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  1. Look at the larger hotels in Miami Beach. If you want an easy walk to attractions places to eat check out hotels South of say 25th street on Collins Ave in Miami Beach. If you don't mind a quick Uber ride to then walk around then the hotel you picked looks like a good location, just don't know anything about the hotel. You're in the right spot generally. And I would rather get a nicer hotel a bit further north where you are and take an Uber down to eat then a lesser hotel in a more walkable area.
  2. Nothing in Miami Beach will be unsafe. The hotel you mentioned is a bit north than most people want to be as it is not a walkable area. So you'll need to get in a taxi/uber to go see the main sites of Miami Beach. It all depends on what is most important to you in a hotel. Beach? Location? On site places to eat and drink? Walkable?
  3. So you are suggesting staying outside of Miami to then drive to Miami and park at the Port? How is a 1-4 hour drive the day of the cruise easier? To the OP, you have a car so Doral is fine. I agree give us the hotels you are thinking about and we can help you more. Doral is a typical Miami suburb. Plenty of places to eat near by in car. But with a car you could head into the city easily.
  4. Well the 26th will have pretty high hotel prices everywhere, so price out MIami, Ft. Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. With a car you can likely find something that is reasonably priced in Miami. Dayton to Miami should be about 4-hours without stops. So I would plane for at least 4.5 hours. West Palm Beach to Miami on December 26th should not be bad. Though not a holiday a lot of people are not working and there is no school. I would plan for around 65-95 min drive. Should be closed to 70-mins on that day.
  5. No one will say Miami Springs is a dangerous area. It is a safe and family friendly city.
  6. Does your cruise leave on a weekend? If so the drive down to Miami from say West Palm Beach should be pretty painless. If during the weekday, yea the drive from Palm Beach to Miami is rough. Only two things come to mind, the Space Center or stopping in West Palm Beach. You could also just drive straight down to Miami and enjoy Miami. All depends on where you want to stay and what prices you find.
  7. If you like Latin American food go check out Pollo Y Jarras, you can walk or take the metromover to 2nd street station. Brickell City Center and Brickell have a lot of great places too. All depends what you're looking for.
  8. This ^ if you never been to Miami, then this is what you should do.
  9. pre-cruise relax and enjoy Miami. Take a hop-on hop off bus, a boat tour of Biscayne Bay, lots of great places to get lunch and dinner if you tell us where you are staying and what food you are looking for. Usually Cuban food and seafood are the two must. I would avoid Bimini day trip, look up the reviews they are terrible. A two hour boat trip in a small ferry, a few hours on a small island mostly to go to the resort and gamble, and another two hours on a small ferry. Key West, is 4-hours each way. So keep that in mind. If you have three-days post cruise, maybe look into doing an overnight in Key West. Key West is great, I love it. Lots of history, great food, small island feel. I love it. A very different place and the drive down is great too. What does he want to see in Key Largo? There is not much to see in specific sites. Its a great place to stop off for diving trip or fishing though. If you do Key West, rent a car and do it yourself. Go on your own schedule and look into an overnight. Say drive there the day you get off your ship. You can have the afternoon and evening in Key West. Maybe see a sight or two in the morning and then drive back up. But that leaves the Everglades as well of course. Will say late April it can be pretty hot already in the Everglades. I would say you should decide between the Everglades or Key West. Or if you are ready for a long day do a quick stop in the Everglades in the early morning and then head down to the Keys from there. If you don't need the Keys, then Everglades and Miami will keep you plenty busy. Or maybe add a day or two to your trip so you can really enjoy Key West. Don't do Bimini day trip. The reviews are terrible.
  10. Depends how many people and bags. But easiest and most cost effective is usually and Uber/Lyft.
  11. There is not much near the airport. I would suggest looking into taking an uber to Coral Gables/Miracle Mile area or if you want to be closer Doral City Centre. I am really not up to date on my Coral Gables restaurants these days. But what price range? Looking for something Miami or just a good restaurant?
  12. I see this as two options: 1. A hotel near FLL that will give you breakfast and an easy shuttle to the hotel. 2. A hotel in Miami near Port Miami. The reason why going down to Miami is not crazy is because how quick the drive will be. 25-30mins max as long as your driver is not going under the speed limit. If your goal is to sleep in and not wake up early I don't see why you should not get the drive over with, and be closer to the port so you need less time in the morning. Hampton Inn Brickell is a popular spot, and close to tons of places to shop for items, anything in Brickell or Downtown will be an easy spot to walk to get your last minute things and grab breakfast if the hotel does not have breakfast. You are also then a 10-min or so drive from the port in Downtown/Brickell area. Where near FLL, you get to bed quicker, but will then need to wake up earlier to get down to the Port. If sleeping in and being able to leave to the port later is the priority go to Miami. If getting to sleep is the priority, then FLL. Of course unless one or the other is much cheaper/expensive. Uber/Taxi will be your best bet that time of day. Uberx would be around $35 so long as you don't have a crazy amount of bags and no more than 3/4 people. UberXL and taxi are around the same price, but still UberXL you'll know what you pay and get better service.
  13. They both do. But FLL will be cut down to one runway for the next 4-6 months. While MIA has 4 runways. When the storms come in that means ground stop and holding patterns. Many times you'll see diversions to Ft. Myers, Orlando and Nassau if the hold is too long. But its a lot easier to land and takeoff planes on 4 runways once things getting going again compared to 1 runway.
  14. It won't be any cheaper than $300.00 What airline is that? Norwegian? There is not best time, the best time if when you see a fare you are happy with. As for airlines, only Alitalia flies the flight non-stop. You can look at both MIA and FLL airports for your arrival into South Florida. MIA has a ton of flights from Europe on almost all major European airlines. From Rome it is an easy connect in the U.S. from the hubs of the other airlines like United and Delta. That is why you should price out both MIA and FLL airports.
  15. That just takes longer and might be more expensive. To the OP Uber/Lyft. Don't over think it. You would be wasting a lot of time trying to save a few bucks. Grab and Uber and enjoy a start to your vacation.
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