short I enjoy both types for different reasons but I would hate totally give up either. I also like to take my motorcycle and go on 3 to 5 day camping trips. You are retired, don't look at it as either/or. Look at it as this AND that. : )
  8. I haven't been on the Breakaway but I was solo on the sister ship Getaway this past February. They had a great solo program. Although there were more seniors than young folks, there were several young people there too and the solo host/hostess tends to be younger. I will be 70 soon but we all got along well from 20s to 80s. When the "kids" danced in contests, we geezers were their cheering section. Since the contests were decided by the cheering from the crowd, our group had an advantage. I hope you have a fantastic cruise.
  9. My last place of employment had a habit of escorting you out the door when you turned in your notice. I made sure I was ready to go before I gave my two weeks notice. I was pleasantly surprised when I was allowed to stay the full two weeks. I also reloaded all my files back on my computer from the memory stick that I had intended to throw in the trash if I was fired on the spot.
  10. I hope you have a fantastic cruise and meet many interesting people. I don't gamble or drink but I have been on 2 slot pulls. It was a good way to meet some fun people. Also don't forget Mardi Gras beads if the Roll Call is having a get together on embarkation day. If they aren't planning one, suggest it. Have fun.
  11. First, I am sorry for your loss but I am cheered by your determination to move forward. I think you will find quite a few other solo travelers if you continue on your journey. I have been on the Conquest twice. Once while my wife was still alive and once this past Spring. I enjoyed the ship both times but it was different this time. I had one of my granddaughters with me but she is 13 so I might as well have been solo 90% of the time. The Conquest wasn't the best solo venue I have been on but if you join the Roll Call and participate in the Meet & Greet, you should find new friends.
  12. Mendenhall Shuttle buses meet at the bottom of the Mt. Roberts tram. You can ask any of the booths there. The people in the booths have always been friendly and helpful to me.
  13. When I was a lot younger I worked on my hands and knees all day in a 22 inch high coal mine. It would take a lot less room than 100 sq. ft. to make me queasy. I did a studio once on the Epic and enjoyed the solo community feel. But if the inside cabin is cheaper than the solo rate, that is what I'll pick.
  14. I have only had 4 solo coordinators on NCL but one was great, two were very good and one was probably good but with around 80 or so solos showing up for the first meet, he was kinda stretched. Even if the coordinator is lax, there is a printed schedule of meets for food and shows so you can get along without much help but it is easier if the host is fun. Three of the four I dealt with were fun and did their best to enhance our cruise.
  15. MAB, I am a 69 year old widower and have only been on 3 or 4 solos depending on how you count B2B. I think you will find more people in our age group in the solo groups on most cruises. The trivia and some of the other events seem to collect all ages. On my last cruise our solo group had a few younger folks but most were 50 to 75. We had married folks, overweight folks, handicapped folks and widowed folks. We had great meals together and some great trivia games. I truly enjoyed all of my solos. If you are friendly, participate in the solo meets, the Meet and Greet and your roll call, I predict you will find several fascinating people on your cruise. A very few people formed a clique on one of my solos but they were so outnumbered it was easy to ignore them. Even they interacted with the rest of us at times. Try soloing once and I bet you will be hooked. Just don't hole up in your room and I bet you can find something to entertain you.
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