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  1. £63.99 (GBP) is the same as $79.99 (USD) at 1.25 exchange rate edit - just checked on my cruise planner - it's showing at £51.19
  2. That's the theory - and that's what happens if I do a mock booking on the October 2020 Reflection Westbound TA. But if I try for the April 2021 Eastbound, selecting "Best Value" - goes straight to the meal time selection and doesn't offer any perks. The next screen is the Pricing screen, which is £400pp dearer than the "Lowest Price" without providing anything extra.
  3. I did a mock booking yesterday for a 1A on Equinox next June. Yesterday's offer was Classic Beverage Package and $300 OBC. The price came out at £3,958. Building the same thing today, for the same cabin, comes out at £4,418 for the CBP and OBC. The base price without any perks is £3,858. (Maybe the base prices still need to be adjusted to align with the new options?)
  4. " The free perk is a choice of Classic Beverage Package (will result in cruise price increase),...." I know the use of English varies between the UK and the US, but this does seem to be a very strange interpretation of the word "free"
  5. For my 29th Nov cruise on Reflection, the upgrade saving was 10% (as opposed to 50% for the packages themselves). Had to cancel before I could see what the saving was going to be.
  6. For your second question, you can buy the soda package and then cancel it again as many times as you want up until the cut off point 2 days before the cruise. (This is true for any items purchased in the cruise planner). - This can be useful as it is the way to get the cheaper price when they have a flash sale (which may be announced by a big banner in the cruise planner, or may only be detectable by noticing that the prices have been reduced).
  7. Two years ago, we were on Reflection when DST ended in the US. The captain didn't apply the time change on the Saturday night, but a large percentage of the passengers did - it was only the second night of the cruise so people were not yet in "I've no idea what day it is" mode. Quite a few of these passengers turned up at breakfast to find out that it had already finished 😉 . Shortly after 11am ship time (so 10 am in Florida), an announcement was made over the tannoy system apologizing for the confusion and saying that the time would be adjusted that evening. The announcement started with "Good Afternoon,..."
  8. It's been renamed "Drinks and More" (or something similar) - is that showing?
  9. There have been a few times when the Celebrity App mentions charges that don't actually exist - there was a thread shortly before the Edge launched that referred to a charge for room service (all-day, not just overnight). The conclusion was that the Celebrity App is a rework of the RCL App and some of the buried detail hasn't been adjusted between RCL and Celebrity policies.
  10. Jim - either you've missed my joke, or I've missed yours. When you apply for the ESTA you need to add a first night address - which may or may not be the actual planned address. In my example I referred to the Embassy Suites in FLL, since that is a common hotel that people ask about on here. Next time you enter the US on the same ESTA, you may enter in JFK or LAX or anywhere else - but the ESTA still says that you'll be staying at the Embassy Suites in FLL. Maybe I should have added a 😉?
  11. I think the 25% charge for cancelling after today is a website bug. (And has been discussed previously on here). The T&Cs say the 25% charge applies within 90 days of the embarkation date. The website is trying to calculate the number of days between now and departure. For some reason it gets the answer wrong and thinks there is less than 90 days, so it populates today's date in the pop-up window.
  12. It's the same when you apply for an ESTA to enter the US. You need to enter the address you are staying the first night. The ESTA is then valid for multiple entries for two years. - How much would an Uber be from JFK to the Embassy Suites on 17th SE St?
  13. The embarkation dailies on Reflection in November 2017 and Equinox in November 2018 both advised long sleeve shirts were needed for smart casual nights. Both these cruises were in the Caribbean, so it's not a location based statement. On neither cruise, the sleeve length was a consideration on admission to the MDR. Why they make the statement is anyone's guess - maybe it's on the template for the daily and no-one within Celebrity has actually read it for a while. The topic has been discussed on here a number of times previously, always with the same conclusion.
  14. Isn’t it still marketed as “Le Petit Chef at Quine”? This would suggest to me that Celebrity are slightly hedging their bets so that they can bring back Qsine on some nights of a cruise or even drop LPC altogether if the financials no longer add up. The commercial agreement with the providers will be confidential, but I would expect that their is a royalty fee / licence that Celebrity have to pay per diner - possibly with a minimum amount that must be paid.
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