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  1. When Infinity was north of Somalia heading towards India, for a few days cruisemapper.com was showing the destination as "Armed Guards Onboard"
  2. I thought only two of the ships were being used at the moment. (with every ship except Flora beginning with an "Xp", I get confused 😉 ). - So based on this mis-conception, I was thinking that -X- were planning to increase the number of passengers cruising at any one time to use up the annual allocation. It was this catch-up that -X- may have decided to do, that the Ecuadorian government may not have agreed to. (But my whole email may have been based on a misconception)
  3. The 6 ships that he found were the first 6 departures after the mid-September start up date. The author scrolled down as far as he/she could be bothered. Talk about lazy journalism. Concerning the original subject of the thread, it could be that X has an agreement for so many passengers per year, and given the suspension in cruising they think they can send the 3 ships for a time to use up the backlog. Whether the Ecuadorians are in agreement with this strategy is another matter entirely.
  4. My 'glass half empty' thinking is that, unless cruising does get going during August and a level of confidence based on success has been gained, then it will sail across empty. My thinking - much of the discussion on how to start up again has been on "drive to port" passengers only, short itineraries, all ports in the same country and cruises to nowhere. By definition all passengers on a TA will need to take at least one trans Atlantic flight as well as a perhaps a flight within Europe or the US. Also there will be about 7 days at sea, so if any issues do arise there will be a lot of time before any evacuations can occur - unless another ship sails alongside as the hospital ship. And as the ship will be disembarking in the US, the CDC will be free to impose conditions on what is allowed and what isn't. I would suspect that the CDC will allow cruises that start and finish in the US before allowing TAs.
  5. According to Forbes, Richard Branson’s personal wealth based on a valuation at 5pm yesterday is $4.1 billion. If that is ‘near bankruptcy’ then the rest of us are in a pretty dire situation.
  6. There is often a long delay before the agents in Miami add the drinks package to your planner, but don't worry as it will get added eventually. In normal times when it was easy to contact the call centre, if you rang about something else, perhaps booking an excursion, you could often get the agent to add the drinks package to the planner as part of that call - but getting through at the moment is a bit more tricky.
  7. Cruise mapper is now showing Infinity’s destination as GIB (UK) - which I assume means Gibraltar, and this seems to be confirmed by the trajectory.
  8. My sense of humour is so perverse / twisted that I've been waiting for the thread where someone asks "I'll have the premium beverage package, if I get a drink that contains Covid-19 do I have to pay $4 plus the gratuity?"
  9. As you will be on a European cruise you will be allowed to stay on board. It is only in the US that the authorities require the ship to be cleared of all passengers from the completed cruise before new passengers are allowed to board. (Unless there is a post Covid19 change in procedure requiring an empty ship deep clean) Bon dia
  10. Are the South American passengers who didn't have US visas still on board waiting to be taken down to Mexico so that they can disembark?
  11. Clarky - Not defending air travel in the least. I decided early February that I wouldn't get on a plane for the time being. I think the difference between planes and cruises is the instantly observable impact. This probably isn't a perfect analogy, but a flight could be compared to putting 199 good apples and 1 bad apple in a barrel, and then leaving them pretty still for perhaps 5 hours. At the end, you'd have 1 bad apple and 199 apparently good apples. On a cruise you put 1999 good apples and 1 bad apple in a (bigger) barrel. You then spend the next 7 days continually re-positioning them all. After 7 days, you'd have a lot more bad apples.
  12. Apex is still docked in the shipyard in Saint-Nazaire in France. Somebody earlier in the thread reported that it was formally handed-over to Celebrity last Friday. I would suspect this handover was something Celebrity were actually trying to delay for as long as possible in order to avoid the associated payment milestone, which would have been quite substantial.
  13. Maybe the Indian conglomerate Tata could start offering travel agency services, so that people could book a "TA using Tata as TA"?
  14. My point was that at the time RCCL cancelled US sailings, they themselves hadn't yet realised that they needed to cancel them, they were only satisfying the government's request. It took them a few more hours (after Friday's sailings had left) to come to the conclusion that further sailing was becoming impossible.
  15. I think is was a lack of realisation from RCCL that the situation was as bad as it was. There's another thread on here that discusses the "voluntary cancellation" as being a "cancel now or we'll force you to stop" ultimatum from the US administration. They agreed to the US based cruise starting at midnight last Friday, so that day's cruises could still depart. It was only on Saturday that they extended the cancellation world wide, and then sometime on Saturday or very early on Sunday they took the decision to turn the ships around and bring them home.
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