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  1. You would need an antigen test to fly to the USA from St Maarten or anywhere else. But, unless I have missed the rule, you DO NOT need an antigen test if you are on a closed-loop cruise that embarks-disembarks from a US Port. Perhaps I am wrong, but I simply cannot find that rule. And now that the Court has done away with the Conditional Sail Order (CDO) as far as it being a mandate for Florida based cruises , the cruise ships have even more flexibility for cruises sailing in-out of Florida ports. Hank
  2. So here is the irony and absolute idiocy of the CDC's policy. One can take a Celebrity Apex cruise in the Greek Islands where everyone onboard is vaccinated (and tested at embarkation) and everyone must have an antigen test (which they get onboard) before they can fly home to the USA. But put those same folks on a Celebrity ship in the Caribbean where not everyone is vaccinated and they do not need a test before they fly home. Perhaps there is somebody at the CDC who can explain the logic of that policy but I doubt it! Hank
  3. I guess you are right. Kind of strange that fully vaccinated folks who fly-in to the USA all need to be tested within the 3 days before their flight. But no need to be tested when on a ship? On the other hand we are talking about the CDC and nothing they say or do is surprising.
  4. Glad to hear that Captain "Demetrius" still has his comedic touch. I once told him that if he lost his Captain job he could likely get a gig as a late night comedy show host. His quick answer was "I know" which got another laugh from all who heard. Hank
  5. I think you are forgetting that on ships that disembark in the USA everyone will need to get an antigen test before the end of the cruise (they need this to fly home). While this might not impact any ports (the testing will likely happen the last day of the cruise) it will still get some publicity. Hank
  6. A majority of our cruises (and we have been on far more then 100) have had that sign "no cabin changes or upgrades" or something similar. That being said we really love our embarkation day and start our cruise the moment we are aboard. We have seen long lines at Guest Relations where folks wait for long periods of time (on embarkation day) just to get to the counter to deal with their issues, upgrades, etc. It is not the way we want to start our cruise. While some are waiting (impatiently) at Guest Relations we will often be enjoying a long lunch at Alfredo's. If that upgrad
  7. Argh! Part of the problem is that the rules seems to change nearly every day! I imagine many of those tourists left home thinking there were no special rules for the ferries, but while they were in travel mode the Greek government changed the rules for ferries. I will admit to being nervous about our upcoming trip. We will have all the necessary documents based on current rules but it can be hard to prepare for what does not yet exist. We have posted a few times that travel in this COVID world is truly a challenge for the travel pros, and I don't know how travel novices handle it all.
  8. The question leaves too many questions unanswered. DW and would say that our answer depends on the ship, cruise line, and itinerary. Suites (particularly the lower category suits) are not always such a great deal on some of the mass market lines. So, for example, if on HAL we had to make a choice between two weeks in a normal verandah cabin or one week in a Signature Suite we would quickly pick the 2 week option. But if we were on MSC and had a choice between two weeks in a regular balcony cabin or one week a Yacht Club Suite we would choose the Yacht Club. On the luxury lines (i.e. Seabo
  9. Here is a link to a story that discusses the cancelation of the Odyssey's visit to Granada. Low vaccination rate affecting cruise industry (thenewtodaygrenada.com) This is not the first time an island cancelled a cruise ship because of the island (not the ship) the other time being the BVI. But the cancelation of Granada makes no sense since their government has indicated the ship could visit and then apparently canceled for no reason. Perhaps SB needs to rethink their itineraries on these Caribbean cruises. Hank
  10. If going to that place one should also combine it with a visit to nearby Les Baux. If you happened to be doing this on a Wednesday morning you should arrange to head directly (from Marseille) to San Remy de Provence for their weekly market (outdoors on the square in the center of town). There are also some Roman ruins located just outside of St Remy. This is a favorite part of France for DW and myself although I think it is best enjoyed with a multi-day stay (we like an entire week) with a rental car. A big debate among those that know this region would be whether to base o
  11. I had never heard of that site so after reading your post decided to try a faux booking from the Embassy Suites in Ft Lauderdale to the Port of Miami for 2 persons. The lowest price that came up was $112 with the next lowest price $140. Uber and Lyft would be about $40-$50 (depending on surge pricing) for the same trip. I had to laugh that one of the limo companies had in their description "English speaking Driver" which made me smile. Hank
  12. Sorry to have missed your post :(. I have never run into luggage limits on any European train other then the limit of what you can reasonably handle. When you travel by train (not my favorite way to move around) you should do it with the thought that nobody is going to help you with your luggage (if anyone asks you should be very alert to associated theft). As a general rule, most European train cars will have some kind of luggage rack or space at the end of the car but that is truly where the bicycle/luggage lock I mentioned is a very good idea. I cannot over emphasize that there are man
  13. I really agree with Don. While many travelers/cruisers think in terms of how much can they crowd into a day there are others of us who have learned not to cram a lot into a day but rather to relax and smell the roses. I one posted here on CC about a weird day DW and I had in Rome when we stopped at a cafe on the Piazza Navona for a cappuccino about 10am...and never left that cafe until after 3pm. We thought the People Watching was so much fun, the cafe was decent, and it turned out to be a terrific way to spend a day. In Paris, where most tourists are running from place to place (so much t
  14. Why not simply use Uber or Lyft? We have done that many times (between Lauderdale and Miami). The price has increased because of COVID but you are likely looking at less than $50 (total cost for 2). That gets you a private vehicle. There are several transfer companies that will save you a few dollars but you will likely make multiple stops and will be sharing a larger vehicle. Hank
  15. We own our own equipment (including a decent prescription mask) and have a solution. When we have an issue with packing too much we will only pack our masks and snorkels and depend on tours/rentals to supply fins. Hank
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