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  1. I was not aware of any plans "to add to the restaurants." In the Shadow re-do, La Dame will be larger if I recall correctly and there will be something like an Arts Cafe in the Deck 5 lobby. I assume they may extend this to Whisper next year if it works out on Shadow. But I think Whisper and Shadow will still have a main dining room and La T as for many years.
  2. Is she making the westbound crossing of the Atlantic without guests so that work can continue while the ship is en route?
  3. Eager to hear about the reimagined ship. It sounds stunning. Of course there are potential issues when sailing immediately after a major dry dock. But with a bit of flexibility, a pioneering spirit of adventure, and a sense of humor, most inconveniences will be quickly forgotten
  4. I know that some people prefer booking with a TA. I have opted to book with a Silversea cruise consultant (+1-877-382-6228) who knows the fleet, who has instant knowledge available suites, etc. By dealing directly with a Silversea cruise consultant you may get a slightly lower onboard credit than you would with an internet TA. But I like to deal with a real Silversea expert with corporate connections if issues arise. I always book early. The cancellation penalty is modest ($200/booking, applicable to a future cruise) and you never know when they are going to remove certain incentives such as 10% off for prepaying. You also get a better choice of suites (location, etc.)
  5. There is always a welcome aboard party immediately after the muster drill. Excursions are available for booking online 120 days before departure on my.silversea.com Enjoy your SS experience!
  6. Thanks very much for the clarification. I had assumed that you were describing a policy with a full monetary refund. This arrangement makes much more sense.
  7. I share your dislike for cooking my own meal. I have not been on Whisper for a few years, but on all of my Silversea journeys I ask that my ribeye steak be cooked on the grill in the pool deck galley, and it is brought to me along with requested accompaniments fully prepared. There is no need to cook for oneself on the hot rock. Incidentally, I believe that Silversea has moved away from the Hot Rocks name and (though hot rocks are available but not required at dinnertime) now refers to the venue as The Grill.
  8. If (like me) you prefer not to dress up, you can dine al fresco at the wonderful Grill on formal nights. It's always casual there. LaTerrazza is informal on formal nights (jacket but no tie required).
  9. Agreed. They have offered insurance with a range of allowable circumstances for cancellation, but all had clearly stated conditions. I was not aware of a policy that flatly allowed one to cancel on a whim. It must have been an actuary's nightmare. Could someone provide the text for this provision?
  10. Rather than cost-cutting, I have been impressed by huge investments in the hard and soft products. Yes, there are changes. A couple I regret. And Whisper has yet to receive the thorough transformation that Shadow, Spirit, Cloud, etc. have benefitted from. But IMHO Silversea continues to offer a product of the highest quality at a reasonable price (esp. for a solo). Perhaps you should wait for your experience rather than relying on others.... Welcome back! 🙂
  11. If you like, you can avoid formality by dining at the Grill (on the pool deck) where the dress code is always casual (regardless of the prevailing code on the ship that night) or in La Terrazza (where the dress code is informal -- jacket, slacks, no tie necessary-- on formal nights). Even in the Restaurant, few people will be wearing dinner jackets and gowns.
  12. I believe all Panoramas are attached with a connecting door to a larger suite. I think they are designed to provide an extra bedroom if someone in the larger suite wants the additional bedroom. I don't know about soundproofing for these suites, but I generally go to great lengths to avoid connecting doors in hotels or on ships because of the possibility of noise infiltration.
  13. Great! Thanks for escalating this Col. Wes.
  14. there might well have been room for you on the westbound transatlantic. A number of the passengers were from New York, where the cruise was scheduled to terminate. There would be a number of days at sea, interrupted only by a stop in the Faroe Islands. The ship was scheduled to depart Dublin several hours after the attacks on the WTC. In what I thought was a very classy move, an announcement was made that Silversea would permit anyone who Wished to cancel the cruise and disembark, with a full refund of the fare paid. I understand that a handful of guests did remain in Dublin. The now-deceased cruise director (my memory is failing, but I believe her name was Judi Abbot) mounted a very moving memorial service several days into the cruise.
  15. Hear! Hear! An inspired post. Thank you for it. Anyone who has much, much too much time on his/her hands could examine my previous posts and see that I have several times urged participation in the Crew Welfare Fund. In fact, I tip butler/suite attendant and perhaps a waiter/bartender as well as contributing to the Crew Welfare Fund. I make my contribution at the same time that I go to Reception to opt out of the charity solicitation. I wish that Silversea publicized the existence of the fund (though I realize this is a sensitive matter given the all-inclusive nature of the Silversea experience). I saw that another line (Hapag-Lloyd?) held an auction the proceeds of which went to the fund and suggested on this board that Silversea might follow suit. I rapidly became aware that mine was a minority position. 🙂
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