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  1. One of my fav cabins! Yes, your balcony is exposed , but not cabin. Noise never an issue. The elevator speeds by so quick, no one gets but a fleeting glance, and if it ever happens, once you lock eyes... schwoosh, they are gone again. We could not see around the elevator shaft, and only occasionally thru the glass. Loved it.
  2. Always check with your pharmacist, but as a nurse this has been our standard for many many years. All unopened vials, pens and Ozempic pens must be stored in fridge. Once it is opened, it does not need refrigeration. Most insulins stable for 4 weeks and Ozempic stable for 6 weeks unrefrigerated at room temp. I would never lie a pen or vial against ice, for fear of a small area of vial/cartridge or pen freezing. Insulin is not to be used if it freezes. Having said all that, it is important to always take an extra vial/cartridge or pen with you incase of pen failure or loss. That extra should be kept cool until opened. Never leave your stash in a hot vehicle, and always carry in carry on. In all my cruises, we have never had a fridge but a mini cooler instead. At one time, the cruise line would bring a mini fridge to your cabin for medical needs. Could ask them. Check with pharmacist tho.
  3. LOL... True. But in this town, quite a few sport the shorts all year with crocs. And yes, they look like idiots JMHO... hahahaha.... it's a generation thing.... still idiots.....🤣
  4. I guess "cold" is an individual thingy. Quite a few Cdns still sport shorts in Jan. We are still swimming in our pool in October (it is heated). For Quebec or on the river/ocean, I would only be taking a North Face type jacket and gloves. Wearing jeans and sneakers/hikers. Layering is a wise choice. And rain is a definite possibility. In comparison, in Ontario I usually wear an Irish sweater thru most of the winter unless it gets lower than -10c, then I put on a winter coat. October will be lovely, and you want those cold temps to cause the colours to arrive.
  5. You're very correct re "what is going on " with these deck plans/cabins. All week, when I pull it up it is showing in red, no cabins or an issue. I occasionally got the same when I clicked on a different category, so assumed it was their web site. The web site and agents are stating conflicting info, so who knows?? I'm booked in one of these, and thinking of pulling the plug due to this confusion. After all these years, you would think Princess has the product down pat??
  6. Hotel is dated, but very clean. Staff are friendly and eager to assist. Location is great for food. $20 cab ride to port or airport. I wish they would renovate, because this spot is a great product. We will continue to book here and recommend people here despite needed reno's. King Jr is huge, view over river is ok. Smaller lower "day room" was perfect for our needs and very clean. Great staff.
  7. Good thoughts. Thanks for "heads up" re bed location.
  8. As to the bed vs sofa location. It is a mix up dependant upon deck. Most of deck 9 are sofa beside Bathroom. Deck 10 more aft showing bed beside bath. I'm wondering about kids on Cabana deck, kids in jacuzzi, large groups, guests using deck but not registered for that deck? Noise/smoke from casino below or restaurants?
  9. Great shots. Those photos show it exactly as I thought. Picture worth a thousand words. 🙂
  10. I've extensively researched this same issue, thanks to all the conflicting info, even with Princess! The "Cabana mini suites deck 9", extending across common area, are walk out from your balcony to common sitting area. The "Cabana mini suites deck 9" extending on each side of the "common sitting area" are the ones with the tall glass. They are not on a separate deck, but divided with a steel wall. You walk down your hall and around locked door to enter cabana common area (either side). The "common sitting area for cabana mini suites" also has the tall glass on each of ship. The "Sanctuary Mini suites" are on deck 10 and 15/16? They do not have tall glass The "Mini suites" do not have tall glass I do not think the "dome suites" have the tall glass at all. As to the "reserve" references..... wow, it's really conflicting. I called Princess twice, and neither agent could answer any of my questions...sigh... I think the deck/cabin changes noted after October date is important to follow. If booking on line, it will off a pick down list for booking after this date. Good luck, and please add any info here to correct me or add to.
  11. Port side Cabana Mini suite, couch beside bathroom. If you booked online, it is noted when cabin is chosen. It does not refer to location of couch when you receive booking confirmation, only in ("notes- in cruise summary"). But diagram is conflicting to what "notes" depict.
  12. Might seem odd, but I assure you ALL is true. The captain was very explicit re how they were going to retrieve her bag out of the bins underneath plane where her carry on was gate checked. The last 6 triple 7's I've been on ALL had gate checking carry on bags. Which now days seems to be the norm for the flights I've taken. And yes, we all were worried crew were going to time out.
  13. If you are over 60 yrs, I would check that stability wording. You also may need to fill out a medical questionnaire prior to the quote.
  14. IMO the gate agents are very concise re checking the carry on at the gate, that night they were very articulate numerous times. And yes CDN Polar most of the time it is unintelligible!!! Crazy they can't fix that issue. Sorry now I brought my observations up from that night..........🤔
  15. ^^ your correct, carry on according to this gal was at the gate, but her checked luggage was in belly of the plane. I posted this not to specifically to "rant", (was it cathartic? no I didn't need emotional support)but to ponder where we have gone wrong with the "youth". Why arent' they thinking and planning for themselves? Why do they expect others to fix their problems? Yes, I know it's centuries of youthful thinking, but honestly I think they are getting more flakey. I was shocked that Air Canada actually went to all the trouble to off load this gal. As a grandmother of all grand daughters, I'm glad they helped her, but as a crotchety old lady, I was miffed after preplanning to arrive days earlier than needed, arranged transportation to arrive early and be picked up at destination upon arrival, I do my due diligence, but somehow end up with the short end of the stick. Glad they dumped her off vs her going postal over the Atlantic. So don't get me wrong, I fully understand all kinds of delays with airlines and certainly not green to flying, but quite shocked they actually went to this extent to accommodate her issue, and was wondering if this is the norm nowadays.
  16. On a recent flight (March) 777-300 full, Toronto -Amsterdam, they were delayed due to a snow storm previous day (all backed up), so flight was slightly delayed. Prior to boarding the gate was changed after they had asked for people to volunteer checking of carryon's. A 20ish something gal did. The gate was changed and she did not retrieve her carry on prior to moving to the new gate (3 down). All boarded plane, roughly 2 hrs late. Plane began taxi to runway, when this gal began crying, approached business class cabin crew stating her plight she did not retrieve carry on from previous assigned gate. Much ado, and she was settled back into her seat in economy. The closer we got to the runway, she once again came up to the business class crew crying, they seated her in an empty seat. Time passed plane sat where it had shoved off and stopped. Finally Captain came on speaker stating, they contacted Operations, and she was getting off plane, but ground crew would have to go into belly of plane to retrieve her checked bags as Cdn Law states anyone who boards a plane and gets off, much have a bag accompany them. Plane went back to gate. The "2155 take off" finally left from the gate at 0230. Belly was unscrewed, containers undone and her bag retrieved. Notes: as a diabetic, plan for no meal to arrive (be prepared)... as a business man, I would be ticked if my attendance depended on reasonable delay times, was this reasonable to allow people to get off? Couldn't they have sent her bag on another flight?. I had a driver waiting on the other end, thankfully. he checked flight times and did not charge us a surcharge. How much fuel was used for this caper? With all the technology, signage, apps, surely she should've known? I bet if she got a cute text or call, she would have been right onto that info on her phone. Was I angry? No, only uncomfortable. Am I disgusted air heads like this exist? Yes, but Air Canada seemed to accommodate this behaviour. Anyone else have scenarios like this happen? On a positive note.... the taxi was at lightening speed, bet the pilots enjoyed that rare event!
  17. The Barbizon is the HO JO'S of hotels. Take an alternative if you are allowed. Rooms were clean, housekeeping very slow (most days room wasn't cleaned until 5pm, we started refusing it and just asked for towels). Breakfast mediocre. Service in Bottles and Jars slow, with limited menu. Main restaurant was closed Sunday, Monday & Tuesdays. Noise from back street ridiculously noisy, each and every stinking night until 3am. If a conference is on during your time spent, it is very noisy and you have to dodge all tons of people to get to elevator or breakfast room etc.Only plus for this spot is the closeness to train station.
  18. Do the math, how much cheaper is it really? We factor in the anxiety, confusion, emails, phone calls etc etc = headache. We have rented cars all over (including Australia), and learned very fast.... ash coverage in Iceland is a must, UK doesn't cover tires, load the car up with necessary insurance, forget your insurance from back home (unless in the US), relax and enjoy the freedom of your own wheels. At the end of the day whenever we ran into rental issues, it was always easier to just add the car rental insurance and be done with it. Factor those nickels and dimes into the "overall experience".
  19. My plan... all has been discussed. Funeral arrangements planned and paid for. Funeral directors card laminated and copies in wallet. Clear concise instructions printed out and in purse before leaving home. Remember to empty your safe, bring your medications with you, and have your luggage packed and delivered to hotel or take with you when you debark. Do not forget passports, credit cards and telephone numbers, travel insurance and ship information. Let the ship know where you will be staying. (they may arrange for you) Don't trust your memory, write it all down. (Our funeral director also stated that once they have all the info, they are able to deal directly with the foreign ones as much as possible). The deceased is usually debarked off lower deck prior to others debarking for day, directly to waiting coroner car, or ambulance. Family afterwards. Its all done discreetly (at least the ones I have witnessed) The following is dependant upon country rules that received the deceased body: autopsy, cremation of remains, embalming of body prior to repatriating deceased. Your travel medical may pay for hotels, repatriation, a companion to fly to you, medical bills if occurred, flights (know before you go). You will need to provide the service who accepted the deceased (usually a coroner office or funeral director) all your loved ones info, how to contact you in the city you debark in, and your funeral director telephone numbers and address back home, your flight numbers dates and times. You also need copies of death certificate, funeral home, coroner (if used) from abroad. And the flight dates and times the body is arriving at your local airport for your funeral home to pick up. They also need copies of death certificate so death can also be registered by them. Have a clean credit card prior to leaving home, and use for hotel abroad, incidentals, phone calls, photocopies etc. Worry about recouping the monies once you are at home. Your funeral home will attend airport and pick up body.Cremains are usually in specific marked boxes, and some airlines allow you to carry on flight and some go in cargo hold. You will be given specific paper work regarding this to bring on flight with you. Your airline may also give you a "compassionate flight", enquire when booking to come home. As creepy as all this is, it's so much better to be prepared (and then there are the unexpected deaths). Have I been through it.. no. But at this age we are prepared for the partner who is left behind to cope better. And once all this was done, it was a huge sense of relief. Of course we all know "the best laid plans of mice and men"....
  20. Agree with gnome12. Try the Ama Facebook page for comments about travellers enjoyment.
  21. Any news on contract negotiations???
  22. You're correct. I always get the first one upon booking, but nothing afterwards even with changes made. You must call them and request a current one to be emailed. I enquired as to why there wasn't a magic button on their phone menu to request instead of having an employee being bothered with simple calls, and they stated "policy". Possibly due to privacy issues? who knows, but it is an inconvenience. I've never had a request refused and it has always been received before I hang up
  23. It's a toughie staying on much needed caffeine free. Never knew it could be such a problem with the old ticker. Even caffeine free has a small amount. Ahh to be young again.....
  24. No problem with European water or pop, but some of us need diabetic caffeine free, thus usually have to resort to non stop water to stay hydrated. Its nice to have a variation to break up the boredom without landing in emerg.
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