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  1. In 2018 after a cruise, we rented a car in Civitavecchia. We spent some time in Tuscany and flew home from FCO, At the large port of Civitavecchia, you (and your luggage) take a bus from your ship to the port transportation center. Be advised that it is too far to walk. Europcar and Avis are located across the street from the transportation center. If you are planning to stay at the airport the night before your flight, I suggest you forgo a boring airport hotel and stay at the charming fishing town of Fiumicino.....only a 5 minute drive to airport.
  2. In late October, I booked O Air (including the $175 custom air fee and PE upgrade) for the April 30th, 2021 sailing on Marina. I have seat assignments.
  3. I am looking at the newly released 2022 itineraries and found something strange. As I compare 12 day Med cruises, there is a pricing difference that I don't understand. The Marina cruise is $900 more per person. Riveria.....April 25-May 7 Marina....May 2- May 14 Of the 10 ports visited, 9 are the same. Any ideas why the Marina cruise is more "desirable"?
  4. We will consider all of our options....including O air and using our own arrangements. We normally purchase air directly, but thought it might be prudent to look at O's options. If we get air thru O and the cruise gets cancelled, then we don't need to fight for the air refund. While we live in Seattle, we are willing/able to do any West Coast departure (usually LAX of SFO). Current West Coast/Europe air prices seem pricey......Except for Turkish Air which is SUPER cheap for economy (no PE).......it's unfortunate that their more recent reviews are scathingly bad.
  5. We have an April 2021 cruise booked on Marina. We usually don’t use O’s air, but wanted to consider O’s Premium Economy offer to/from Europe this time. I have been watching the “Special Offers” tab that is specific to our cruise. For months, the only “Special Offers” were Ultimate Sale and O Life. Today I saw that Premium Economy Air has been included. The added cost is $199. 1. Is it $199 each way...... or..... $199 round trip? 2. If I want to select specific flights, can I combine Air Deviation and Premium Economy? If yes, what would be the additional round
  6. Pre-cruise, we will be in Athens for 3 days. Then on Hydra for 3 days. We want embarkation to be convenient. Thank you for the restaurant suggestions.
  7. Over the past few years, I have benefited from this upgrade sale 3 times. Each time I paid for an A3 and was upgraded to a PH3.
  8. Hopefully, we have a late April Oceania cruise starting in Athens. A few days before the cruse starts, we will be on the island of Hydra. Originally, we thought we would take a ferry from Hydra-to-Piraeus the morning of embarkation. Now we have decided to get to Piraeus the day before embarkation. Are there any Pireaus neighborhood/hotel recommendations or any neighborhoods to stay away from? While we will only be in Piraeus less than 24 hours, some port area can be very "seedy" and we would like to avoid that. We would like to be in an area with charming restaurants. Thanks!
  9. We assume that cabin pressure and humidity are the reason we feel dramatically better at our final destination.
  10. All Marina's mid-May Med cruises are "waitlisted" in all categories. I suspect Marina will be re-furbished then.
  11. Being from Seattle, we are open to flying long haul from SEA, LAX, and SFO. Our next cruise is on Oceania Athens-to-Venice (I expect we will fly home from FCO). We have flown on 787s a few times and feel much better after long haul flights on those aircraft. In the past, I have done lots of manual research to find our flights and was hoping there was a nice search engine to find flights easier. Our 787 experiences include: 1. Norwegian FCO to LAX...back of plane, but an exit row seat over avionics. The floor got so hot, it melted my duty free chocolates.....but
  12. We booked a May 2021 Med cruise using the 4th of July promo. Here’s hoping for safe and uncrowded travel!
  13. We prefer to fly long flights on Boeing 787s. Is there any way to search flights to Europe and specify the equipment (Boeing 787) in the search criteria? TIA!
  14. The 4th of July Sale is from July 1-10 and is Oceania’s typical 4 category upgrade promo. I will book a May 2021 med cruise.
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