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  1. I never controlled them, but of course I notice that our cabin is/cabins are everyday spotless. (I keep things "tidy" in the words of @Miss G ).
  2. This might be the reason that pleating of trousers has to be asked for. Thank you for publishing the photo. Interesting.
  3. Bold is mine: my answer is: no, it isn't worth carrying. Ordered in advance (and, on top: delivered in your stateroom 😉 it will cost you: Distilled Water - One Gallon Delivery Details: Sep 7, 2019 - STATEROOM Quantity: 1 US$2.95
  4. I understood earlier that HAL would take care of medicine supplies when needed. I do not know how insurance works in USA, Canada, Australia etc, but in our case we always have (and luckily never had to use it) the possibility to call a central organisation and they can take care of sending by express mail/courier or whatever is best, medicaments, parts of medical appliances etc. Of course if in serious need. But we always take extra and I learned the last week: take for a few weeks extra.
  5. I fully agree with Kazu. Up to now I always booked on board when hosting children, friends etc. and we always got the 25 and later the 50% without asking (of course). To be honest: I donot need it, but appreciate it very much.
  6. Gala in The Netherlands means: white tie (tails) and long evening (gala) dress. White tie is still usual at court dinners and balls, nobility balls and in several student circles. Black tie (smoking) alsmost totally replaced the white one.
  7. Perfect method. And it works in open seating too 🙂 It will not be at the station, but it will be quite nearby and at the right temperature.
  8. I never told them during our 4 cruises last year 🙂. If you order f.e. 4 or 6 you can always (I think before you finish the last bottle) upgrade to the higher number. Wine steward will gladly handle this.
  9. Winecard on board Cellar #2 4 bottles $ 149 + 15% service = $ 171,35 excl service $ 37,25/bottle 6 bottles $ 229 + 15% service = $ 263,35 excl service $ 38,16/bottle 8 bottles $ 289 + 15% service = $ 332,35 excl service $ 36,13/bottle
  10. In Cellar #2 the 6 bottle package costs a tiny little bit more per bottle than the 4. A mistake?
  11. Try to enjoy this special day you will always remember. I wish you a perfect voyage home.
  12. Might be your suggestion is correct. And for this moment I forget the question that followed.
  13. That's what I just concluded when I checked vesselfinder. Missed the messages above. Dank u.
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