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  1. Disappointing in the failure to spell out a clear plan and allow a phase out window for the cruise lines. Yes, they telegraphed something might be afoot, but this administration has been so all over the place in terms of rules implementation (or not, despite announcements) that it was impossible for cruisers or cruise lines to make real plans. I'm thankful to have been able to travel on Majesty last year and will return eventually (I'm a professional journalist and my wife is a medical professional, categories that are eligible for visas even under the rules of the bad old days), although I suspect I'll be able to cruise there sometime in 2021. I feel awful for everyone who has seen their trips disrupted and hope they get an opportunity in the future.
  2. Yes, it appears so, upon further review based on the deck plans. I thought I read RCI was phasing them out due to lack of use. I shall make good use of it on Liberty — and find a proper spot on Anthem.
  3. I have to say, Deck 5 is a lovely place for a smoke (cigar) and a drink on Grandeur, especially when under way. I'm less excited by doing so up on the pool deck — at night there are many kids there watching movies and so on, which makes me hesitant to smoke (this was a MAJOR issue on Majesty, especially after sailing to Cuba, with many cigar smokers wanting to enjoy their new cigars). I'm going to be on Liberty in June and Anthem in July, and I suspect neither has a cigar lounge — but hopefully, will have a quiet, open, smoking area.
  4. My original point, i think, was that younger people socialize somewhat differently now than maybe in the past, tending more to do so in groups. And yes, while many of us old folks enjoy libations as a social lubricant (insert your own joke here), we tend to end up in smaller groups, maybe hanging out with another couple over a drink or in the Adult pool — more typical of our (my wife and I) experiences over the years. Additionally, I kind of feel like those over 21 are somewhat less likely to be traveling with mom and dad and may be there with a SO, friends or something like that and have a pre-made social group. As this cruise is a gift, I wanted to make sure they could have a cruise experience like those they have enjoyed in the past, and I feel less concerned about that, now.
  5. I'm glad to hear I missed out on noticing the meetups for 18-20 on previous cruises — more than likely it wasn't something I was focused on. And yes, of course, they can do all of the non-alcohol adult stuff, but undoubtedly they would rather not hang out with mom and dad, but rather with people their own age. I'll let them know to keep an eye out for the meetups on the first couple of days. When we were on Grandeur for the 17-18 Christmas/New Years cruise, they ended up hanging out with an entire pack of 15-17 year olds and had a lot of fun....just wanted to see if they'd have a similar opportunity on LOS as 18 year olds. But thanks for the rapid replies.
  6. In June, we're taking our 18-year-old twins on a cruise (Liberty of the Seas) to celebrate their graduation from high school (it's also a great way to keep them from going to Maryland shore with friends and getting in trouble, as seems to be a tradition at our local high school). My question is this: previously, as teens and tweens, they had a ton of stuff to do on ship (this is their fifth cruise, i think — and they really enjoy them), but now they fall into the too old for teen activities, too young for adult (read alcohol, etc.) activities. If they could meet up with like-aged cruisers, I'm pretty sure they could find enough fun to keep them happy, but there doesn't seem to be a formal way on RCI (or other cruise lines for that matter) to facilitate such a meetup. Am I missing something?
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