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  1. Flymia

    Parking available at Bayside Marketplace?

    Yea you are missing out on some great sea food near by. That being said, Bayside is a nice place to check out and enjoy regardless.
  2. Flymia


    I would not stay there. There has to be another airport hotel with decent rates with an airport shuttle. There are tons of hotels by the airport.
  3. Car rental is by far the best, easiest and least stress free choice. You will want to get off the ship early to give time for delays and returning the rental car. I don't think flying is a good option. It will take just as long to fly as it would to rent a car. 45-mins to MCO, an hour in MCO (minimum) 30-min flight, 20-30 mins at FLL/MIA airport, 20-45mins to get to the port. Talking about pretty much 4-hours, where the drive is 4-hours too. It is a super easy drive, a straight shot down I-95. Could not be easier of a drive.
  4. Flymia

    The Guild Hotel in Miami

    This hotel is brand new. Not many people have stayed there yet, the reviews look promising. The location is very good and central. It is a close walk to Bayside and a very quick drive to the port. It will be a younger crowd, and I think the pool deck often has music/parties on there. So just be ok with that.
  5. Flymia

    ATL Connection time

    60-mins is plenty of time for an ATL connection. But of course, and especially for cruise ship travel I prefer to have a bit of a larger buffer incase of delays leaving your first flight. But, if you want to just worry a bout the time it takes to get from one gate to another, 60-mins is more than enough time. ATL is a very easy airport to navigate and the plane train makes it pretty quick too.
  6. Flymia

    Parking available at Bayside Marketplace?

    There is a large lot, so long as there is not an event at the Arena near by (Heat game or concert) parking should be easy and fairly decent price. Plenty of other lots near by where you could drop everyone off and then park in another lot. I know people talk about safety of their car. As someone who has lived and worked in downtown Miami for 5+ years, including parking my car in garages on the street in Miami for 10+ years, never had an issue once. Bayside is a nice place to grab a drink and walk around. The dinning options are not bad, but not great either. It is a touristy spot. An Uber from Kendall will be pretty expensive. Kendall is pretty far away from Bayside.
  7. Flymia

    Miami- favorite Cuban restaurant?

    Lots of spots for lunch, I would suggest Diana's Cafe, but it is a weekday lunch/breakfast spot only. For dinner, there is a Latin America Cafe (a Cuban chain) in Bayside. Never been to that one specifically though. Better choice would be Sergios Cuban in Brickell. It recently opened. Another fairly popular chain and usually better than Latin American Cafe. For Sergios take the Metromover to the Brickell stop and it is a block away. Downtown is not very far from the famous Versailles Cuban Restaurant, you would need to take an Uber/Lyft there.
  8. The ship is safe, it would take an unprecedented storm and mistake by the Captain to put the ship in danger. As for the cruise you picked. Days at sea are nice and relaxing, however you will likely have some cold days at sea. Not sure about wave height, that can't be predicted. But it will likely be pretty cold for a few of those days. So keep that in mind. If you are ok with that, I would not change the trip. If you want more of a warm vacation for all the days. Leaving from Miami, Ft Lauderdale or Cape Canaveral would be better. Plenty of flights to Orlando and Miami/FLL from the London area. But yes, in January they would be more expensive than the flight to NY area.
  9. Flymia

    Miami Airport Immigration

    So far the DHS is not being paid. Even the Coast Guard is not getting paychecks. Regardless to the OP, so far the shutdown has not caused much changes in immigration. I agree an hour at the minimum maybe a bit more depending what time of day you are arriving.
  10. You are familiar with the Four Seasons and Brickell, the EPIC is basically in Brickell. It is a 3-min walk across a bridge to get into "Brickell" and out of Downtown. So the suggestions you got for the Four Seasons are still a walk or short uber ride away. Trullucks is a popular spot, a chain but a small upscale chain. Great service great food. Miami River Oyster Bar is very good as well and a more popular local spot. In Brickell City Centre is Big Easy Wine Bar, I love that place. Even at the highest end places in Miami you never need to dress up much. As for SOBE Food and Wine. They are ticketed events, tons from that Thursday-Sunday. The Grand Tasting on the beach is awesome and so is the Burger Bash. Been to both and love them. Tickets are not cheap, but if you are interested and ok with the ticket prices I highly suggest it. Tickets are on sale online. Sometimes the large events will sell out, the smaller ones almost always sell out.
  11. I went to Big City Tavern last weekend. Fantastic. I can't believe how I never really have gotten dinner in the area. Love the area, and on a Friday evening it is full of people. Great choices for dinner and to just stroll around.
  12. Plenty around to eat, not much else to do. I would be ready to take a couple of Ubers to near by spots. At the very least spend an evening in Las Olas and try one of the many good places to eat there. You can take the water taxi around. Take an Uber to Hollywood beach etc..
  13. Construction on the streets near by has been completed. I can't remember about on the building though. They still have scaffolding on the sidewalk right next to it. So I believe they are still working on the side of the building which may cause balconies to be locked up. I would ask the hotel about this. I may walk by in the next few days and could take a look and report back. The Brickell bridge is right there, so the noise is mostly from car traffic going over a draw bridge which can be somewhat loud. I have no idea how well insulated the rooms are, but all rooms have hurricane windows/doors which usually keeps most noise out. The bridge going up and down does not make a ton of noise, I think it is the traffic noise that is more of a complaint. It is a fantastic location. Dinning options outside the hotel are endless anything and everything within walking distance, using the free Metromover or a quick Uber/Lyft ride. There is a Wholefoods a block away for wines and grocery stores and several other supermarkets and liquor stores near by.
  14. Flymia

    Young newly wed couple Miami hotel

    Agreed. To the OP do not make a decision based on shuttles. They can use Uber/Lyft and enjoy a stay in Downtown or Brickell. Come back with the hotels you find and we can give you better comments.
  15. Flymia

    Young newly wed couple Miami hotel

    Forget the shuttles just have them use Uber/Lyft. A list of hotels with various prices ranges that would be good for the night before: YVE Hotel Holiday Inn Port Miami Intercontinental Hotel Miami Hampton Inn Brickell (very popular with cruisers) And pretty much anything in Downtown Miami and Brickell. Come back with a few you see and then we can tell you. You won't go wrong with any of the above, there are many other hotels in the area too. Some are more expensive others not so much. But just a few blocks makes a bit of a difference sometimes in ease of walkability and so forth. There are also hotels that call themselves Brickell or Downtown but are not in those areas. Again, forget the shuttles and don't stay near the airport.