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  1. Never have stayed there, as I live here in Miami. But can tell you its a nice hotel, in an awesome location. Highly recommend on the board.
  2. Yes switch! 100% will have a more enjoyable time. The hotel is very close to Downtown/Brickell area via Uber or the Metromover.
  3. What hotel are you staying at in Miami? How many people/bags? Rental car is a lot of hassle, but sometimes makes sense. Especially if you want to have a car to get around on the day before your cruise.
  4. T3-T4 are connected so that helps with more options. T4 and the new G gates are nice. Modern and airy with decent food options. Still not great, but when you can go between E, F and G there are a decent amount of choices. They are working on connecting T3 to T2 to T1 post security in the next few years so all terminals will be connected. To the OP. 65mins is plenty to make your connection as T1 is not very large you won't need to walk any long distances or anything like that as FLL while a very busy airport is not a large connection hub. T1 has some options, not the best but they are there. But it all depends on how on-time your flight is and how quickly you can get off the airplane. You should have enough time to grab something quick. But quick, I would not wait in any long lines given Southwest boarding you want to make sure you are at the gate on time of course.
  5. You could hop in an Uber and head to City Place Doral. Lots of pretty good food options there. Mostly chains, but some of the better chains like Brimstone or Coopers Hawk. About a 12-18 min drive.
  6. The Air France 447 crash was 90% pilot error. The MAX clearly has an issue, however, its an issue that supposedly has appropriate response to be inputed by the pilots. While the issue needs to be resolved, I think both reports will indicate poor crew decisions as major factors in both crashes. The Lion Air incident also had maintenance issues. We will see. I am sure Boeing is up 24/hr a day figuring out a fix
  7. Kuro, while a bit pricey, is fantastic. Not sure what places will be open in November other than those listed on the website right now. Once construction is done, there will be more options.
  8. Big hotel resort. There is some major construction going on right now, not sure what will be ready by November. A large part of the resort is pretty much shut down. Regardless the casino and some restaurants are open. Its not exactly centrally located, as there is nothing around it other than the resort. Depending on what time your flight gets in you can see if there are any interesting shows or concerts there.
  9. Neither of those will get you to Dolphin Mall. Dolphin Mall is out by the airport, about a 25-min drive without traffic on a weekend. On a weekday depending on the time of the day it will be 30-50mins. It looks like they are offering a free shuttle service, not a tour service. Bayside and South Beach would be the two most popular spots for a cruise stop. Bayside gets you out of the port and into Downtown Miami where you can walk or take the metromover around. And South Beach, is well South Beach the most famous spot in Miami.
  10. You're going to have a nice flight in either. As the other poster pointed out LATAM has an older style of business class seats, which are better if it is important to talk and interact during the flight with whomever you are traveling with. American's business class seats are more modern pod like. Having flown business on the AA 777s new product, it is great. I assume you are looking at an overnight red eye, either will be comfortable but I would prefer American's seats over LATAM. Even in the POD I was able to speak with my wife and converse with her a bit as she is a bit of a nervous flyer. You'll have a long layover but flying in on AA and flying out on LATAM will require you to re-clear security. With 6-hours that is a non-factor though. The AA lounges are good. There are three. The ones in D are larger and I prefer those. I actually like the one by D15 the most. If you have an Amex there is also a Centurion Lounge, which is smaller but has great food and drink options all complementary if you have a Platinum card or higher. The AA loungers have complementary open bar as well (well drinks) and usually a good assortment of snacks. I don't know much about LATAMs lounge in J.
  11. looking for a hotel close to things to do walking distance + offers pick up from airport transfer to and from port= Does Not Exist. Don't focus on shuttles. Pick a hotel in Downtown Miami or Brickell and then take the $5-10 Uberx ride to the airport. Hampton Inn Brickell is a top choice and offers free breakfast.
  12. If you still want a beach day, we have great beaches here too. Vizcaya is a good call. There is also Bayside Market Place near by, touristy but not bad and you could catch a boat tour.
  13. Don't over think it. I don't know how large your group is, but just Uber/Lyft. Easy and usually around the same price as any shuttle unless you are 1 person. What hotel do you have booked? No need to change it. Don't worry about shuttles to the port, there are not many hotels that offer that. For the way back to FLL, Uber/Lyft again. I am never really that good at things to do between cruise and flights unless you have a rental car as you need somewhere to take your luggage.
  14. So you are trying to make a connecting flight on WestJet? You are aware that if the FLL/PBI flight is delayed WestJet will do nothing and you will have to buy another ticket right?
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