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  1. Was the favourite of my husband in our youth. Pity that Jamin does not produce and sell thos waffles with ice (and a layer of chocolate in my memory) anymore.
  2. Now expected to leave port September 4th at 11.20. I hope this link works: https://shiptracker.portofrotterdam.com/#!/ship-details?ucrn=NLRTM20541961
  3. I understand that ms Amsterdam leaves the Damen-Verolme yard today. ETD 18.00 hrs. I am sure quite a few pictures will be published.
  4. You noticed the other positions/jobs of the Blue Wonder CFO? @frankc98376 his first name is very interesting indeed 😉
  5. Thanks for the absolutely necessary information 😉. As for the weather: I am jealous, In NL we had a heat wave and one day just warm summer weather when the heat returned. We just hope to be shivering next Sunday. No climate change, but in NL we hever had so many days with tropical temperatures before. You must be better off this time in Ireland.
  6. ss Independence, American Export and Isbrandtsen Lines, early sixties, Mediterranean. I will never forget the butler knocking at my door at the night of Captains Dinner: "Miss, can I help you with your zipper?" I still use that sentence once in a while as I often need that kind of help of my DH nowadays. 🙂
  7. Not yet. Will be done in Scotland after the docks in The Netherlands and after meeting ms Nieuw Statendam and Zaandam at the North Sea. Howeven tracking services already use the new owners name.
  8. Quite a few people will be there tomorrow morning (and maybe most at the departure to the dock Sunday morning). If necessary I will post mine, but others surely make better pictures. And I think many HAL friends living along the Nieuwe Waterweg will be busy making pictures. If you are on Facebook: look at "Vrienden die Holland America leuk vinden" for lots of pictures of m.s. Rotterdam and (later) ms Amsterdam.
  9. Lots of toots? Yesterday and today she tooted all the way along the river; I wonder whether anybody on board counted the number of toots . Thank you m.s. Rotterdam for many perfect voyages.
  10. Maybe you could write your wish to Gus Antorcha the new CEO of HAL? What I understood from messages here in the Netherlands is that quite a few things will be transported from ms Rotterdam and ms Amsterdam during a short stay at the North Sea (neighbourhood of Nieuw Statendam and Zaandam). Maybe artworks will be part of it? Maybe those belonging to HAL Investment in Rotterdam? JMO.
  11. At this moment the Port of Rotterdam authorities (they control the entry and f.e. pilots etc) published the ETA at cruise terminal as 09:41 AM. https://www.portofrotterdam.com/en/shipping/operational-information/nautical-information/arrivals-and-departures-of-vessels scroll down and you will find the m.s. Rotterdam at August 10th. The m.s. Amsterdam will follow later, but will sail to the shipyard rightaway.
  12. ETA entrance of the river 05.30 AM (NL time....).
  13. Thanks to mr Gus Antorcha of HAL: ETA seems to be: Monday between 08.00 and 09.00 hrs at the cruise terminal at the Wilhelminakade. The m.s. Rotterdam VI will stay at that quay till Tuesday morning. So she will not disappear immediately in the docks. Many pictures will surely be taken on her way from Hoek van Holland to the terminal and at the terminal. And you can be sure that a few of them will be published on Cruise Critic. And, by the way, those webcams (see for the link #12) choose webcams Erasmus 1 or 2. And if you would like to follow her by webcams all the way from Hoek van Holland: you can follow her almost (!) all along the river. We will wave 😉 .
  14. Thanks Kazu! It gives many Rotterdammers and Friends of HAL the shivers, every time the two ships meet. 🙂
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